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Aprilaire 700M Reference Manual

Aprilaire 700; 700m; 600; 600m; 400; 400m; 500; 500m humidifiers
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Humidifier Application
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  • Page 1 Aprilaire Humidifier Application ® REFERENCE GUIDE E X P E R I E N C E | K N O W L E D G E | T R U S T...
  • Page 2 Welcome to Aprilaire Aprilaire, Your Partners In Comfort and leaders in humidification technology for over 50 years offers a complete line of whole-home humidifiers designed to meet the ever increasing needs of today’s consumer. This guide is designed to educate and assist you in selecting the correct humidifier based on the humidification needs of the residence and the HVAC equipment application.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 1. The Story of Humidification 2. Selecting a Humidifier 3. Sizing 4. Control 5. Aprilaire Evaporative 6. Aprilaire Steam...
  • Page 5 The Story of Humidity Humidification – the process of adding moisture to the air – is one of the most important aspects of total indoor comfort, yet it’s one of the least understood. One reason for this is that humidity is an intangible. It can’t be seen, touched, or smelled. It has no color, no sound. However, its presence, when properly controlled, offers many proven benefits.
  • Page 6 RH level of the surrounding air. newest generation of Aprilaire automatic humidifiers. Take, for example, a cubic foot of wood. At 60% RH, the wood will hold over 3 pints of water. Now, if the RH is...
  • Page 7 This type of action goes Energy Conservation Dry air robs the moisture from your skin, making you feel on, not only with wood, colder, which means you turn up the heat. Dry air also but with every single shrinks the framing around doors and windows, resulting material in the home that in gaps that let in cold air from the outside, making your has the capacity to...
  • Page 9: Selecting A Humidifier

    Units) and over twenty-three gallons of water per day evaporative unit or a steam unit, the installation process (Steam-Type Units). Refer to Sizing section for detailed for all Aprilaire humidifiers is fast and easy. They are information. designed to ensure trouble-free operation and high efficiency performance.
  • Page 10 Steam units can be mounted with a blower pack, if a ducting system is not available. Aprilaire offers a full line of evaporative and steam products. Both technologies are effective at delivering the right levels of humidity throughout the home; however, it’s important that the right product is selected to ensure consumer satisfaction.
  • Page 11 It is important to select the right type of humidification product for your customer based on their individual needs, home structure, and geography of their house.
  • Page 13: Sizing

    Sizing Sizing for humidification is similar to sizing for heating and cooling. The humidifier capacity required will be determined by various factors such as: The volume of area being humidified The air change rate (infiltration or ventilation) Humidification load determination The volume of area being humidified The volume can be determined from a floor plan or from measurements taken within the home.
  • Page 15: Humidifier Control

    RH based on outdoor temperatures to ensure these benefits. The newest generation of Aprilaire humidifiers automatically adjusts up to 45 times per day based on outdoor temperatures and indoor humidity levels to provide the optimum indoor RH. Continuous automatic control – 24/7: Aprilaire humidifiers feature the Aprilaire Automatic Humidifier Control.
  • Page 17: Aprilaire Evaporative

    Long life – trouble free Humidification Trouble free performance and minimum maintenance are assured by the design features of the Aprilaire evaporative humidifier. All humidifier housing parts that come in Residential evaporative humidifiers are generally designed contact with water are non-metal and will never rust or in one of two styles, bypass or fan powered.
  • Page 18: Sequence Of Operation

    60 % of rated capacity. (With other Aprilaire models hot water can be used instead of cold to maximize evaporation. However, due to the nature of the wicking water panel in the Model 400 hot water provides no extra benefit.) As such, your dealer will need to take the size and age of your home into consideration to ensure the Model 400 will provide satisfactory...
  • Page 19 Whether you’re updating a home to be more healthy, energy-efficient and helps qualify the home for the Green-Built Certification Program of the National sustainable or building a new green-certified home, Aprilaire offers a complete Association of Home Builders. line of innovative products designed to improve the quality of indoor air.
  • Page 21: Aprilaire Steam

    The Aprilaire steam humidifier uses electricity to boil the water. The control algorithm in the unit manages the water level to insure 11.5 amps of electricity is used when operating. The 11.5 amps is the same if it’s installed with 240v or 120v, leading to an increase in steam produced based on the voltage that is selected.
  • Page 22 After the water is boiled and steam is produced the technology utilized to disperse the steam into the air stream is critical to avoid application problems associated with rusting ducts. Aprilaire in partnership with Dri-Steem, both part of the Research Product Corporation family of companies, offers superior dispersion technology.
  • Page 23 Applications that do not have forced air through a duct system to distribute air into the home are typically installed with the Aprilaire Model 850 fan pack. The Fan Pack is mounted in the conditioned space and distributes the humidity into the air.
  • Page 24 Form No. 252 7.10 Printed in USA P.O. Box 1467 Madison, WI 53701-1467 © 2010 Research Products Corporation 800-334-6011 • fax: 608-257-4357...

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