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D-Link DSM-380 Install Manual

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Install GuIde



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  Summary of Contents for D-Link DSM-380

  • Page 1 Install GuIde...
  • Page 3 Your little Black Box Power HdMI SD/MMC card slot...
  • Page 5 Your two-Faced Remote Play/Pause - We know you get it Directional Pad - Navigate your way around Enter Button - Accept the current selection / show playback menu Menu - Go back / show jump menu...
  • Page 7: Inserting The Battery

    Inserting the Battery With a coin, remove the battery tray. Insert the battery with the + side face down into the battery tray. Slide the tray back into the remote.
  • Page 9 step 1 Using the supplied HDMI cable, connect the Boxee Box to your TV.
  • Page 11 step 2 Using the supplied power adapter, plug the Boxee Box into a power source. Power Button Power plug may be different by regions.
  • Page 13 step 3 Turn on your Boxee Box. Then use the TV’s remote control to turn on your TV and set it to the correct HDMI input source. You should see the Boxee Box smiling at you.
  • Page 15 4 Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your new Boxee Box by D-Link. War nin g: To block adult content, configure Parental Controls under settings. need HelP?
  • Page 17 Pairing your Boxee Remote to the Boxee Box Your remote comes from the factory already paired to the Boxee Box. If you are noticing interference with your remote from other devices, you may pair the remote with the Boxee Box in the easy steps below: Make sure to move other devices away from the Boxee Box (or turn them off) Put the remote in close proximity with...
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