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Kenwood KAC-746 Instruction Manual

Kenwood 4-channel power amplifier kac-746 instruction manual
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  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    NOTE • If you have difficulty in installing this unit in your vehicle, contact your Kenwood dealer. Cleaning the unit • If the surface is dirty, wipe it clean with a silicon cloth or soft dry cloth with the power off.
  • Page 3: Installation Procedure

    Installation procedure 1. Remove the ignition key and disconnect the negative short circuits. 2. Set the unit according to the intended usage. 3. Connect the input and output cables of the units. 4. Connect the speaker cables. 5. Connect the power cable, power control cable and grounding cable following this order. 6.
  • Page 4 Controls This is a 4 channel amplifier including 2 stereo amplifiers in a body. One amplifier is referred to as amplifier A and the other is amplifier B. This unit is compatible with a large variety of systems by combining the switches and functions described in the following.
  • Page 5: Protection Function

    • STEREO position: The amplifier can be used as a stereo amplifier. • L+R position: The input left and right signals are combined before being amplified. Use this position when the unit is used for subwoofer speakers or the L+R (monaural) sound is required.
  • Page 6 Connection RCA cable connection CENTER UNIT (Cassette receiver, CD receiver, etc.) Power control cable RCA cable (Commercially POWER IN BATT P.CON(REMOTE) available part) A Left input (White) FILTER OPERATION FREQUENCY(Hz) STEREO CONTROL RCA cable ground terminal When using an RCA cable with a ground lead attached, connect the ground lead to this terminal.
  • Page 7 Power and Speakers cable connection • If a buzzing noise is heard from the speakers when the engine is running, connect a line noise filter (optional) to each of the battery cable. • Do not allow the cord to directly contact the edge of the iron plate by using Grommets.
  • Page 8: System Examples

    System examples Full-range 4-channel + Subwoofer system CENTER UNIT High-power 2-channel system CENTER UNIT High-pass (80 Hz) + Subwoofer(80 Hz) system CENTER UNIT Tri-mode CENTER UNIT Principle of Tri-mode Method of frequency band division using a coil and capacitor•••in case of 6dB/oct. slope Crossover Frequency 0 dB -3 dB...
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting guide Often, what appears to be a malfunction is due to user error. Before calling for service, please consult the following table. Symptom No sound. (No sound from one side.) The output level is too small (or too large). The sound quality is bad.