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Kenmore 100.90003 Use And Care Manual page 6

Kenmore toaster user manual
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9 The Reheat selling is for reheating food wilhout browning On the 4-slice model, there
are Iwo separate Reheat buttons, one for each side of the toasler To use this feature,
place bread or other food to be reheated in the slots, push lhe Toast Conlml Lever down
until il clicks, then press the Reheal button The Reheat bu_lon will Illuminate to show
thai reheating is in progress, and will stay on until food is warm or until lhe Cancel butlon
is pushed
NOTE: If food becomes jammed or wedged in the toasler, the buill-in Auto Power-Off
function will automatically shul the power off UNPLUG the cord and move the Toast Control
Lever up and down a few limes to raise the iammed food item. NEVER use metal ulensils
tofree rood
• DO NOT immerse the toaster In water or any other liquid.
• ALWAYS UNPLUG the loasler from the electric outlet before cleaning
The Slide-Out CrumbTrayla located at the bottom side of the Toaster.
Note=The 4_Sltcamodel has 2 crumbtrays.
1. For ease tn cleaning,grasp the CrumbTray Handle and pullcrumb trey(s)ati the
way completelyoutof the toaster.. Brushcrumbs from the Tray(a)and, if necessary,
wipe withe cTean,damp cloth,
2, ALWAYS dry the Tray(s)thoroughlybefore replacing tn toaster, When raptaclng,
be sure to push firmly so the tray la fully inserted In the bottom of the toaste_,
Wipe Toasterouter surfaceswith a sllghtly dampened softcloth or spongeand drywith
a clothor paper towel DO NOT use strongor abrasive c]eanere, as they may scratch
the surface, and NEVER spray cleanersdirectlyontotoaster.



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