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Operating Instructions
KD-65X9004A / 55X9004A


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  • Page 1 4-462-785-12(1) LCD TV Operating Instructions KD-65X9004A / 55X9004A...
  • Page 2: Trademark Information

    (c) DTS Licensing Limited and DTS, Inc. 2012. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sony Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
  • Page 3: Important Information

    Notes for Australia and New Zealand model This product is ENERGY RATING qualified in the “Home” mode. ENERGY RATING is a program designed to promote energy efficient products and practices. • When the TV is initially set up, it is designed to meet ENERGY RATING requirements while maintaining optimum picture quality.
  • Page 4: About This Manual

    About this manual (Operating Instructions) This manual explains how to set up your TV. For more information on how to use BRAVIA TV, refer to the “Electronic manual”. Operating Instructions Explains how to set up your TV such as connections, initial set-up, and basic operations.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Getting Started Checking the accessories................. 6 Inserting batteries into the remote control..........6 1: Attaching the Table-Top Stand ............. 7 2: Connections ..................8 3: Preventing the TV from toppling over..........10 4: Bundling the cables ................11 5: Connecting the TV to the Internet............
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    Getting Started Checking the Inserting batteries accessories into the remote control Remote Control (1) One-touch Remote Control (1) Size AAA batteries (R03/LR03 type) (4) Table-Top Stand (1)* Fixing screws for Table-Top Stand (M5 × 12) (4) Under cover (1) Cable clamper (1) R03 type batteries Passive 3D Glasses (4) Operating Instructions (this manual) and other...
  • Page 7: 1: Attaching The Table-top Stand

    1: Attaching the Attach the under cover. Table-Top Stand Refer to the supplied Table-Top Stand leaflet for proper attachment. Place the TV set on the Table-Top Stand. × • Ensure that there are no objects in front of the Arrow direction shows front of the Table-Top Stand.
  • Page 8: 2: Connections

    14 mm in thickness. • Use an HDMI cable connector within 12 mm (thickness) × 21 mm (width). • Use Sony HDMI cable with “High Speed” indication for HDMI connection. • For more information on connections, refer to the i-Manual.
  • Page 9: Connecting Audio/video Devices

    Connecting an antenna (aerial)/cable Connecting audio/video and VCR devices Antenna (aerial) cable (not supplied) AV cable (not supplied) AV cable (not supplied) Antenna (aerial) Antenna (aerial) cable (not supplied) cable (not supplied) Antenna (aerial) cable (not supplied) DVD recorder (Continued)
  • Page 10: 3: Preventing The Tv From Toppling Over

    3: Preventing the Connecting MHL device TV from toppling over Use authorized MHL2 cable with • Before install the machine screw, lay the display MHL logo MHL device (not supplied) face down on a stable work surface that is larger than the TV.
  • Page 11: 4: Bundling The Cables

    4: Bundling the * When installing on the wall, attach the cable holder under the terminals. cables Before bundling the cables, remove the cable holder from the AC cover. Reuse the cable holder to bundle the other cables. • Do not bundle the AC power cord (mains lead) together with other cables.
  • Page 12: 5: Connecting The Tv To The Internet

    5: Connecting the Preparing a wireless LAN TV to the The built-in wireless LAN device allows you to Internet access the Internet and your home network. With this feature, you can connect to a wireless LAN and enjoy the benefits of networking in a cable-free environment.
  • Page 13: 6: Performing The Initial Set-up

    6: Performing the Press V/v/B/b to select an item, then press initial set-up Follow the instructions on the screen. Programme Sorting: Changes the order of analogue channels stored in the TV. Press V/v to select the channel you want to move to a new position, then press Connect the TV to your AC power outlet Press V/v to select the new position for (mains socket).
  • Page 14: Using Your Bravia Tv

    Using Your BRAVIA TV Watching TV Turn on the TV. Press =/1 on the TV or remote control to turn on the Select a mode. Select a TV channel or select an input. To select digital channels Use 0-9. For channel numbers 10 and above, press the next digit quickly.
  • Page 15 Watching 3D contents This feature lets you experience powerful 3D entertainment, such as stereoscopic 3D games and 3D Blu-ray Disc. Refer to the i-Manual on how to set the 3D settings or watch the 3D contents. Frequently used buttons Subtitle setting You can turn subtitle on/off while watching digital broadcasting.
  • Page 16: Selecting Various Functions And Settings (home Menu)

    Selecting various functions and settings (Home Menu) You can select the features of your TV from the Home menu. Here is an example on how to select an item and modify the TV settings. Press HOME. Press V/v to select “Settings” category.
  • Page 17 Category list Category The categories are available depending on your TV model, region and country. Featured Provides information on available applications and content. If there is no network connection, or the “Featured Display” setting is set to “Off”, the “Featured” category will not be displayed. History Displays recently viewed items.
  • Page 18: Watching Internet Video

    Watching Internet Video This feature serves as a gateway to Internet content, delivering a variety of on-demand entertainment straight to your TV. You can enjoy video content, including movies and cartoons. You will need to make a broadband Internet connection. For details, see page 12 (5: Connecting the TV to the Internet).
  • Page 19: Looking For Instructions

    Looking for Instructions Looking for instructions in the electronic manual (i-Manual) Operating instructions are built into your BRAVIA TV and can be displayed on the screen. To learn more about your TV features, access your i-Manual with the touch of a button. Press i-MANUAL.
  • Page 20: Saving Frequently Viewed Pages (bookmark)

    Saving frequently viewed Displaying the page again pages (Bookmark) while operating the TV You can save frequently viewed pages for easy You can switch between the i-Manual screen access anytime. and the TV screen. This feature allows you to refer to the instructions in the i-Manual while To save a page using your BRAVIA TV.
  • Page 21: Additional Information

    Press "/1 on the TV to turn it off, disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead), and inform your dealer or Sony service centre of how the indicator flashes (number of flashes). When the illumination LED is not flashing, check the items in the table below.
  • Page 22: Specifications

    Specifications System Panel system LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Panel TV system Analogue: B/G, I, D/K, M, L Digital: DVB-T2 (Depending on your TV model) DVB-T Colour/video system Analogue: PAL, SECAM, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43 Digital: Refer to the i-Manual Channel coverage Analogue: UHF/VHF/Cable, Depending on your country/area selection. Digital: UHF/VHF, Depending on your country/area selection.
  • Page 23 Others Supplied accessories See “Checking the accessories” (page 6). Optional accessories Wall-Mount Bracket: SU-WL50B (KD-65X9004A) SU-WL400 (KD-55X9004A) USB Wireless LAN Adapter: UWA-BR100 Camera and Microphone Unit: CMU-BR200/CMU-BR100 Passive 3D Glasses: TDG-500P SimulView™ Passive Glasses: TDG-SV5P Operating temperature 0 ºC – 40 ºC Operating humidity 10 % –...
  • Page 24: Installing The Accessories (wall-mount Bracket)

    Provide full attention to safety during the installation, periodic maintenance and examination of this product. Your TV can be installed using the SU-WL50B (KD-65X9004A only) (page 25) Wall-Mount Bracket (sold separately) and SU-WL400 (KD-55X9004A only) (page 26) Wall-Mount Bracket (sold separately).
  • Page 25 SU-WL50B/SU-WL400 When installing the TV on the wall, remove the screws from the rear of the TV. Be sure to store the removed screws in a safe place, keeping them away from children. × SU-WL50B Screw (+PSW 6 × 16) Mounting Hook •...
  • Page 26 SU-WL400 Pulley B × Screw (+PSW 6 x 20) C Spacer E Band F Screw (+PSW 6 x 50) G • Attach the Pulleys and Screws (+PSW 6 x 20) to the upper rear of the TV. • Attach the Band and Spacers with Screws (+PSW 6 x 50) to the lower rear of the TV. •...
  • Page 27: Tv Installation Dimensions Table

    SU-WL400 Hook location When installing the TV onto the Base Bracket. TV installation dimensions table SU-WL50B (1) Screen centre point (Continued)
  • Page 28 SU-WL400 (2) Screen centre point Unit: mm Screen centre Display dimensions Length for mounting Model Name dimension SU-WL50B (1) 65X9004A 1,682 SU-WL400 (2) 55X9004A 1,463 Figures in the table may differ slightly depending on the installation. When your TV is installed on the wall, the upper side of the TV slightly leans forward. WARNING The wall that the TV will be installed should be capable of supporting a weight of at least four times that of the TV.
  • Page 29: Safety Information

    (mains socket). • Never cover the ventilation holes or – Use only Sony supplied AC power • Place the TV set on a stable, level insert anything in the cabinet. cords (mains lead), not those of surface to avoid it from falling down •...
  • Page 30: Precautions

    Ask your dealer or Sony service centre • When using headphones, adjust the smoke or steam (near cooking tables to have it checked by qualified service or humidifiers).
  • Page 31: Optional Equipment

    • If this TV set is used in a cold place, a Optional Equipment Disposal of the TV set smear may occur in the picture or the Keep optional components or any Disposal of Old picture may become dark. This does equipment emitting electromagnetic not indicate a failure.
  • Page 32 Instructions about “Installing Wall-Mount Bracket” are included within this TV’s instructions manual. Customer Support: © 2013 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia 4-462-785-12(1)

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