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Operating Instructions
KDL-55HX950 / 55HX850 / 46HX850


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   Summary of Contents for Sony Bravia KDL-46HX850

  • Page 1 4-411-859-E3(1) LCD TV Operating Instructions KDL-55HX950 / 55HX850 / 46HX850...
  • Page 2 (KDL-55/46HX850 only) music and video-related data Thank you for choosing this DivX®, DivX Certified® and from Gracenote, Inc., copyright Sony product. Before operating associated logos are © 2000-present Gracenote. the TV, please read this manual trademarks of Rovi Corporation Gracenote Software, copyright...
  • Page 4: About This Manual

    About this manual (Operating Instructions) This manual explains how to set up your TV. For more information on how to use BRAVIA TV, refer to the “Electronic manual”. Operating Instructions Explains how to set up your TV such as connections, initial set-up, and basic operations.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Getting Started Checking the accessories................. 6 Inserting batteries into the remote............. 6 1: Attaching the Table-Top Stand ............. 7 2: Adjusting the viewing angle of the TV ........... 8 3: Connections ..................8 4: Preventing the TV from toppling over..........11 5: Bundling the cables ................
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    Getting Started Checking the Inserting batteries accessories into the remote Remote (1) Size AAA batteries (R03 type) (2) Table-Top Stand (1)* Support belt (1) and screws (2) Fixing screws for Table-Top Stand (M5 × 16) (3) Assembling screws for Table-Top Stand (M5 ×...
  • Page 7: 1: Attaching The Table-top Stand

    1: Attaching the Detaching the Table-Top Table-Top Stand from the TV Stand To detach the Table-Top Stand from the TV, remove the screws fixed in step 2. • Do not remove the Table-Top Stand for any Refer to the supplied Table-Top Stand leaflet for reason other than to install corresponding proper attachment.
  • Page 8: 2: Adjusting The Viewing Angle Of The Tv

    2: Adjusting the 3: Connections viewing angle of the TV • Use an antenna cable connector no greater than 14 mm in thickness. • Use an HDMI cable connector within 12 mm (thickness) × 21 mm (width). This TV can be adjusted within the angles as illustrated.
  • Page 9 To connect a Set Top Box/recorder To connect an antenna/cable and VCR (e.g. DVD recorder) with HDMI Antenna cable (not supplied) AV cable (not supplied) HDMI cable (not supplied) Antenna cable (not supplied) Antenna cable (not supplied) Set Top Box/recorder (e.g. DVD recorder) (Continued)
  • Page 10: Connecting Audio/video Devices

    Recommendation of the F type plug Connecting audio/video Projection of the inner wire from the connection part must be less than 1.5 mm. devices 7 mm max. 1.5 mm max. (Reference drawing of the F type plug) AV cable (not supplied) Antenna cable (not supplied) Antenna cable...
  • Page 11: 4: Preventing The Tv From Toppling Over

    4: Preventing the 5: Bundling the TV from cables toppling over Before bundling the cables, remove the cable holder from the AC cover. Reuse the cable holder to bundle the other cables. KDL-55/46HX850 • Do not bundle the AC power cord (mains lead) together with other cables.
  • Page 12: 6: Connecting The Tv To The Internet

    6: Connecting the Preparing a wireless LAN TV to the The built-in wireless LAN device allows you to Internet access the Internet and your home network. With this feature, you can connect to a wireless LAN and enjoy the benefits of networking in a cable-free environment.
  • Page 13: 7: Performing The Initial Set-up

    7: Performing the Network Set-up: Sets up the Internet settings. Select “Auto” to connect to the network automatically. Select “Custom” to initial set-up connect manually. If you do not access the Internet, or to set up later, select “Skip”. • If you use WEP security, select “Custom” t “Wireless Set-up”...
  • Page 14: Using Your Bravia Tv

    Using Your BRAVIA TV Watching TV Turn on the TV. Press "/1 on the TV or on the remote to turn on the TV. Select a mode. Select a TV channel or select an input. To select digital channels Use 0-9. For channel numbers 10 and above, press the next digit quickly.
  • Page 15 Watching 3D contents This feature lets you experience powerful 3D entertainment, such as stereoscopic 3D games and 3D Blu-ray Disc. Refer to the i-Manual as well as the instruction manual supplied with the 3D Glasses on how to set the 3D settings or watch the 3D contents. Frequently used buttons 1 電視節目指南...
  • Page 16: Selecting Various Functions And Settings (home Menu)

    Selecting various functions and settings (Home Menu) You can select the features of your TV from the Home menu. Here is an example on how to select an item and modify the TV settings. Press 主選單 . Press G/g to select (Settings) category.
  • Page 17 Widgets Enables access to Widgets. Applications Launches applications that require an Internet connection. Sony Entertainment Enables selection of content from the online service “SEN” (Sony Entertainment Network). Network Internet Content Enables access to Internet services for TV. Allows you to select a list of TV channels, or a programme guide.
  • Page 18: Watching Internet Video

    Watching Internet Video This feature serves as a gateway to Internet content, delivering a variety of on-demand entertainment straight to your TV. You can enjoy video content, including movies and cartoons. You will need to make a broadband Internet connection. For details, see page 12 (6: Connecting the TV to the Internet).
  • Page 19: Looking For Instructions

    Looking for Instructions Looking for instructions in the electronic manual (i-Manual) Operating instructions are built into your BRAVIA TV and can be displayed on the screen. To learn more about your TV features, access your i-Manual with the touch of a button. Press 功能操作教學...
  • Page 20: Saving Frequently Viewed Pages (bookmark)

    Saving frequently viewed Displaying the page again pages (Bookmark) while operating the TV You can save frequently viewed pages for easy You can switch between the i-Manual screen access anytime. and the TV screen. This feature allows you to refer to the instructions in the i-Manual while To save a page using your BRAVIA TV.
  • Page 21: Additional Information

    Press "/1 on the TV to turn it off, disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead), and inform your dealer or Sony service centre of how the indicator flashes (number of flashes). When the 1 ( 電源 ) (standby) indicator is not flashing, check the items in the tables as follows.
  • Page 22: Specifications

    Specifications System Panel System LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Panel TV System Analogue: M Digital: DVB-T Colour/video system Analogue: NTSC3.58, PAL (Only video input), SECAM (Only video input), NTSC4.43 (Only video input) Digital: MPEG-2 MP@HL/H14L/ML, AVC BP@L3/MP@L4/HP@L4 (30 Mbps max, limited tool), MPEG-4 Visual SP@L6/ASP@L5/ACEP@L4 Channel Coverage VHF: 2-13/UHF: 14-69 CATV(Analogue): 1-135...
  • Page 23 Model name KDL- 55HX950 55HX850 46HX850 Power and others Power Requirements 110 V AC, 60 Hz Screen size (measured diagonally) Approx. 138.8 cm/ 55 inches Approx. 116.8 cm/ 46 inches Display Resolution 1920 dots (horizontal) × 1080 lines (vertical) Power Consumption 180 W 150 W 120 W...
  • Page 24: Installing The Accessories (wall-mount Bracket)

    TV’s weight (cement, wooden, etc). Be sure to entrust the attachment of this product to the wall to Sony dealers or licensed contractors and pay adequate attention to safety during the installation. Sony is not liable for any damage or injury caused by mishandling or improper installation.
  • Page 25 SU-WL500/SU-WL50B When installing the TV on the wall, remove the screws from the rear of the TV. Be sure to store the removed screws in a safe place, keeping them away from children. × × Soft cloth • When removing the Table-Top Stand from the TV, lay the display face down on a stable work surface that is larger than the TV.
  • Page 26 Screw and Hook locations diagram/table Model Name Screw location Hook location KDL- SU-WL500/SU-WL50B SU-WL500/SU-WL50B 55HX950/55HX850 e, j 46HX850 SU-WL500 Screw location Hook location When installing the Mounting Hook on the TV. When installing the TV onto the Base Bracket. SU-WL50B Screw location Hook location When installing the Mounting Hook on the TV.
  • Page 27: Tv Installation Dimensions Table

    TV installation dimensions table SU-WL500 (1) Screen centre point SU-WL50B (2) Screen centre point Unit: mm Screen Length for each mounting angle Display centre Model Name dimensions Angle (0°) Angle (20°) dimension KDL- SU-WL500 (1) 55HX950 1280 55HX850 1274 46HX850 1077 SU-WL50B (2) 55HX950...
  • Page 28: Safety Information

    • Leave space around the TV SU-B463S (KDL-46HX850) set as shown below. – Use only Sony supplied AC • Be sure to use the screws power cords, not those of • It is strongly recommended supplied with the Wall-mount other brands.
  • Page 29 – When wiring cables, be sure • If the TV is placed in the • Do not install the TV in places to unplug the AC power changing room of a public subject to extreme cord for your safety and take bath or hot spring, the TV may temperature such as in direct care not to catch your feet...
  • Page 30: Precautions

    3D video Ask your dealer or Sony appear or bright points of images or playing service centre to have it light (red, blue, or green) stereoscopic 3D games.
  • Page 31 Handling and cleaning the (Caution about handling screen surface/cabinet of the remote) the TV set Notes Be sure to unplug the AC • Observe the correct polarity power cord connected to the when inserting batteries. TV set from AC power outlet •...
  • Page 32 本電視機的使用說明書內含 “安裝壁掛式支架”的相關說明。 4-411-859-E3(1) © 2012 Sony Corporation Printed in Japan...

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