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KitchenAid Washer/Dryer Installation Instructions Manual

Kitchenaid washer/dryer user manual
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Installation Instructions
240 Volt



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  Summary of Contents for KitchenAid Washer/Dryer

  • Page 1 Installation Instructions Laundry Center Washer Dryer 240 Volt...
  • Page 2: Before You

    (pigtail) must be used. This cord contains four No. 10 gauge copper conductors with spade or ring terminals on the washer/dryer end and terminating in a NEMA type 14.30P plug on supply end. The Fourth (grounding) conductor must...
  • Page 3: Exhaust Requirements

    II dryer cannot be exhaus sutside, use Exhaust Defl LCK4500 available from your KitchenAId dealer. Exhausting the dryer through the side of the washer/dryer requires use of Side Exhaust Kit LCK4600. Follow installation mstructions with the kit for proper exhaust mslallation.
  • Page 4 Remove the 2 rear corner pieces attached to the back of washer/ dryer: Do not remove the foam shipping pieces between the washer and dryer until unit is in place. NOTE: Use one hand to hold down agltator when removing shipplng straps.
  • Page 5 Use new hoses and washers that came with your KitchenAid washer/dryer. washer coupling Insert a flat washer Into each end of the lnlel hoses. Check lhal washers are firmly sealed in connector. Use pliers lo open couplings. clamp and slide clamp over drain hose.
  • Page 6 You have successfully Installed your KItchenAid washer/dryer. To gel the most efliclent use from your new washer/dryer read your KItchenAId Use and Care Guide. Congratulations! Keep lnete~ation instructions nearb) where you can refer to them. They’ll make re-InstallIng...
  • Page 7: Alternate Exhaust Methods

    U.L. recognized strain relief (U L. mark on it or KitchenAid Part No. 667000) Figure 4 to fit a one Inch hole size similar to the one shown In Figure 7.
  • Page 8 Do Not Permit Ihe use of the power supply cord equipped with the flexible power supply cord equipped washer/dryer with the washer/dryer Permit copper power supply cable Permit copper power supply cable Permit connecting frame grounding Do Not Permit connectmg frame...
  • Page 9 This appliance manufactured with the neutral terminal connected to the frame. Replace lermitw Mock cover. PANEL G...
  • Page 10 Recessed area hlstructions This washer/dryer may be installed in a recessed area or closet. This installation spacing is in inches and is minimum allowable. Additional spacing should be considered for ease of installation and servicing. If closet door is installed the minimum air openings in top and bottom is required.