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    Camera Reference Guide Security you can rely on.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Selection table FlexiDome I & II cameras FlexiDome high-impact security cameras Dinion cameras Indoor and outdoor camera assemblies High-end digital cameras Comparison table Bilinx bi-directional communication technology Glossary of CCTV camera terms...

  • Page 3

    Regardless of the quality or capability of the CCTV system you use, the quality of the image you view depends heavily on the quality of the camera. The Bosch camera range offers outstanding performance in every class – from the stylish indoor FlexiDomes to very high performance Dinion cameras for the most demanding situations.

  • Page 4: Selection Table

    Choosing the right Camera This table summarizes the Bosch CCTV camera range. Starting from your requirements or typical application area, it is easy to select the most appropriate model. FlexiDome I FlexiDome II FlexiDome Color Color Color Imager 1/4” 1/4”...

  • Page 5

    Dinion st. res. Dinion high res. Dinion 1/3” Dinion 1/2” Color Color Color Color 1/3” 1/3” 1/3” 1/3” 1/3” 1/3” 1/2” 1/2” 0.12 0.39 0.09 0.65/0.26 0.046 0.59/0.24 0.032 0.35/0.14 Auto detection of lens type 50dB 50dB 50dB 50dB 50dB 50dB 50dB 50dB...

  • Page 6: Flexidome I & Ii Cameras

    – The presence of the dome ‘announces’ active • Active deterrent surveillance (as deterrent), but the camera itself is hidden behind a lightly tinted dome. The camera can be discreetly pointed towards sensitive areas without being visible to potential offenders.

  • Page 7

    When should you use FlexiDome cameras? • Indoor applications • Standard lighting situations • Where the viewing direction needs to be concealed • Where discrete observation is desirable Typical applications Entrances lobbies and reception areas, cash desks and checkouts. FlexiDome type number overview Standard Resolution High Resolution TV Standard...

  • Page 8: Flexidome Xt High-impact Security Cameras

    – Tough cast aluminium housing and polycarbonate • High-level protection dome protect the camera module from physical attack, IP66 rating ensures the camera is protected from water and dust outdoors or in dirty environments. – With a choice of fixed or Varifocal lenses and monochrome or color •...

  • Page 9

    Typical applications Car parks, public areas, metro-, bus- and railway stations, and housing estates. Selecting the right FlexiDome FlexiDome I FlexiDome II FlexiDome Standard protection Standard protection Impact proofing Monochrome or color Monochrome or color Monochrome or color Standard resolution High resolution High resolution Fixed lens:...

  • Page 10: Dinion Cameras

    – The superb sensitivity range • Superb low-light performance of the Dinion cameras is further extended in the high resolution color version by Bosch NightSense, which makes use of the extra sensitivity of monochrome images. – Thanks to the unique Lens Wizard, •...

  • Page 11

    When should you use Dinion cameras? • For indoor and outdoor applications • When a good quality conventional CCTV camera is required • When special lenses are required or existing lenses are to be used • In standard and low light situations...

  • Page 12: Indoor And Outdoor Camera Assemblies

    Also the lens is installed on the indoor camera and together with mounting bracket it is ready for installation. – Both the indoor and outdoor •...

  • Page 13

    When should you use Indoor and Outdoor camera kits? • To minimize installation and set up costs • Outdoors and in dirty environments (outdoor assemblies) • When a good quality conventional CCTV camera is required • In standard and low light situations Typical applications Industrial complexes, car parks, roads and tunnels, building exteriors, open parking lots.

  • Page 14: High-end Digital Cameras

    – Dinion is the first camera series in the Bosch range • Innovative technology to introduce 15-bit video processing. This innovative technology ensures you get all the details whatever the lighting conditions. The colors are vivid and color noise is minimized.

  • Page 15

    • When the optimum image quality is required, under the most difficult lighting conditions • In situations requiring the highest possible light sensitivity and dynamic range • When the ability to deal with rapidly changing conditions is required High-end camera type number overview Low Voltage Mains Voltage TV Standard 1/3"...

  • Page 16: Comparison Table

    Comparison table Cameras Fixed cameras LTC0335 LTC0355 LTC0435 LTC0455 Camera type Mono Std Res Mono High Res Col Std res Col High Res Sensor size 1/3" 1/3" 1/3" 1/3" Sensitivity (Lux) 0.12 0.09 0.39 0.65 NightSense mode 0.26 Resolution (TVL)

  • Page 17

    FlexiDome I & II LTC131x/10 LTC132x/10 LTC141x/10 LTC142x/10 Camera type Mono Std Res Mono High Res Col Std res Col High Res Sensor size 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" Sensitivity (Lux) Resolution (TVL) Lens type LTC1312: 3mm F2.0 LTC1322: 3mm F2.0 LTC1412: 3mm F2.0 LTC1422: 3mm F2.0 LTC1313: 6mm F2.0 LTC1323: 6mm F2.0 LTC1413: 6mm F2.0 LTC1423: 6mm F2.0...

  • Page 18

    Comparison table Camera Assemblies Indoor assemblies LTC0033/31 LTC0035/31 LTC0043/31 LTC0045/31 Camera LTC0335/50 LTC0355/50 LTC0435/50 LTC0455/50 Sensor size 1/3" 1/3" 1/3" 1/3" Sensitivity (Lux) 0.16 0.12 0.53 0.65 NightSense mode 0.26 Resolution (TVL) Lens Varifocal 2.8 - 10 Varifocal 2.8 - 10 Varifocal 2.8 - 10...

  • Page 19: Bilinx Bi-directional Communication Technology

    • Cut and paste settings to multiple cameras remotely • Receive alarm signals and motion detection • Lower installation costs • Plug and play – no need to address each camera • Upgrade existing single cable installations easily • Update camera firmware Remote programming –...

  • Page 20: Glossary Of Cctv Camera Terms

    Glossary of CCTV camera terms 15-Bit technology Auto White Balance A method of more accurate and A feature that allows a color camera sophisticated video processing. to automatically adjust its output color to give a natural colour independent of Angle of View The measure of the area within the the lighting used.

  • Page 21

    In low light situations in a Day/Night Footcandle camera the IR-cut filter in front of the See sensitivity. color sensor is removed restoring the Image Size IR sensitivity of the camera.

  • Page 22

    The measure of the fine detail that can Level Control The adjustment of the video level to be seen in an image. In a CCD camera give the desired brightness level. This this is determined. can be elecronic or by means of the Saturation iris control.

  • Page 23

    A lens where the focal length to be used can be set manually. Video Motion Detector A device that analyses the video signal from a camera to determine if there is movement within the picture. Video Iris Lens See auto-iris lens.

  • Page 24

    Printed in the Netherlands VS-EH-en-55_4998144062_02 Tradition of quality and innovation For over 100 years, the Bosch name has stood for quality and reliability. Bosch Security Systems proudly offers a wide range of fire, intrusion, social alarm, CCTV, management and communication systems and components to help you find the solution for any application.

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