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   Summary of Contents for Bosch WFMC8400UC

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    Quiet Performance XXTRASANITARYt Cycle Bosch laundry appliances use brushless motors, With this innovative cycle, a thermostat-controlled, suspended pump systems and special sound-deadening intelligent sensor heats up the water to 170º F and material to keep them exceptionally quiet while in operation.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents


  • Page 4: Definitions

    This 1. BOSCH washers are provided with 11. To reduce the risk of fire, clothes, will release any accumulated an Operating, Care and Installation cleaning rags, mop heads and the hydrogen gas.

  • Page 5: Grounding Instructions

    Notes: 13. When children become old 29. To reduce the risk of poisoning or enough to operate the appliance, it chemical burns, keep all cleaning The IMPORTANT SAFE is the legal responsibility of the products out of the reach of GUARDS and WARNINGS in parents or legal guardians to children.

  • Page 6: Installation Instruction

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION Introduction Factory supplied CAUTION WARNING Equipment TO AVOID RISK OF INJURY Keep children away from shipping There is a packet of accessory parts The washing machine is heavy. Lift carton and packaging components. supplied with your washer. Check that with caution.

  • Page 7: Dimensions

    Units are not designed for under Connections located on the rear of the counter installation appliance: Pedestal Mounting If mounting the washer on the Bosch pedestal accessory, follow the instruc tions supplied with the pedestal. Pedestal Accessory Number WTZ1295 for white variant...

  • Page 8: Water Connection

    Loosen all four bolts before ATTENTION removing any of the bolts all the way from the unit. If installing the washing machine in a Remove the bottom two bolts prior new building or a building in which the plumbing system was recently to removing the top two bolts.

  • Page 9: Water Drainage

    Water drainage Standpipe Installation Drainage into a sink ATTENTION ATTENTION Ensure that the plug is not in the Do not bend or pull the water drain hole. drainage hose. Height difference between the installation location of the washing machine and the drainage point: Maximum 8 feet / 244 cm, minimum 2 feet / 60 cm.

  • Page 10: Hose And Cable Lengths

    Hose and cable lengths Left hand connection Right hand connection Other hoses a = 55.0 in. / 140 cm (approx.) e = 69.0 in. / 175 cm (approx.) b = 51.0 in. / 130 cm (approx.) f = 34.6 in. / 88 cm (approx.) Available from appliance dealers: c = 33.5 in.

  • Page 11: Leveling Procedure

    Leveling Procedure Transport, such as when q Turning the foot out (clockwise) will raise the corner of the moving out The appliance should now be in its washer, turning the foot in final position, ready for leveling (counter-clockwise) will lower Before transporting the washing (moving the appliance after machine:...

  • Page 12: Operating Instruction

    OPERATING INSTRUCTION Your new washer Filling laundry detergent and/or additives into dispensers Open the door (colored marking) ..and close the door CAUTION The access panel located on the bottom right of the washer is for Service Access and is to be opened only by an Authorized or Qualified Service Technician.

  • Page 13: Panel

    Panel Display field Buttons for additional options Indicates the settings which have been selected or which (in addition to the program if required) are to be changed (e.g. spin speed, finished at, pre soak, time and child lock) as well as the program progress. ECO: This option reduces the amount of energy used for the washing program Rinse plus: Additional rinsing cycle.

  • Page 14: Summary Of Instructions

    Summary of instructions Before using press start turn on d Warning Before using your washing machine, read and follow all installation and operating instructions. Set the time. Select the display panel language. Preparing the laundry Select a cycle After washing Select desired settings close load...

  • Page 15: Before Using For The First Time

    Before Using For the First Time The washing machine must be installed and connected properly (refer to Page Before using your washing machine for the first time: Make sure that the supplied volt Press the Select button until the Press the Select button until the age is the same as the voltage hour display is correct.

  • Page 16: Preparing The Laundry

    Preparing the laundry Sorting the laundry Tea, coffee, red wine, fruit, vegetables. According to color and degree of ATTENTION Blood, egg, milk, starch soiling (containing protein/ carbohydrate). Loose debris (coins, paper clips, Soot, soil, sand (pigments), red nails and other hard objects) can clay.

  • Page 17: Loading The Laundry

    Loading the laundry Filling laundry detergent D Load Wool, Delicates, Silk and/or additives WARNING TO AVOID EXPLOSION HAZARD! Items of clothing that have been pretreated with solvent based cleaning agents, e.g. stain remover and dry cleaning solvents, represent an explosion hazard once loaded into the washing machine.

  • Page 18: Programs And Functions

    Special programs AQUAGARD AQUAGARD is designed to work in Delicates/Silk Programs conjunction with specially designed Delicates/Silk settings are intended for chemicals to rejuventate the and Functions use with delicate easy care items made water-resistant qualities of sports- and of cotton, satin, synthetic or blended fabrics and curtains, dresses, skirts outer-wear.

  • Page 19: Display Field

    Maximum spin speeds of the Reduced Ironing Symbol for Mode: Quick Wash" programs This symbol is displayed if Mode: Revolutions per Type of Quick Wash" was selected. minute laundry/Extra Symbol for Mode: Power Wash" cycle This symbol is displayed if Mode: 1200 Regular/Cotton Power Wash"...

  • Page 20: Washing With Standard Settings

    Unbalanced load detection system The automatic unbalanced load Washing with detection system spins the laundry several times to ensure even Standard Settings distribution. If the wash load is unevenly distributed, The specified standard settings are it will not spin (for safety reasons) or the optimized for the selected program.

  • Page 21: Quick Overview

    Washing with Individual Settings The individual settings may be adjusted Below is a quick overview of the The steps for changing the settings are to your requirements. adjustable settings. described in detail in the following pages. Quick overview Select a program with the program selector. Load the laundry and close the door.

  • Page 22: Spin Speed

    Spin speed The maximum spin speed can be reduced. The maximum spin speed depends on the selected program: see also information on Page 18. Turn the program selector to the desired program. Load the laundry and close the door. Press the Start/Pause button. The Start/Pause indicator light Press the Select button until the The program starts.

  • Page 23: Pre-soak

    Power Wash" If Pre-Soak: on" was selected, The Power Wash option is the o" symbol is permanently recommended for use ONLY for displayed when the menu is left. heavily soiled clothes that You can select other settings by require the removal of tough, pressing the Menu button and change ground-in protein-based them by pressing the Select button.

  • Page 24: Child Lock

    Child lock If no buttons are pushed within 10 seconds the display will revert You can secure your washing machine back to normal Ready". Changed to prevent selected functions from settings will be retained. being changed inadvertently . If the child lock has been selected: No changes can be made while the program is running.

  • Page 25: During Washing

    Wait until the program ends. When the Start/Pause indicator light is lit (red), the program can be Press the Start/Pause button and During Washing interrupted, however the door hold down (5 seconds) if child lock cannot be opened for safety is active.

  • Page 26: After Washing

    After Washing The Start/Pause indicator light goes Close the taps. out. Display field: Remove laundry". Remove the laundry. Open the door. The child lock is reactivated as soon as the appliance is switched on again. ATTENTION Occasionally check for any foreign objects (e.g.

  • Page 27: User Maintenance Instructions

    User Maintenance Instructions Cleaning and Care Cleaning the strainer(s) on the water tap WARNING On both the hot and cold water tap: TO AVOID RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK! Always disconnect the appliance from the power outlet before cleaning. Never clean the washing machine with a pressure washer.

  • Page 28: Descaling The Washing Machine

    Descaling the washing machine ATTENTION Descaling agents contain acids which may attack parts of the washing machine and discolor the laundry. Provided that you use the correct type of detergent, it is not necessary to Pull out the strainer and rinse descale the washing machine.

  • Page 29: Troubleshooting Of Minor Faults

    Troubleshooting of Minor Faults If repairs are necessary, and you WARNING cannot eliminate the fault yourself with the aid of the following table: Turn the program selector to Off. TO AVOID RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK! Disconnect the washing machine Repairs should only be carried out from the power outlet.

  • Page 30

    Fault Possible cause Action Program does not start. End time selected and activated. None. Appliance starts automatically. "Real Time delay" is indicated in the display field. Clock cannot be set. Program has already started; when a program has Wait until program ends. started, the clock cannot be set.

  • Page 31: Fault Displays

    Fault Possible cause Action Unsatisfactory washing The degree of soiling was higher than estimated. Select suitable program result Power wash as an additional option. Not enough detergent. Add detergent according to the manufacturer's specifications. Detergent residue on the Some phosphate free detergents contain water insoluble Brush off spots when laundry is dry.

  • Page 32: Customer Service

    Customer Service The washing machine requires no First, please contact your installer If writing or calling, please provide the special care other than the care and following information: or the Authorized Service cleaning noted previously. If you are - Model Number Contractor in your area and having a problem with your washing explain to them why you are not...

  • Page 33: Statement Of Limited Product Warranty

    The warranties acts of God. In no event shall Bosch technical ability (note that they are stated herein apply only to the first have any liability or responsibility...

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  • Page 35: Statement Of Warranties For Bosch Clothes Washers

    2 Year Limited Warranty on Motor Bosch will repair or replace, free of charge, any motor or component part From Date of Installation* of the motor that proves defective under conditions of normal home use during the first two years from the date of original installation, labor charges excluded.

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