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Welcome to Huawei
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Welcome to Huawei HUAWEI U8860 User Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Reading Before Proceeding...........1 1.1 Safety Precautions............... 1 1.2 Personal Information and Data Security ........2 1.3 Legal Notice................. 3 2 Getting Started...............6 2.1 Appearance ................. 6 2.2 Setting Up Your Mobile Phone ............ 8 2.3 Power On or Off Your Mobile Phone ......... 11 2.4 Using the Touchscreen..............
  • Page 3 4.9 Streams ..................25 4.10 Managing Groups ..............27 4.11 Joining and Separating Contacts..........28 4.12 Sending Contacts ..............29 5 Using the Onscreen Keyboard..........29 5.1 Displaying the Keyboard............29 5.2 Customizing Keyboard Settings..........32 6 Messaging ................32 6.1 SMS and MMS................32 6.2 Email..................
  • Page 4 10 Synchronizing Information ..........55 10.1 Managing Your Accounts............55 10.2 Customizing Your Account Synchronization......57 11 Using Other Applications ...........58 11.1 Huawei Cloud+ ................ 58 11.2 AppInstaller................62 11.3 Traffic Manager................ 62 11.4 All Backup................63 11.5 Calendar .................. 63 11.6 File Manager................
  • Page 5: Reading Before Proceeding

    1 Reading Before Proceeding 1.1 Safety Precautions Please read the safety precautions carefully to ensure the correct use of your mobile phone. Do not crash, throw, or puncture your mobile phone. Avoid the falling, squeezing, and bending of your mobile phone. Do not use your mobile phone in a moist environment, such as the bathroom.
  • Page 6: Personal Information And Data Security

    Do not place your mobile phone or its accessories in containers with a strong electromagnetic field. Do not place magnetic storage media near your mobile phone. Radiation from the phone may erase the information stored on them. Do not put your mobile phone in a high-temperature place or use it in a place with flammable gas such as a gas station.
  • Page 7: Legal Notice

    • Be sure to obtain third-party applications from a legitimate source. Downloaded third-party applications should be scanned for viruses. • Install security software or patches released by Huawei or third-party application providers. • Some applications require and transmit location information. As a result, a third- party may be able to share your location information.
  • Page 8: Trademarks And Permissions

    Third-party service providers provide content and services through network or transmission tools outside of the control of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. To the greatest extent permitted by applicable law, it is explicitly stated that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. shall not...
  • Page 9 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. shall not be responsible for the legality , quality, or any other aspects of any software installed on this product, or for any uploaded or downloaded third-party works, such as texts, images, videos, or software.
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    export, re-export or import the product mentioned in this manual including the software and technical data therein. 2 Getting Started All the pictures in this guide are for your reference only. Your phone’s actual display features may be different to those described here, depending on its software version.
  • Page 11: Key Functions At Your Fingertips

    2.1.2 Key Functions at Your Fingertips • Press and hold to power on your mobile phone. • Press and hold to open the Phone options menu. • Press to lock the screen when your mobile phone is active. Touch to open the menu on an active screen. •...
  • Page 12: Setting Up Your Mobile Phone

    2.2 Setting Up Your Mobile Phone 2.2.1 Before getting started Removing battery cover Installing SIM card Installing battery Installing *micro SD card *micro SD card is optional Installing battery cover...
  • Page 13: Charging The Battery

    2.2.2 Charging the Battery Before charging the battery, ensure that it has been properly installed on your phone. 1. Connect the USB cable that came with your mobile phone to the charger. 2. Connect the other end of the USB cable to your mobile phone. Then, to start charging, plug the charger into an electrical outlet.
  • Page 14: Power Saving Tips

    battery to charge for a few minutes with the phone powered off before attempting to power the phone on. • As it ages, the battery’s performance will degrade, in particular it will not hold charge as it did when it was new. When the battery life becomes noticeably shorter than usual after being charged properly, replace the battery with a new one of the same type.
  • Page 15: Power On Or Off Your Mobile Phone

    2.3 Power On or Off Your Mobile Phone 2.3.1 Powering On Your Mobile Phone Press . The first time you power on your phone, you will be asked to sign in to your account and set up your mobile phone. If personal identification number (PIN) protection is enabled on your mobile phone, you must enter your PIN before using the mobile phone.
  • Page 16: Using The Touchscreen

    2.4 Using the Touchscreen 2.4.1 Touchscreen Actions • Touch: Tap the screen with your finger to select an item, confirm a selection, or start an application. • Touch and hold: Touch an item with your finger and do not release it until the mobile phone responds.
  • Page 17: Home Screen

    If you have set up a screen unlock pattern, you will be prompted to draw the pattern on the screen to unlock it. 2.6 Home Screen Notifications bar: 10:23 Displays the reminders and status icons of your phone. Flick down to open the notifications panel.
  • Page 18: Notification And Status Icons

    2.6.1 Notification and Status Icons Signal strength No signal Connected to GPRS mobile GPRS in use network Connected to EDGE mobile EDGE in use network Connected to 3G mobile 3G in use network GPS on Airplane mode Receiving location data from Bluetooth on Connected to a Bluetooth Speakerphone on...
  • Page 19: Notification Panel

    Problem with text or New chat message multimedia message delivery New voicemail New email Open Wi-Fi network Connected to a PC available Uploading Upcoming event Memory full Downloading Carrier data use threshold Sign-in or synchronization approaching or exceeded problem More undisplayed Synchronizing data notifications Portable Wi-Fi hotspot on...
  • Page 20: Viewing Other Parts Of The Home Screen

    Opening the Notification Panel 1. When a new notification icon appears on the notification bar, place your finger on the notification bar and flick down to open the notification panel. You can also open the notification panel from the Home screen: Touch >...
  • Page 21: Service Shortcuts

    action menu. 2. Select an item to add it to the Home screen. Moving a Home Screen Item 1. Touch and hold an item on the Home screen until the item expands in size and the mobile phone vibrates. 2. Without lifting your finger, drag the item to the desired position on the screen, and then release it.
  • Page 22: Application Screen

    2.7 Application Screen The Application screen holds icons for all of the applications on your phone. You can touch on the Home screen to open the application screen. 2.7.1 Moving Icons on the Application Screen 1. On the application screen, touch 2.
  • Page 23: Calling

    1. Connect your mobile phone to your PC with the USB cable provided. Your PC will detect the microSD card as a removable storage device. 2. Open the notification bar, and then touch USB connected. 3. Touch Turn on USB storage in the dialog box that opens to confirm that you want to transfer files.
  • Page 24: Answering Or Rejecting A Call

    3.1.1 Making a Call with the Dialer Application 1. On the Home screen, touch > Dialer to display the dialer. If you are already working with Contacts or Call log, touch the Dialer tab. 2. Touch the appropriate number keys to enter the phone number. Your mobile phone supports the SmartDial function, that is, when you touch numbers on the dialer, the phone automatically searches among your contacts and lists the matching results ordered according to the accuracy of the match.
  • Page 25: Ending A Call

    Drag to the right to answer the call. 3.2.2 Ending a Call During a call, touch End to hang up. 3.2.3 Rejecting an Incoming Call Drag to the left to reject the call. You can also drag up the bar at the bottom of the screen to reject a call and send the caller a message.
  • Page 26: Other Operations During A Call

    3.3 Other Operations During a Call 3.3.1 Making a Conference Call If you receive a new call while you are already in a call, you can add the second call to the call you are in. This feature is known as conference calling. You can also set up a conference call with multiple callers.
  • Page 27: Using Airplane Mode

    3. Touch Add to contacts in the options menu. 4. Touch Create new contact or scroll through the contact list and touch an existing contact name. 3.5 Using Airplane Mode Some locations may require you to turn off your phone’s wireless connections. Rather than powering off your phone, you can place it in Airplane mode.
  • Page 28: Adding A Contact

    5. If you have more than one account on your phone, touch the account into which you want to import the contacts. 4.3 Adding a Contact 1. In the contact list, touch > Create contact. 2. If you have more than one account with contacts, touch the account to which you want to add the contact.
  • Page 29: Communicating With Your Contacts

    3. Make the desired changes to the contact information, and then touch Done. To cancel all of your changes, touch Cancel. 4.7 Communicating with Your Contacts From the Contacts or Favorites tab, you can quickly call or send a text (SMS) or multimedia (MMS) message to a contact’s default phone number.
  • Page 30 To access the Streams screen, touch > Streams. You can also touch Contacts, and then flick left to switch to the Streams screen. 4.9.1 Logging in to an Account 1. The first time you access Streams, touch Login to Social Network. 2.
  • Page 31: Managing Groups

    4.10 Managing Groups 4.10.1 Creating a Group 1. On the Home screen, touch > Contacts. Then flick the tab bar to the left and touch Groups. 2. In the groups list, touch , and then touch Create group. 3. Enter the name and picture you want to assign to the group, and then set a ringtone for it.
  • Page 32: Joining And Separating Contacts

    4.11 Joining and Separating Contacts You may have duplicate contacts if you import contacts by: • Adding an account, such as a Gmail account. • Using the social networking services such as Facebook or Twitter. (If your phone has the Streams function, you can use it to access Facebook or Twitter.) •...
  • Page 33: Sending Contacts

    4.12 Sending Contacts You can send contacts as a .vcf file via Bluetooth or Email. 1. In the contacts list, touch 2. Select contacts that you want to send. 3. Touch Send. 4. Select the way you prefer to send the contacts you have selected, for example Bluetooth or Email.
  • Page 34: Using The Android Keyboard

    5.1.2 Using the Android Keyboard q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k Touch to delete a character z x c v b n m to the left of the cursor. Touch and hold to delete all ?123 characters to the left of the...
  • Page 35 5.1.3 Using the Swype Keyboard(Optional) q w e r t y u i o p & ” a s d f g h j k Touch to delete a character z x c v b n m to the left of the cursor. Touch and hold to delete all .
  • Page 36: Customizing Keyboard Settings

    5.1.4 Using the Landscape Keyboard If you find the keyboard inconvenient or difficult to use, turn your mobile phone sideways. The screen will display the keyboard in landscape orientation, providing you with a wider keyboard layout. 5.2 Customizing Keyboard Settings 1.
  • Page 37: Creating And Sending A Multimedia Message

    3. Touch the composition text box to start entering your message. While writing a message, you can touch > > Contact to insert contact information. 4. When you are ready to send the message, touch Sent and received messages will be displayed in a message thread, grouping together the messages in a conversation.
  • Page 38: Email

    6.1.4 Opening and Viewing a Multimedia Message 1. In the message list, touch the message thread you wish to view. 2. Touch the multimedia message to view the message. 6.1.5 Replying to a Message 1. In the message list, touch a text or multimedia message thread to open it. 2.
  • Page 39: Viewing An Email Message

    1. On the Home screen, touch > Email. 2. To customize your email settings, follow the onscreen instructions, and then touch Next. 3. Enter the account name and the name you want other people to see when they receive an email from you. 4.
  • Page 40: Replying To An Email Message

    5. When you are finished, touch Send. If you are not ready to send the message, touch Save as draft or touch save the message as a draft. 6.2.5 Replying to an Email Message 1. On the accounts screen, touch the email account you want to use. 2.
  • Page 41: Getting Connected

    7 Getting Connected 7.1 Mobile Networks Your mobile phone will be automatically configured to use your network operator’s 2G/3G service (if available) when you turn on the phone for the first time. Note that the SIM/UIM card must be inserted (some CDMA mobile phones have an integrated UIM card and do not need a separate UIM card) 7.1.1 Checking the Network Connection 1.
  • Page 42: Sharing Your Phone's Data Connection

    7.2.2 Connecting to a Wireless Network 1. After turning on Wi-Fi, touch > Settings. 2. Touch Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings. You will see a list of detected Wi-Fi networks in the Wi-Fi networks section. 3. Touch a Wi-Fi network to connect to it. •...
  • Page 43: Wps

    7.3.2 Sharing Your Phone’s Data Connection as a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot 1. Touch > Settings. 2. Touch Wireless & networks > Tethering & portable hotspot. 3. Select the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot check box to share your data connection. When Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is selected, you can touch Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings to change its network name or secure it.
  • Page 44: Browser

    7.5 Browser Your mobile phone comes with an Internet browser pre-installed. 7.5.1 Opening the Browser Touch > Browser to open the home page. When known or open Wi-Fi networks and mobile data networks are available at the same time, your phone will preferably select a Wi-Fi network for Internet access.
  • Page 45: Bluetooth

    7.5.3 Setting a Home Page 1. In a browser window, touch 2. Touch More > Settings > Set home page. 3. Enter the address of the desired home page, and then touch OK. 7.5.4 Managing Bookmarks You can store as many bookmarks as you want on your mobile phone. Adding a Bookmark 1.
  • Page 46: Turning On Bluetooth

    7.6.1 Turning On Bluetooth 1. Touch > Settings. 2. Touch Wireless & networks, and then select the Bluetooth check box to turn on Bluetooth. When Bluetooth is turned on, the Bluetooth icon appears in the notification bar. 3. Touch Bluetooth settings, and then select the Discoverable to make your mobile phone visible to other Bluetooth devices.
  • Page 47: Entertainment

    7.6.4 Disconnecting from or Unpairing with a Bluetooth Device 1. Touch > Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth settings. 2. Navigate to the Bluetooth devices section, and then touch and hold the device to which you are connected. 3. Touch Unpair to disconnect from the device. 8 Entertainment In addition to being a communication device and personal assistant, your mobile phone also provides you with a multitude of entertainment possibilities.
  • Page 48: Taking A Photo

    On the capture screen, touch to show the capture panel. 8.1.2 Taking a Photo 1. Open your camera application and switch it to camera mode. 2. If necessary, change the camera settings. The preview changes as you change the settings. 3.
  • Page 49: Using The Gallery

    • Touch Delete to delete the video. On the video playback screen, touch the controls to fast-forward or rewind or to play or pause the video. 3. If you want to view more videos, flick your finger left or right across the screen. 8.2 Using the Gallery Your Gallery application can automatically search for pictures and videos on your mobile phone and microSD card.
  • Page 50: Enjoying Music

    8.2.4 Cropping a Picture 1. When viewing a picture, touch to display the operation panel, and then touch More > Crop. 2. Use the cropping tool to select the portion of the picture to crop. • Drag from the inside of the cropping tool to move it. •...
  • Page 51: Playing Music

    8.3.2 Playing Music 1. From the music library, select a way to view your music. 2. Touch the music file you want to play. Playlist screen Back Progress bar Music player controls While playing music, touch to return to the Home screen, the music will continue to play in the background and you can use other applications.
  • Page 52: Listening To The Fm Radio

    8.3.5 Playing Music in a Playlist 1. In music library, touch Playlists. 2. Press and hold the playlist you want to play. 3. Touch Play to play the playlist. 8.4 Listening to the FM Radio The FM radio lets you listen to FM radio programs on your mobile phone. Since the FM radio uses the provided wired stereo headset as its antenna, before opening the application, connect the headset to your phone’s the audio jack.
  • Page 53: Gmail

    2. Touch Create. 3. Enter the first name, last name, and user name for your Google account, and then touch Next. The mobile phone will connect to a Google server to check whether the username is available. If the username you entered is already in use, you will be prompted to choose another one or select one from a list.
  • Page 54: Talk

    2. Enter the message recipient’s email address in the To field. If you are sending the email to several recipients, separate the email addresses with commas. You can add as many message recipients as you want. If you want to send a copy (Cc) or a blind copy (Bcc) of the email to other recipients, touch , and then touch Add Cc/Bcc.
  • Page 55: Adding A Friend

    9.3.1 Opening Talk On the Home screen, touch > Talk to open the application. Your Talk account is based on the Google account you set up with your mobile phone. 9.3.2 Adding a Friend 1. In the friends list, touch , and then touch Add friend.
  • Page 56: Maps

    Select the check box to make your mobile phone vibrate Vibrate when you receive a new instant message. 9.3.6 Signing out of Talk On the friends list screen, touch , and then touch Sign out to quit Talk. 9.4 Maps Maps lets you find your current location, view real-time traffic conditions (depending on availability in your locale), and get detailed directions to various destinations.
  • Page 57: Youtube

    9.4.4 Getting Directions 1. While viewing a map, touch , and then touch Directions. 2. Enter the starting point in the first text box, and then enter your destination in the second text box. 3. Touch the icon for car, public transit, or walking directions. 4.
  • Page 58: Searching For Applications

    9.6.1 Opening Market 1. On the Home screen, touch > Market. 2. When you open Market for the first time, the Android Market Terms of Service window will appear. Touch Accept to continue. 9.6.2 Searching for Applications There are a few different ways to find applications on the Market home screen, including: •...
  • Page 59: Synchronizing Information

    2. Touch the application you want to uninstall, and then touch Uninstall. 3. When prompted, touch OK to remove the application from your mobile phone. 4. Choose the reason for removing the application, and then touch OK. 10 Synchronizing Information Some applications on your mobile phone give you access to the same personal information that you can add, view, and edit on your computer.
  • Page 60: Adding An Exchange Account

    2. Touch Add account. 3. Touch the kind of account to add. 4. Follow the onscreen steps to enter the required and optional information about the account. Most accounts require a username and password, but the details depend on the kind of account and the configuration of the service to which you are connecting.
  • Page 61: Customizing Your Account Synchronization

    10.2 Customizing Your Account Synchronization You can configure background data use and synchronization options for all the applications on your phone. You can also configure what kind of data you synchronize for each account. For some accounts, synchronization is bi-directional; changes that you make to the information on your mobile phone are made to the copy of that information on the web.
  • Page 62: Using Other Applications

    Simply register a Huawei Cloud+ account to access all these functions. 11.1.1 Registration and Settings Register a Huawei Cloud+ account and configure the relevant settings when you use Huawei Cloud+ for the first time. Creating an Account 1.
  • Page 63 11.1.2 Hi Space Hi Space is an application that enables you to access Huawei's application store from which you can download content such as applications, games, ebooks, images, ringtones, and music. You can also browse and update your downloaded content.
  • Page 64 Downloading a File 1. On the Cloud+Drive home page, touch My disk. 2. In the displayed directory list, touch the directory where the file to be downloaded is stored. 3. Touch and hold the file to be downloaded, and then touch Download in the displayed menu.
  • Page 65: Phone Finder

    Huawei Cloud+ website and use the following Phone Finder functions: • Display a specific message on your phone: On the Huawei Cloud+ website, enter a message that will be displayed on your phone.
  • Page 66: Appinstaller

    11.1.6 Backing Up Data Using Huawei Cloud+, you can back up your data from the phone to the server or restore your data from the server to the phone. 1. Touch > All Backup > Cloud Services. 2. Touch Data backup.
  • Page 67: All Backup

    11.3.1 Using Traffic Manager When Traffic Manager is opened for the first time, it will request you to enter the monthly traffic limit and notification thresholds. 1. On the Home screen, touch > Traffic Manager. 2. Enter the monthly traffic limit in the Monthly package field. 3.
  • Page 68: Opening Calendar

    11.5.1 Opening Calendar Touch > Calendar to open the application. When you add a Google Account that includes a calendar service to your phone, you can access Google calendar: Touch , and then touch More > Calendars. 11.5.2 Creating an Event 1.
  • Page 69: File Manager

    11.5.4 Setting Synchronization and Display 1. In any calendar view, touch . Then touch More > Calendars. The Calendars screen displays all the calendars you have added or subscribed to for each account that is configured to synchronize events to your phone, organized by account.
  • Page 70: Creating A Folder

    11.6.2 Creating a Folder 1. On the File Manager screen, access the directory in which you want to create a new folder. 2. Touch to open the options panel, and then touch New folder. 3. Enter the name of the new folder in the text box. 4.
  • Page 71: Clock

    You can only compress files and folders into .zip files, but can extract both .zip and .rar files. Compressing Files 1. On the File Manager screen, Touch , and then touch Multiselect. 2. Select the files or folders you want to compress. When a file is selected, a check mark will appear.
  • Page 72: Calculator

    Clock opens with the date and time displayed on your Home screen wallpaper, along with your local weather and other useful information. 11.7.2 Opening the Alarms On the Clock screen, touch to open the Alarms. Adding an Alarm 1. On the alarm list screen, touch Add alarm. 2.
  • Page 73: Notepad

    11.8.2 Switching Between Basic and Advanced panel On the Calculator screen, flick the screen to the right or left to switch between Advanced panel and Basic panel. 11.9 Notepad Notepad features a simple text processor. In the note list, you can add, edit, and delete notes.
  • Page 74: Managing Your Mobile Phone

    12 Managing Your Mobile Phone To configure your mobile phone, touch > Settings. 12.1 Setting the Date and Time By default, your mobile phone automatically uses the date, time, and time zone provided by the network. When your mobile phone is using the date and time settings provided automatically by the network, you cannot manually set the date, time, and time zone.
  • Page 75: Setting Ringers

    12.2.2 Adjusting the Time Before the Screen Turns Off If your mobile phone is idle for several minutes, it will turn off the screen to save battery power. To set a longer or shorter idle time: 1. On the Settings screen, touch Display >...
  • Page 76: Setting Phone Services

    12.4 Setting Phone Services 12.4.1 Customizing Call Settings Mobile phone service providers offer different services such as call forwarding, call waiting, fixed dialing numbers, and voicemail. You can customize many of these services if they are part of your calling plan. On the Settings screen, touch Call settings to customize your call functions.
  • Page 77: Protecting Your Mobile Phone

    12.5.2 Adjusting the Speech Rate 1. On the Settings screen, touch Voice input & output > Text-to-speech settings > Speech rate. 2. Select a speed at which the text is to be spoken. 12.6 Protecting Your Mobile Phone 12.6.1 Turning on Your SIM Card PIN 1.
  • Page 78: Managing Applications

    2. Enter at least four characters. 3. Touch Continue. 4. Enter the same characters again and touch OK. To change your PIN, touch Location & security > Change screen lock. 12.6.4 Unlocking Your Mobile Phone If You Forget the Screen Lock Pattern If you have already created a Google account, you can unlock your mobile phone using the following methods.
  • Page 79: Resetting Your Mobile Phone

    12.7.3 Moving an Application to the microSD Card Some applications are designed to be stored on your phone’s USB storage or microSD card (depending on the model of your phone), rather than in its internal storage. Others are designed so you can change where they are stored. You may find it helpful to move large applications off your internal storage, to make more room for other applications that do not offer the option.
  • Page 80: Setting Power Saving Mode

    12.8.2 Restoring Factory Data If you reset your phone to the settings that were configured at the factory, all of your personal data stored on the phone, including information about your Google Account, any other accounts, your system and application settings, and any applications you have downloaded will be erased.
  • Page 81: Appendix

    13 Appendix 13.1 Warnings and Precautions This section contains important information pertaining to the operating instructions of your device. It also contains information about how to use the device safely. Read this information carefully before using your device. Electronic Device Power off your device if using the device is prohibited.
  • Page 82: Traffic Security

    Traffic Security Observe local laws and regulations while using the device. In addition, if using the device while driving a vehicle, comply with the following guidelines: • Concentrate on driving. Your first responsibility is to drive safely. • Do not talk on the device while driving. Use hands-free accessories. •...
  • Page 83 • Keep the ambient temperature between -10°C and 45°C while the device is being charged. Keep the ambient temperature between -10°C to 45°C for using the device powered by a battery. Prevention of Hearing Damage Using a headset at high volume can damage your hearing. To reduce the risk of damage to hearing, lower the headset volume to a safe and comfortable level.
  • Page 84: Cleaning And Maintenance

    • If the power cable is damaged (for example, the cord is exposed or broken), or the plug loosens, stop using the cable at once. Otherwise, it may lead to an electric shock, a short circuit of the charger, or a fire. •...
  • Page 85 • Before you clean or maintain the device, power off the device and disconnect it from the charger. • Do not use any chemical detergent, powder, or other chemical agents (such as alcohol and benzene) to clean the device and the charger. Otherwise, parts of the device may be damaged or a fire can be caused.
  • Page 86 Caution Changes or modifications made to this device not expressly approved by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. may void the FCC authorization to operate this device. Disposal and Recycling Information This symbol on the device (and any included batteries) indicates that they should not be disposed of as normal household garbage.
  • Page 87 Web site regularly for up-to-date information. EU Regulatory Conformance Hereby, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. declares that this device is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. For the declaration of conformity, visit the Web site ...
  • Page 88: Faqs

    Italy: For private use, a general authorisation is required if WAS/RLAN’s are used outside own premises. For public use, a general authorisation is required. Luxembourg: General authorisation required for network and service supply. Norway: This subsection does not apply for the geographical area within a radius of 20 km from the centre of Ny-Ålesund.
  • Page 89 How Can I Change the Input Method? Touch and hold the area where you write text and then select the input method you prefer. How Do I Stop the Song Playing in the Background? Touch the notification bar, flick downwards to open the notifications panel, touch the music playing notification to go to the music playing screen, and then stop playing the song.
  • Page 90 THIS DOCUMENT IS FOR INFORMATION PURPOSE ONLY, AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ANY KIND OF WARRANTIES. All the pictures in this guide are for your reference only. Your phone’s actual display features may be different to those described here, depending on its software version. V100R001_01...

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