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The lava stone tray and the grill can be washed in the
sink but they are better washed in the dishwasher.
After each cooking empty the residual fats from the lava
stone and wash it carefully. This is to prevent unpleasant
smells during cooking.
Every 2 to 3 cookings wash the lava stone with running
Replace the lava stones about twice a year, depending
on frequency of use.
Remove and dispose of all used lava stones and clean all
surrounding areas and accessories of the appliance.
Replace uniformly all the new lava stones.
Clean the heating element very carefully using a dry
cloth or a cloth dampened with water.
Be careful: do not let water penetrate into the
Do not use steam jet cleaners because the humidity
could infiltrate into the appliance making it dangerous.
The heating element does not work:
Check whether :
- The ON indicator light is off.
- Mains electrical power is on.
- The heating element is faulty. In this case disconnect
immediately the power cable and call the After-Sales
Important: Before any installation or maintenance
operation, disconnect the barbecue from the mains
power supply.
Electrical connections must be made before connecting
the appliance to the electricity supply.
Installation must be performed by a qualified technician
according to the manufacturer's instructions and current
local regulations.
After unpacking the barbecue, check that there has
been no damage during transport. If in doubt, contact
the nearest dealer or Authorised After Sales
Preparation of fitted cabinet
Perform all required cuts on the work top before
inserting the appliance. Carefully remove all chips or
residue which could impair efficient operation of the
The barbecue must be recessed in a work top with a
thickness of min. 30 and max. 50 mm.
Insert a separator panel at a minimum distance of
20 mm from the bottom of the barbecue, so that it is
not accessible to the user.
If the barbecue is to be installed next to a column unit, leave
a distance of at least 300 mm from the barbecue edge.
Make an opening in the worktop, observing the
dimensions specified.
Fit the seal supplied onto the hob (if not already present),
after carefully cleaning the application surface.
After having cleaned the perimeter surface, apply the
supplied gasket to the hob as shown in the figure.
There are unpleasant smells:
- Check whether there are residues of cooking fat on
the lava stone tray.
Before contacting After-Sales Service:
See if you can solve the problem yourself with the help
of the suggestions given in chapter "Troubleshooting
If after the above checks the fault persists, contact the
nearest After-sales Service.
Please give:
a brief description of the fault;
the type and exact model of the hob;
the service number (i.e., the number that follows the
word SERVICE on the rating plate, located under the
hob). The service number is also indicated on the
warranty booklet;
your full address;
your telephone number and area code.
If any repairs are required, please contact an authorised
After-sales Service (to guarantee that original spare parts
will be used and repairs carried out correctly).
Failure to comply with these instructions may
compromise the safety and quality of the product.
Important: before installing the barbecue, remove any
plastic protection film applied.
Ensure that the opening made in the worktop to house the
barbecue corresponds to the dimensional drawing
specifications, within the relative tolerances.
Never force the barbecue into the worktop.
For installation, use the relative brackets and screws
1. Position the hob in the work top opening made respecting
the dimension indicated on first page.
NOTE: The power supply cable must be long enough to
permit its upward extraction.
2. To secure the hob, use the brackets (A) provided with it.
3. Fit the brackets into the relevant bores shown by the
arrow and fasten them by means of their screws in
accordance with the tickness of the work top (see fig. 1).
Electrical connection
Regulations require that the appliance is earthed.
The electrical connection must be made by a qualified
technician according to the manufacturer's instructions
and current local regulations.
The installer is responsible for the correct electrical
connection of the appliance and the observance of the
relative safety standards.
To comply with directives governing safety, during
installation use a single-pole switch with a minimum gap
between contacts of 3 mm.
Do not use multiple plug adapters or extension leads.
After installation, electrical parts must not be accessible.
Connection to the electrical mains
Note: the yellow/green earthing wire (B) must be connected to
the screw. If the power cable is not yet connected:
strip approx. 70 mm of sheath from the power supply
strip approx. 10 mm of sheath from the wires
open the terminal board (C) by pressing the side tabs
by means of a suitable tool.
insert the power cable (D) in clamp (E) and connect
the wires to the terminal board.
close the terminal board cover.
after the electrical connection, insert the hob from the
above and secure on the fixing brackets as shown in figure 1.
Fig. 2
Declaration of conformity
This cooktop is suitable for contact with foodstuffs and
complies with EEC (CE) Regulation n. 1935/2004.
This cooking hob has been designed to be used only for
cooking Any other use (such as heating a room) is
improper and dangerous
This cooking hob has been designed, constructed and
marketed in compliance with:
- safety objectives of the "Low Voltage" Directive 2006/
95/CE (which replaces 73/23/CEE and subsequent
- protection requirements of EEC Directive "EMC"
- requirements of EEC Directive 93/68.
Fig. 1
Fig. 3



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