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LG 9100 User Manual

Lg cell phone user manual
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Some of content in this user guide may be different from your phone
depending on the software of the phone or your service provider. Features
and specifications might be subject to change without prior notice.
Bluetooth QD ID B014326
Visit for the User
Guide fully illustrated on how to use your phone. You
can find it by clicking Help -> User Guides. Or go to
LG website at
to browse it.
P/N: MMBB0293301 ( 1.0 )
Getting Started With Your Phone
Installing the Battery
To install the battery, insert the top edge
(opposite the battery contacts) of the
battery into the opening on the back of the
phone. Push the battery down gently until it
clicks into place.
Removing the Battery
Turn power off. Slide the battery release latch
away from the edge of the battery, then lift
the edge of the battery to remove it.
Charging the Battery
Use only the charger provided with the phone.
Using any charger other than the one included
with the LG 9100 may damage your phone or
1 1 . . Plug the end of the AC adapter into the
phone's charger port and the other end
Please make sure that the
into an electrical outlet.
LG logo faces down before
2 2 . . The charge time varies depending upon
inserting a charger or data
cable into the charger
the battery level.
port of your phone.
Don't Stop the Music!
Your LG 9100 is capable of running applications in the background. This enables you to use
other phone applications (Ex. text messaging) while you listen to TELUS mobile music!
1 1 . . Simply press
the while music is playing and select 'Send to Background' .
2 2 . . To reopen the music player, running in the background, press the
select TELUS mobile
Listen to TELUS mobile music everywhere!
The LG 9100 is equipped with a special 'Media Mode' . This feature will turn off radio
transmissions except for Bluetooth. Media Mode should be used in places where RF is
prohibited, such as aboard airplanes and in hospitals, or if you just want to enjoy your music
without interruptions.
MENU > Settings > Phone Settings > Media Mode
During this time you will be unable to use network services such as send/receive calls,
send/receive messages, or browse the wireless web. However, you will be able to place
emergency calls.
Phone Overview
External LCD Screen
CLR Key/ Voice
Commands Key
OK Key
Alphanumeric Keypad
Keyguard key
Use to enter numbers
When the external keys are
and characters and
unlocked, press and hold this key
select menu items.
for 3 seconds to set keyguard.
Vibrate Mode Key
Lock Mode Key
Use to set the mode
Use to lock phone with 4-digit password.
(from the standby
Charger/USB Port
mode press and hold
for 3 seconds).
2.5mm headset jack
Camera key
Press for photo mode.
Press and hold for video mode.
Side Volume Keys
In standby mode:
Controls ringer volume
(expandable to 8GB)
Turning the Phone On and Off
Turning the Phone On
1 1 . . Install a charged battery or connect the phone to an external power source.
2 2 . . Press
for a few seconds until the LCD screen lights up.
Turning the Phone Off
1 1 . . Press and hold
until the display turns off.
Making Calls
To activate the speakerphone during a call, simply open the flip.
1 1 . . Unlock the screen by pressing
2 2 . . Enter the phone number (include the area code if needed).
3 3 . . Press the
4 4 . . Press the
key to end the call.
Receiving Calls
1 1 . . When the phone rings or vibrates, there are four ways of answering a call, depending on the
Answer Options in Call Settings menu:
If you press Left Soft Key
while the phone is ringing, the ringing or vibration
is muted for that call.
If you press Right Soft Key
while the phone is ringing, the call will be sent to
2 2 . . When the phone rings or vibrates, press the
3 3 . . Press the
key to end the call.
Vibrate Mode
Sets the phone to vibrate instead of ring (
is displayed). To set Vibrate Mode, press and
on the internal keypad, or
on the external keypad (after unlocking the phone
by pressing
twice, if locked).
To return to Normal Mode, press and hold
again on the internal keypad, or
again on the external keypad.
TV & Radio
TELUS mobile radio and TELUS mobile TV allows access to a wide range of commercial free
music and real-time tv on your phone. For more information on TELUS mobile radio or TELUS
Mobile TV, please visit: or
1 1 . . Open the flip and press
2 2 . . Press
Music & Media.
3 3 . . Press
TV & Radio.
TELUS mobile radio and TELUS mobile TV may not be available immediately. Select Get
New to check availability.
Left Soft Key
Camera Lens
Used to take a
Shortcut key /
photo. Keep it
Multi-tasking key
clean for optimal
photo quality.
Sym Key
Shift Key
Space Key
Use to insert a space
between a letter,
word or sentence.
Commands Key
S S h h o o r r t t c c u u t t k k e e y y / / M M u u l l t t i i - - t t a a s s k k i i n n g g k k e e y y
When an application is running in the background, use this
Multi-tasking key to manage applications.
When no applications are running in the background, use
this Shortcut key for convenient access to a list of 10
customizable shortcuts.
1 1 . .
With the flip open, press the
2 2 . .
Use the number keys to select the shortcut you want to access.
Connecting to your PC
Your LG 9100 has come equipped with the USB cable required to connect your LG 9100 to
your PC. To connect to your PC, you will need a microSD memory card inserted into the
memory card slot on your LG 9100.
Its easy!
1 1 . . Insert microSD card into the microSD slot.
2 2 . . Format your memory card* (MENU > Settings > Memory > Card Memory > Options > Format >
Enter Lock Code (last 4-digits of your mobile phone number).
To connect your phone to your PC via USB cable, simply:
1 1 . . Insert a microSD card into your LG 9100 and format the card using the directions above.
2 2 . . Connect the device to your PC using the included USB cable.
3 3 . . Click cancel on the Found New Hardware Wizard. Mass storage mode will then be initiated.
Now you are ready to transfer media from your PC to your phone! Visit
music for more information.
Formatting your memory card will create all of the required folders, but erase any previously
stored data.
It is important to complete this step before attempting to transfer media to your phone.
Maps & Navigation
Get real-time, voice-prompted and visual turn-by-turn directions, find points of interest along
your route, and view detailed coloured maps with TELUS Navigator. For more information,
please visit: Additional fees apply.
1 1 . . Open the flip and press
2 2 . . Press
3 3 . . Press
Maps & Navigation.
4 4 . . Select TELUS Navigator.
The LG 9100 is compatible with devices that support the Bluetooth
Dial Up Networking, Stereo, Phonebook Access, Basic Printing, Object Push, File Transfer,
Basic Imaging.
You may create and store 20 pairings within the LG 9100 and connect to one device at a time.
The approximate communication range for Bluetooth
(10 meters).
Read the user guide of each Bluetooth
accessory that you are trying to pair with your
phone because the instructions may be different.
Your phone is based on the Bluetooth
specification, but it is not guaranteed to work with
all devices enabled with Bluetooth
wireless technology. Phone does not support ALL
OBEX Profiles.
Menus Overview
1. Contacts
Right Soft Key
1. Contact List
2. New Contact
3. Groups
4. Speed Dials
5. My Name Card
2. Call History
OK/Menu Key
1. Missed Calls
Directional Keys
2. Received Calls
3. Dialed Calls
Speakerphone Key
4. All Calls
5. View Call Timers
Return Key
3. Messaging
1. Voicemail
2. Create message
3. Inbox
4. E-mail
When an application
5. Instant Messaging
is running in the
6. Sent
7. Drafts
background, flash and
8. Web Alerts
video wallpaper is
9. Short Codes
modified to a static
Menu Access
To use phone menus, press
and select. Press the number key that corresponds to the submenu.
TELUS mobile music
TELUS mobile music lets you browse, preview and download music directly to your phone so you
can listen to your favourite tunes while on the go. Select the TELUS mobile music shortcut key
from the home screen to access mobile music and to choose from hundreds of thousands of
songs. For more information on TELUS mobile music, please visit:
M M u u s s i i c c P P l l a a y y e e r r
Launches the TELUS mobile music player.
1 1 . . Open the flip and press
2 2 . . Press
Music & Media.
3 3 . . Press
TELUS mobile music.
4 4 . . Press
Music Player.
5 5 . . Use the
keys to adjust volume when a song is playing.
6 6 . . Select O O p p t t i i o o n n s s , then select:
- r r e e p p e e a a t t s s o o n n g g (1) to replay the active song.
- s s h h u u f f f f l l e e s s o o n n g g s s (2) to randomize your playlist.
- s s h h o o p p (6) to search for and purchase music wirelessly.
M M y y M M u u s s i i c c L L i i s s t t
Displays the list of music files you have stored on your phone and/or memory card.
1 1 . . Open the flip and press
2 2 . . Press
Music & Media.
3 3 . . Press
TELUS mobile music.
4 4 . . Press
My Music List.
How to Use Menus
This section provides a quick glance of features on your phone.
Menu 1
The Contacts Menu allows you to store names, phone numbers and other
information in your phone's memory.
Contact List
Allows you to view your Contact List.
New Contact
Allows you to add a new number to your Contact List.
Allows you to view your grouped Contacts, add a new group, change
the name of a group, delete a group, or send a message to everyone in
the selected group.
Allows you to view your list of Speed Dials or designate Speed Dials for
Speed Dials
numbers entered in your Contacts.
Headset, Handsfree,
My Name Card
Allows you to view all of your own Contact information including name,
phone numbers, and email address.
Call History
Menu 2
wireless technology is up to 30 feet
The Recent Calls Menu is a list of the last phone numbers or Contact entries for calls
you placed, accepted, or missed. It's continually updated as new numbers are added to
the beginning of the list and the oldest entries are removed from the bottom of the list.
Missed Calls
Allows you to view the list of missed calls; up to 90 entries.
Received Calls
Allows you to view the list of incoming calls; up to 90 entries.
Dialed Calls
Allows you to view the list of outgoing calls; up to 90 entries.
All Calls
Allows you to view the list of all calls; up to 270 entries.
View Call Timers
Allows you to view the duration of selected calls.
4. Wireless Web
3. Voice Recorder
4. Voice Commands
1. Launch Web
5. Calculator
6. Calendar
3. Go to Site
7. Alarm Clock
8. Stopwatch
5. Music & Media
9. World Clock
1. TELUS mobile music
10. Notepad
2. TV & Radio
1 1. Ez Tip Calc
3. Ringtones &
8. Games & Apps
4. Pictures & Videos
1. Games
5. Memory
2. Apps
6. Search
9. Settings
1. Maps & Navigation
1. Sound Settings
1. Get New
2. Display Settings
2. TELUS Navigator
3. Games & Apps
2. Search the Web
4. Phone Settings
3. Find Ringtones &
5. Call Settings
6. Memory
4. Find Videos
7. Phone Info
8. Software Update
7. Tools
1. Bluetooth Menu
2. USB Mass Storage
or Left Soft Key
using Navigation Key to highlight



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  • Page 1 Enter Lock Code (last 4-digits of your mobile phone number). To connect your phone to your PC via USB cable, simply: 1 1 . . Insert a microSD card into your LG 9100 and format the card using the directions above. twice.
  • Page 2 RF energy for the general population. The guidelines are based on LG offers you a limited warranty that the enclosed subscriber unit and its enclosed accessories will be free standards that were developed by independent scientific organizations through periodic and thorough evaluation of scientific studies.
  • Page 3 Pour connecter votre téléphone à votre PC par câble USB, il vous suffit de : 1 1 . . insérer une carte microSD dans votre LG 9100 et formater la carte en suivant les instructions ci-dessus. 2 2 . . connecter l’appareil à votre PC à l’aide du câble USB inclus.
  • Page 4 SAR indiqués conformes aux consignes dont la faute ne peut être attribuée à LG, y compris les dommages causés par un contact avec de la d’exposition RF de la FCC. Les informations sur le SAR pour ce modèle de téléphone se trouvent dans les dossiers de la FCC et peuvent être obtenues...