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Panasonic CS-E18HKEA Service Manual

Indoor unit / outdoor unit
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1 Safety Precautions----------------------------------------------- 3
2 Specifications ----------------------------------------------------- 5
2.1. CS-E18HKEA CU-E18HKEA -------------------------- 5
2.2. CS-E21HKEA CU-E21HKEA -------------------------- 7
3 Features ------------------------------------------------------------- 9
4.1. Indoor Unit--------------------------------------------------10
4.2. Outdoor Unit -----------------------------------------------10
4.3. Remote Control -------------------------------------------10
5 Dimensions--------------------------------------------------------11
5.1. Indoor Unit & Remote Control ------------------------- 11
5.2. Outdoor Unit -----------------------------------------------12
6 Refrigeration Cycle Diagram --------------------------------13
7 Block Diagram----------------------------------------------------14
8 Wiring Connection Diagram ---------------------------------15
8.1. Indoor Unit--------------------------------------------------15
8.2. Outdoor Unit -----------------------------------------------16
Indoor Unit
9 Electronic Circuit Diagram----------------------------------- 17
9.1. Indoor Unit ------------------------------------------------- 17
9.2. Outdoor Unit----------------------------------------------- 18
10 Printed Circuit Board ------------------------------------------ 19
10.1. Indoor Unit ------------------------------------------------- 19
10.2. Outdoor Unit----------------------------------------------- 21
11 Installation Instruction ---------------------------------------- 22
11.1. Select The Best Location ------------------------------ 22
11.3. Indoor Unit ------------------------------------------------- 23
11.4. Outdoor Unit----------------------------------------------- 26
12 Operation and Control ---------------------------------------- 28
12.1. Basic Function -------------------------------------------- 28
12.2. Airflow Direction ------------------------------------------ 30
of Soft Dry Mode) ---------------------------------------- 31
12.4. Powerful Mode Operation------------------------------ 32
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Air Conditioner
Outdoor Unit



  Summary of Contents for Panasonic CS-E18HKEA

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    12.3. Quiet operation (Cooling Mode/Cooling area 8.1. Indoor Unit--------------------------------------------------15 of Soft Dry Mode) ---------------------------------------- 31 8.2. Outdoor Unit -----------------------------------------------16 12.4. Powerful Mode Operation------------------------------ 32 © 2008 Panasonic HA Air-Conditioning (M) Sdn. Bhd. (11969-T). All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying and distribution is a violation of law.
  • Page 2 16.2. Indoor Cross Flow Fan and Fan Motor ------------- 47 17 Technical Data---------------------------------------------------- 49 17.1. Operation Characteristics ------------------------------ 49 17.2. Sensible Capacity Chart-------------------------------- 57 18 Exploded View and Replacement Parts List ----------- 58 18.1. CS-E18HKEA CS-E21HKEA ------------------------- 58 18.2. CU-E18HKEA CU-E21HKEA ------------------------ 61...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    1 Safety Precautions • Read the following “SAFETY PRECAUTIONS” carefully before perform any servicing. • Electrical work must be installed or serviced by a licensed electrician. Be sure to use the correct rating of the power plug and main circuit for the model installed. •...
  • Page 4 1. Do not install the unit at place where leakage of flammable gas may occur. In case gas leaks and accumulates at surrounding of the unit, it may cause fire. 2. Carry out drainage piping as mentioned in installation instructions. If drainage is not perfect, water may enter the room and damage the furniture.
  • Page 5: Specifications

    2 Specifications 2.1. CS-E18HKEA CU-E18HKEA ITEM UNIT INDOOR UNIT OUTDOOR UNIT Performance Test Condition EUROVENT 5.30 (0.90 ~ 6.00) Capacity BTU/h 18100 (3070 ~ 20500) kCal/h 4560 (770 ~ 5160) 3.21 (4.19 ~ 2.93) kcal/hW 2.76 (3.58 ~ 2.52) dB (A)
  • Page 6 ITEM UNIT INDOOR UNIT OUTDOOR UNIT Type Cross-Flow Fan Propeller Fan Material ASHT-18 Motor Type Transistor (8-pole) Transistor (8-pole) Input Power 62.1 Output Power Q-Lo (Cool/Heat) 1080 / 1170 — Lo (Cool/Heat) 1170 / 1240 — Fan Speed Me (Cool/Heat) 1310 / 1410 —...
  • Page 7: Cs-E21Hkea Cu-E21Hkea

    2.2. CS-E21HKEA CU-E21HKEA ITEM UNIT INDOOR UNIT OUTDOOR UNIT Performance Test Condition EUROVENT 6.30 (0.90 ~ 7.10) Capacity BTU/h 21500 (3070 ~ 24200) kCal/h 5420 (770 ~ 6110) 2.85 (4.19 ~ 2.80) kcal/hW 2.45 (3.58 ~ 2.41) dB (A) Hi: 45, Lo:37, Q-Lo: 34 Hi: 48 Noise Level Power level dB...
  • Page 8 ITEM UNIT INDOOR UNIT OUTDOOR UNIT Type Cross-Flow Fan Propeller Fan Material ASHT-18 Motor Type Transistor (8-pole) Transistor (8-pole) Input Power 74.8 Output Power Q-Lo (Cool/Heat) 1100 / 1190 — Lo (Cool/Heat) 1170 / 1270 — Fan Speed Me (Cool/Heat) 1345/ 1440 —...
  • Page 9: Features

    3 Features • Inverter Technology - Wider output power range - Energy saving - Quick Cooling - Quick Heating - More precise temperature control • Supersonic Air Purifying System with Super Alleru-Buster - Inactive various harmful airborne elements including allergens, viruses and bacteria. Generated supersonic waves enhance the ability to collect dust and dirt in the air.
  • Page 10: Location Of Controls And Components

    4 Location of Controls and Components 4.1. Indoor Unit 4.2. Outdoor Unit 4.3. Remote Control...
  • Page 11: Dimensions

    5 Dimensions 5.1. Indoor Unit & Remote Control...
  • Page 12: Outdoor Unit

    5.2. Outdoor Unit...
  • Page 13: Refrigeration Cycle Diagram

    6 Refrigeration Cycle Diagram Piping size Rated Common Min. Max. Additional Length Length Elevation Piping Piping Refrigerant Model Liquid Length Length (g/m) E18HKEA, 1/2” 1/4” E21HKEA * If piping length is over common length, additional refrigerant should be added as shown in the table.
  • Page 14: Block Diagram

    7 Block Diagram...
  • Page 15: Wiring Connection Diagram

    8 Wiring Connection Diagram 8.1. Indoor Unit...
  • Page 16: Outdoor Unit

    8.2. Outdoor Unit...
  • Page 17: Electronic Circuit Diagram

    9 Electronic Circuit Diagram 9.1. Indoor Unit...
  • Page 18: Outdoor Unit

    9.2. Outdoor Unit...
  • Page 19: Printed Circuit Board

    10 Printed Circuit Board 10.1. Indoor Unit 10.1.1. Main Printed Circuit Board...
  • Page 20 10.1.2. Power Printed Circuit Board 10.1.3. Indicator Printed Circuit Board...
  • Page 21: Outdoor Unit

    10.2. Outdoor Unit 10.2.1. Main Printed Circuit Board...
  • Page 22: Installation Instruction

    11 Installation Instruction 11.1. Select The Best Location 11.2. Indoor/Outdoor Unit Installation INDOOR UNIT Diagram • Do not install the unit in excessive oil fume area such as kitchen, workshop and etc. • There should not be any heat source or steam near the unit. •...
  • Page 23: Indoor Unit

    11.3. 11.3.2. TO DRILL A HOLE IN THE WALL Indoor Unit INSTALL SLEEVE 11.3.1. HOW TO FIX INSTALLATION PLATE PIPING The mounting wall is strong and solid enough to prevent it from 1. Insert the piping sleeve to the hole. the vibration.
  • Page 24 3. For the embedded piping (This can be used for left rear piping & left bottom piping also.)
  • Page 25 11.3.4. CONNECT THE CABLE TO THE INDOOR UNIT 1. The inside and outside connecting cable can be connected without removing the front grille. 2. Connecting cable between indoor unit and outdoor unit shall be approved polychloroprene sheathed 4 × 1.5 mm flexible cord, type designation 245 IEC 57 or heavier cord.
  • Page 26: Outdoor Unit

    11.4. Outdoor Unit 11.4.1. INSTALL THE OUTDOOR UNIT • After selecting the best location, start installation according to Indoor/Outdoor Unit Installation Diagram. 1. Fix the unit on concrete or rigid frame firmly and horizontally by bolt nut (ø10 mm). 2. When installing at roof, please consider strong wind and earthquake.
  • Page 27: Evacuation Of The Equipment

    11.4.3. EVACUATION OF THE EQUIPMENT WHEN INSTALLING AN AIR CONDITIONER, BE SURE TO EVACUATE THE AIR INSIDE THE INDOOR UNIT AND PIPES in the following procedure. 1. Connect a charging hose with a push pin to the Low side of a charging set and the service port of the 3-way valve. •...
  • Page 28: Operation And Control

    12 Operation and Control 12.1. Basic Function Inverter control, which equipped with a microcomputer in determining the most suitable operating mode as time passes, automatically adjusts output power for maximum comfort always. In order to achieve the suitable operating mode, the microcomputer maintains the set temperature by measuring the temperature of the environment and performing temperature shifting.
  • Page 29: Automatic Operation

    12.1.5. Automatic Operation • This mode can be set using remote control and the operation is decided by remote control setting temperature, remote control operation mode, indoor intake air temperature and outdoor air temperature. • During operation mode judgment, indoor fan motor (with speed of Lo-) and outdoor fan motor are running for 30 seconds to detect the indoor intake and outdoor air temperature.
  • Page 30: Airflow Direction

    [Heating] • According to indoor pipe temperature, automatic heating fan speed is determined as follows. B. Feedback control • Immediately after the fan motor started, feedback control is performed once every second. • During fan motor on, if fan motor feedback 2550 rpm or <...
  • Page 31: Quiet Operation (Cooling Mode/Cooling Area Of Soft Dry Mode)

    1. Automatic vertical airflow direction can be set using remote control; the vane swings up and down within the angles as stated above. For heating mode operation, the angle of the vane depends on the indoor heat exchanger temperature as Figure 1 below.
  • Page 32: Powerful Mode Operation

    1. When one of the following conditions is satisfied, quiet operation stops: a. Powerful button is pressed. b. Stop by OFF/ON switch. c. Timer “off” activates. d. Quiet button is pressed again. 2. When quiet operation is stopped, operation is shifted to normal operation with previous setting. 3.
  • Page 33: Timer Control

    12.5. Timer Control 12.5.1. ON Timer Control ON timer can be set using remote control, the unit with timer set will start operate earlier than the setting time. This is to provide a comfortable environment when reaching the set ON time. 60 minutes before the set time, indoor (at fan speed of Lo-) and outdoor fan motor start operate for 30 seconds to determine the indoor intake air temperature and outdoor air temperature in order to judge the operation starting time.
  • Page 34: Ion Operation

    12.8. Ion Operation Purpose To provide fresh air effect to users by discharging minus ion to air. Control Condition a. Ionizer Only Operation. 1. When air-conditioner unit is at “OFF” condition (standby) and ION operation button at remote control is pressed. Fan &...
  • Page 35: Protection Control

    13 Protection Control 13.1. Protection Control For All Operations 13.1.1. Restart Control (Time Delay Safety Control) • The Compressor will not turn on within 3 minutes from the moment operation stops, although the unit is turned on again by pressing OFF/ON button at remote control within this period. •...
  • Page 36: Protection Control For Cooling & Soft Dry Operation

    13.1.4. IPM (Power transistor) Prevention Control A. Overheating Prevention Control 1. When the IPM temperature rises to 110°C, compressor operation will stop immediately. 2. Compressor operation restarts after three minutes the temperature decreases to 95°C. B. DC Peak Current Control 1.
  • Page 37: Cooling Overload Control

    13.2.2. Cooling Overload Control i. Pipe temperature limitation/restriction • Detects the Outdoor pipe temperature and carry out below restriction/limitation (Limit the compressor Operation frequency) • The compressor stop if outdoor pipe temperature exceeds 63°C. • If the compressor stops 4 times in 20 minutes, Timer LED blinking (F95: outdoor high pressure rise protection) 13.2.3.
  • Page 38: Protection Control For Heating Operation

    13.3. Protection Control For Heating Operation 13.3.1. Intake Air Temperature Control Compressor will operate at maximum frequency if below conditions occur: 1. When the indoor intake air temperature is 30°C or above. 13.3.2. Outdoor Air Temperature Control The maximum current value is regulated when the outdoor air temperature rises above 14°C in order to avoid compressor overloading.
  • Page 39: Servicing Mode

    14 Servicing Mode 14.1. Auto OFF/ON Button 1. AUTO OPERATION MODE The Auto operation will be activated immediately once the Auto OFF/ON button is pressed. This operation can be used to operate air conditioner with limited function if remote control is misplaced or malfunction. 2.
  • Page 40: Remote Control Button

    Remote Control Printed Circuit Board Jumper A (J-A) Jumper B (J-B) Remote Control No. Short Open A (Default) Open Open Short Short Open Short 14.3. Remote Control Button 14.3.1. SET BUTTON • To check current remote control transmission code - Press for more than 10 seconds. 14.3.2.
  • Page 41: Troubleshooting Guide

    15 Troubleshooting Guide 15.1. Refrigeration Cycle System In order to diagnose malfunctions, make sure that there are no electrical problems before inspecting the refrigeration cycle. Such problems include insufficient insulation, problem with the power source, malfunction of a compressor and a fan. The normal outlet air temperature and pressure of the refrigeration cycle depends on various conditions, the standard values for them are shown in the table on the right.
  • Page 42: Relationship Between The Condition Of The Air Conditioner And Pressure And Electric Current

    15.2. Relationship Between The Condition Of The Air Conditioner And Pressure And Electric Current Cooling Mode Heating Mode Condition of the air conditioner Low Pressure High Pressure Electric current Low Pressure High Pressure Electric current during operation during operation Insufficient refrigerant (gas leakage) Clogged capillary tube or Strainer...
  • Page 43: Breakdown Self Diagnosis Function

    15.3. Breakdown Self Diagnosis Function 15.3.1. Self Diagnosis Function (Three Digits Alphanumeric Code) • Once abnormality has occurred during operation, the unit 7. The breakdown diagnosis mode will be canceled will stop its operation, and Timer LEDs blink. unless pressing the CHECK button continuously for 5 •...
  • Page 44: Error Codes Table

    15.4. Error Codes Table Diagnosis Abnormality Emergency Abnormality / Protection control Primary location to verify display Judgement operation No abnormality detected — Normal operation — Indoor / outdoor abnormal > 1 min. after starting Indoor fan operation • Internal / external cable connections communication operation only...
  • Page 45: Disassembly And Assembly Instructions

    16 Disassembly and Assembly Instructions WARNING High Voltage are generated in the electrical parts area by the capacitor. Ensure that the capacitor has discharged sufficiently before proceeding with repair work. Failure to heed tis caution may result in electric shocks. 16.1.
  • Page 47: Indoor Cross Flow Fan And Fan Motor

    16.2. Indoor Cross Flow Fan and Fan Motor...
  • Page 49: Technical Data

    17 Technical Data 17.1. Operation Characteristics 17.1.1. CS-E18HKEA CU-E18HKEA...
  • Page 53 17.1.2. CS-E21HKEA CU-E21HKEA...
  • Page 57: Sensible Capacity Chart

    17.2. Sensible Capacity Chart CS-E18HKEA CU-E18HKEA Outdoor Temp. (°C) Indoor wet bulb temp. 17.0°C 5.26 3.99 1.51 4.91 3.82 1.63 4.57 3.67 1.74 4.16 3.49 1.88 19.0°C 5.30 1.65 19.5°C 5.77 4.17 1.54 5.40 4.01 1.66 5.02 3.86 1.77 4.56 3.67...
  • Page 58: Exploded View And Replacement Parts List

    18 Exploded View and Replacement Parts List 18.1. CS-E18HKEA CS-E21HKEA Note: The above exploded view is for the purpose of parts disassembly and replacement. The non-numbered parts are not kept as standard service parts.
  • Page 60 ← OPERATING INSTRUCTION CWF565940 ← INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION CWF613423 ← INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION CWF613424 ← INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION CWF613425 ← INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION CWF613426 (Note) • All parts are supplied from PHAAM, Malaysia (Vendor Code: 061). • “O” marked parts are recommended to be kept in stock.
  • Page 61: Cu-E18Hkea Cu-E21Hkea

    18.2. CU-E18HKEA CU-E21HKEA Note: The above exploded view is for the purpose of parts disassembly and replacement. The non-numbered parts are not kept as standard service parts.
  • Page 63 [PHAAM] Printed in Malaysia SSYW0801 - 00...

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