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Operation Indicator - Sharp MZ-80SFD Service Manual

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5. Operation indicator
1) Inspection
Connect power socket to connector J2 of PWB
unit and turn power on.
Let drive select 0 of interface signals be at low
levels (make a short between J1·B terminal of PWB
and PWB Ground). and make short pin DSO
circuit shorted. (Do not prolong this test.)
Note that the voltage range between connector
J3·B 10 (red lead of the 10th pin from power
socket) and J 3-A 10 (upper black lead of the 10th
pin from power socektl will be DC 1 to 2V when
the lamp is lit.
Remove PWB unit (refer to page 14).
Datach 2 lead wires of operation indicator from
the housing of connector J3, and take lead wires
out of the wire holder.
Open the front door.
Remove 2 front bezel fixing screws (3 mm) and
the front bezel itself by pulling it forward.
Draw out the holder
2 with tweezers in the arrow
direction. Take out LED holder. (See the sketch at
Draw LED out of the LED holder. To assemble,
take the reverse order.
Carry out inspection, referring to the above
Front bezel
LED holder
Pull-out direction
1. Attach the front bezel assembly, by pushing it to
main frame side and main frame stopper. (See the
sketch below.)
2. Do not pull up the carrier with fingers, otherwise
excessive force is applied to the head arm.
Main frame side
Front bezel
Front door
Main frame stopper
Main frame side
Front bezel fixing screw



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