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Honda ACCORD CROSSTOUR 2010 Technology Reference Manual

Honda 2010 accord crosstour.
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2010 Honda Accord Crosstour Technology Reference Guide
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©2009 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. — All Rights Reserved
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   Summary of Contents for Honda ACCORD CROSSTOUR 2010

  • Page 1

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    T E C H N O L O G Y R E F E R E N C E G U I D E INSTRUMENT PANEL p. The Technology Reference Guide is designed to help you BLUETOOTH ® get acquainted with your new Honda and provide reference HANDSFREELINK ® instructions on driving controls and convenience items. VOICE RECOGNITION p.

  • Page 3: Instrument Panel Indicators

    Briefly appear with each engine start. Red and amber indicators are most critical. Blue INSTRUMENT PANEL INDICATORS and green indicators are used for general information. Malfunction Indicators On/Off Indicators If an indicator remains on, there may be a problem; see your dealer Charging system (anti-lock brake system) PASSENGER AIRBAG OFF...

  • Page 4: Information Display

    INFORMATION DISPLAY TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM (TPMS) Consists of several displays that provide you with useful information. Monitors the vehicle’s tire pressures. Accessing the Information Display How It Works Each tire valve stem contains a TPMS sensor. When the tire pressure drops significantly below recommended levels, the low tire pressure...

  • Page 5: Auto Door Locks

    AUTO DOOR LOCKS Allows you to program how and when the vehicle doors automatically lock and unlock. Default Lock Setting Modifying the Auto Door Unlock Setting To program all doors to unlock when you shift to Park: 1. Close the driver’s door. Shift into 3.

  • Page 6: Driving Position Memory System (dpms) (if Equipped)

    DRIVING POSITION MEMORY SYSTEM (DPMS) (if equipped) REARVIEW CAMERA (models with navigation) For added convenience, the area behind your vehicle is displayed to help you navigate Store a driver's seat and mirror position into memory for each remote transmitter. while backing up. Programming DPMS How It Works •...

  • Page 7: Voice Recognition (if Equipped)

    To keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, use voice commands for VOICE RECOGNITION (if equipped) hands-free calling, navigation, audio, and climate control. For a full list of commands, say “Information” and “Voice Command Help.” Key Functions by Voice Command Control four different systems with the steering wheel buttons and the ceiling A U D I O microphone.

  • Page 8

    Commonly Used Voice Commands Here are some examples of commonly used voice commands. Try some of these to familiarize yourself with the voice command system. Press and release the NAVI Talk button before you give a command. Press and release the NAVI Talk button before you give a command. Locate Points of Interest Make Audio Selections Say a command like “Display...

  • Page 9

    (Accepted on Map screen) S e t u p C o m m a n d s • Find nearest: (Accepted on Setup screen) - ATM - Honda dealer • Brightness up/down - gas station - airport • Volume up/down/min/max/off - Mexican - hospital •...

  • Page 10: Navigation (if Equipped)

    Real-time navigation system uses GPS and a map database to show your current NAVIGATION (if equipped) location and help guide you to a desired destination. Entering a Destination Using Voice Control Using Find Nearest Command Try these simple steps to find a nearby point of interest, such as a gas station, Press and release the Navi Talk button before you give a command.

  • Page 11: Bluetooth Handsfreelink

    BLUETOOTH ® HANDSFREELINK ® (if equipped) to check if your phone is Bluetooth-compatible. Pairing Your Phone Making a Call Press and release the HFL Talk button before you give a command. 1. Press the HFL Talk button. 3. Press the HFL Talk button, and say “Call”...

  • Page 12: Fuel Fill Door

    FUEL FILL DOOR HIDDEN REMOVABLE UTILITY BOX Easy-to-use locking fuel door keeps your fuel cap secure. Removable and washable utility box provides extra storage and access to tool kit and jack. Opening the Fuel Fill Door Removing the Utility Box When you unlock the driver’s door, 1.

  • Page 13: Compact Spare Tire

    The compact spare tire is a temporary replacement located underneath the rear cargo COMPACT SPARE TIRE area. Have your regular tire repaired or replaced by your dealer as quickly as possible. Removing the Spare Tire Storing the Flat Tire 1. Open the tailgate. Raise the 4.

  • Page 14: Owner Link

    Register collisions, but they do not provide protection in all collisions. at to assure that you continue to enjoy the experience of owning a Honda. Always make sure you and your passengers wear seat belts, and that young children are properly secured in a child seat or booster in the rear seat.

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