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Toshiba 42HL196 Service Manual

Lcd color television
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For Technical Bulletins, Technical Tips, or other information regarding the
service of this model, visit the Toshiba America Consumer Products National
Service Division website at:
This model is classified as a
This Service Manual describes replacement parts for the green product. When repairing this
green product, use the part(s) described in this manual and
For (*1) and (*2), refer to
LCD Color Television
green product
(*1), as indicated by the underlined serial number.
lead-free solder



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  • Page 1: Service Manual

    SERVICE MANUAL LCD Color Television 42HL196 Rev.1 For Technical Bulletins, Technical Tips, or other information regarding the service of this model, visit the Toshiba America Consumer Products National Service Division website at: This model is classified as a green product (*1), as indicated by the underlined serial number.
  • Page 2: Important Notice

    EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Toshiba shall not be liable for any damages, losses, expenses or costs, if any, incurred in connection with or as a result of use of any information or data provided herein.
  • Page 3 that have these same characteristics. Use only the specified parts when the mark is indicated in the circuit diagram or parts list. Part mounting and wire routing should be the same as that used originally. For safety purposes, insulating materials such as isolation tubes or tape are sometimes used and printed circuit boards are sometimes mounted floating.
  • Page 4 fluid should contact the skin or clothing, wipe off with alcohol, etc., and rinse thoroughly with water. If the fluid should enter the eyes, immediately rinse the eyes thoroughly with running water. When attaching the LCD module to the LCD cover, position it appropriately and fasten at the position where the display can be viewed most conveniently.
  • Page 5 CMOS-LSI circuitry is used in the LCD module, so avoid damage due to static electricity. When handling the module, use a wrist ground or anchor ground. Do not expose the LCD module to direct sunlight or strong ultraviolet rays for extended periods. Do not store the LCD module below the temperature conditions described in the specifications.
  • Page 6 Entering Service Mode Set VOLUME to minimum and press MUTE button twice on the remote control. Press MUTE button again and hold button down. Service Mode display While holding the MUTE button, press MENU button on TV set. Selecting the Adjusting Item Every pressing of CH button in the service mode changes the adjustment items.
  • Page 7: Led Blink Codes

    LED BLINK CODES The blue and red LED lights on the TV (at the bottom of the TV) indicate the TV's status, as described below: Note: If the TV loses A/C power (e.g., a power outage occurs or the power cord is unplugged), when power is restored, the red LED will blink while the TV is booting until the remote control is usable.
  • Page 10 Terminal PCB CN90A P812A Replace Seine/ Replace Low B P804 CN90A Digital PCB P803B LowB PCB Power PCB CN61 P811B AV Terminal PCB TP12 CN49A CN81 D-Tuner Seine PCB ______________________________________________________________________________ 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products, LLC. Page 5 of 13 SMART2006002_Version1.1...
  • Page 11 See Page 2 of 6 for Connector and Plug Locations ______________________________________________________________________________ 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products, LLC. Page 6 of 13 SMART2006002_Version1.1...
  • Page 12 Replace AV/ HDMI OK? Supply OK? Main Power PCB Terminal PCB Replace Low B Replace Seine/ Digital PCB See Page 2 of 6 for Connector and Plug Locations ______________________________________________________________________________ 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products, LLC. Page 7 of 13 SMART2006002_Version1.1...
  • Page 13 ______________________________________________________________________________ 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products, LLC. Page 8 of 13 SMART2006002_Version1.1...
  • Page 14 ______________________________________________________________________________ 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products, LLC. Page 9 of 13 SMART2006002_Version1.1...
  • Page 26 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description A201 75002923 CESE/COVER/LID FRONT BEZEL ASSY A315 75002076 PIECE PIECE C COVER ASSYC1000 A320 75002342 PIECE, FRONT AV ASSY A340 75002922 PIECE BUTTON 8 KEY A401 75002924 CESE/COVER/LID BACK COVER ASSY A420 75002157 LEG STAND ASSY B001 75002247 DISPLAY G6CMO42HD, V420H1‐L05 C801 76168007 MT PLA AC275V 1UF M C802 76503508 MT PLA PCX2 337 11474 C806 76092555 CERAMIC DISC, AC250V E 1000PF M C807 76092555 CERAMIC DISC, AC250V E 1000PF M C808 76092553 CERAMIC DISC, AC250V B 470PF K C809 76092553 CERAMIC DISC, AC250V B 470PF K C812...
  • Page 27 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description C863 76539474 PLASTIC FILM, 50V 0.47UF J C864 76539224 PLASTIC FILM, 50V 0.22UF J C865 76539224 PLASTIC FILM, 50V 0.22UF J C866 76092341 CERAMIC DISC, 2KV R 470PF K C868 76435221 CERAMIC DISC, 500V SL 220PF J C869 76435221 CERAMIC DISC, 500V SL 220PF J C870 76503425 PLASTIC FILM CQ92 3D2J473J‐K5 C8701 76539224 PLASTIC FILM, 50V 0.22UF J C8702 76287224 CHIP CER 50V F 224Z GRM319F11H224ZA01D C8703 76109102 CERAMIC CHIP, 50V B 1000PF K C872 76073189 ELECTROLYTIC, 35V 1000UF M C873 76073189 ELECTROLYTIC, 35V 1000UF M C876 76073204 ELECTROLYTIC CE04P 50V 330UF M 3A C877...
  • Page 28 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description CE62 76073020 ELECTROLYTIC, 10V 1000UF M 3A CE63 76567104 PLASTIC FILM, 50V 0.1UF J CE64 76567104 PLASTIC FILM, 50V 0.1UF J CE65 76073186 ELECTROLYTIC, 35V 470UF M CE66 76617028 ELECTROLYTIC, 16V 1200UF M CE67 76073020 ELECTROLYTIC, 10V 1000UF M 3A CE68 76567104 PLASTIC FILM, 50V 0.1UF J CE69 76567104 PLASTIC FILM, 50V 0.1UF J CE71 76073128 ELECTROLYTIC, 6.3V 1000UF M CE76 76073128 ELECTROLYTIC, 6.3V 1000UF M CE90 76073186 ELECTROLYTIC, 35V 470UF M CE91 76617028 ELECTROLYTIC, 16V 1200UF M CE92 76666471 ELECTROLYTIC, 16V 470UF M CE93...
  • Page 29 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description D861 23357893 DIODE, ZENER, MTZJ27C D862 23357893 DIODE, ZENER, MTZJ27C D863 23357854 DIODE, ZENER, MTZJ10B D864 23357854 DIODE, ZENER, MTZJ10B D865 23357513 DIODE, EU2A D866 23357853 DIODE, ZENER, MTZJ10A D870 75002164 DIODE, FMEN‐220A(LF023‐108) D8701 23357703 DIODE, 1SS355 D8702 23357703 DIODE, 1SS355 D8705 23357894 DIODE, ZENER, MTZJ27D D8706 23357703 DIODE, 1SS355 D871 75002164 DIODE, FMEN‐220A(LF023‐108) D874 75002164 DIODE, FMEN‐220A(LF023‐108) D880...
  • Page 30 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description F801B 23165433 FUSE HOLDER, 5.2 F820 23144378 FUSE, RADIAL LEAD SUB‐MINIATUR, 250V 2A F870 23144378 FUSE, RADIAL LEAD SUB‐MINIATUR, 250V 2A FE25 23144707 FUSE, AXIAL, 125V 0.63A K902 75002859 REMOCON HAND UNIT, CT‐90255 K913 23306644 REMOCON HAND UNIT L820 23248491 COIL, CHOKE, TLN3641AF L821 23248491 COIL, CHOKE, TLN3641AF L8211 23103330 FERRITE CHOKE, 3.5X5X2, TEM2014AH L8212 23103330 FERRITE CHOKE, 3.5X5X2, TEM2014AH L824 23103330 FERRITE CHOKE, 3.5X5X2, TEM2014AH L825 23103304 FERRITE CHOKE, TEM2011AA L840 23289981 COIL, PEAKING, TRF4330AZ L860...
  • Page 31 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description PG05 23165495 EARTH TERMINAL, MET31‐0332 PG06 23165495 EARTH TERMINAL, MET31‐0332 Q812 23205277 TRANSISTOR, 2SC4116‐Y(TE85L, F) Q813 23000823 IC, PHOTO COUPLER, TLP421F(GR) Q814 23205277 TRANSISTOR, 2SC4116‐Y(TE85L, F) Q815 23205277 TRANSISTOR, 2SC4116‐Y(TE85L, F) Q816 23205277 TRANSISTOR, 2SC4116‐Y(TE85L, F) Q8191 23205277 TRANSISTOR, 2SC4116‐Y(TE85L, F) Q820 23135094 IC, SRX2039 Q821 23000823 IC, PHOTO COUPLER, TLP421F(GR) Q822 23205339 TRANSISTOR, 2SC2655‐Y(F) Q8230 23205328 TRANSISTOR, RN1405(F) Q8231 23205277 TRANSISTOR, 2SC4116‐Y(TE85L, F) Q8310...
  • Page 32 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description QE90 23085381 IC, SI‐8050SS QE91 23205313 TRANSISTOR, 2SC1815‐Y(F) QE92 23205339 TRANSISTOR, 2SC2655‐Y(F) QE93 23205315 TRANSISTOR, RN1206(F) R801 76017004 METAL GLAZE 1/2W 510K J R809 76004718 METAL GLAZE, 1/2W 8.2M OHM J R8110 76000250 METAL FILM, 1/4W 56K OHM F R8111 76000250 METAL FILM, 1/4W 56K OHM F R8112 76000250 METAL FILM, 1/4W 56K OHM F R8113 76000250 METAL FILM, 1/4W 56K OHM F R8114 76000527 METAL FILM, 1/4W 5.6K OHM F R8115 76000639 METAL FILM, 1/4W 22K OHM F R8116 76000554 CHIP 1/16W 510 F R8117...
  • Page 33 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description R8244 76000598 CHIP, 1/16W 47K OHM F R8245 76000598 CHIP, 1/16W 47K OHM F R8246 76000598 CHIP, 1/16W 47K OHM F R8247 76000598 CHIP, 1/16W 47K OHM F R8248 76000598 CHIP, 1/16W 47K OHM F R8249 76000445 CHIP JUMPER, 1608TYPE R826 76004714 METAL GLAZE, 1/2W 1.2M OHM J R830 76007061 CERAMIC COVERED, 2W 1.8 OHM K R831 76120003 CERAMIC COVERED G 5W 4.7 J R8310 76011223 CHIP, 1/20W 22K OHM J R8312 76011471 CHIP, 1/20W 470 OHM J R8313 76011102 CHIP, 1/20W 1K OHM J R8390 76011473 CHIP, 1/20W 47K OHM J R8391...
  • Page 34 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description R8711 76011223 CHIP, 1/20W 22K OHM J R8712 76011473 CHIP, 1/20W 47K OHM J R8713 76011103 CHIP, 1/20W 10K OHM J R8714 76011102 CHIP, 1/20W 1K OHM J R8715 76011102 CHIP, 1/20W 1K OHM J R8716 76011103 CHIP, 1/20W 10K OHM J R880 76553683 OXIDE METAL FILM, 1W 68K OHM J R8801 76011102 CHIP, 1/20W 1K OHM J R8802 76011102 CHIP, 1/20W 1K OHM J R8803 76366221 CARBON FILM, 1/6W 220 OHM J R8804 76871222 CHIP, 1/8W 2.2K OHM J R8805 76011102 CHIP, 1/20W 1K OHM J R8806 76011102 CHIP, 1/20W 1K OHM J R8807...
  • Page 35 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description RE48 76366471 CARBON FILM, 1/6W 470 OHM J RE49 76366102 CARBON FILM, 1/6W 1K OHM J RE60 76000142 METAL FILM, 1/4W 240 OHM F RE61 76000360 METAL FILM, 1/4W 1.2K OHM F RE62 76367180 CARBON FILM, 1/6W 18 OHM G RE63 76366102 CARBON FILM, 1/6W 1K OHM J RE64 76000360 METAL FILM, 1/4W 1.2K OHM F RE65 76366332 CARBON FILM, 1/6W 3.3K OHM J RE66 76366473 CARBON FILM, 1/6W 47K OHM J RE67 76366103 CARBON FILM, 1/6W 10K OHM J RE68 76366473 CARBON FILM, 1/6W 47K OHM J RE69 76366102 CARBON FILM, 1/6W 1K OHM J RE74 76366472 CARBON FILM, 1/6W 4.7K OHM J RE75...