Sony Bravia XBR-70X850B Operating Instructions Manual

Sony Bravia XBR-70X850B Operating Instructions Manual

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XBR-70X850B / 65X850B / 55X850B / 49X850B
KDL-70X830B / 65X830B / 55X830B
Operating Instructions
(Setup Guide)
Mode d'emploi
(Guide d'installation)
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Summary of Contents for Sony Bravia XBR-70X850B

  • Page 1 Please Do Not Return the Product to the Store Service à la clientèle Sony Canada : États-Unis : Canada États-Unis 1.877.899.SONY 1.800.222.SONY Ne retournez pas le produit au magasin XBR-70X850B / 65X850B / 55X850B / 49X850B KDL-70X830B / 65X830B / 55X830B...
  • Page 2 Refer are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Licensing Information to them whenever you call upon and any use of such marks by Sony your Sony dealer regarding this The terms HDMI and HDMI High- Corporation is under license. Other...
  • Page 3: Remote Control

    For models with supplied Touchpad Remote Control: The N Mark is a trademark or registered trademark of NFC Forum, Inc. in the United States and in other countries. The 70 class has a 69.5 inch viewable image size, the 65 class has a 64.5 inch viewable image size, the 55 class has a 54.6 inch viewable image size and the 49...
  • Page 4 ® The BRAVIA 4K TV Experience • Bring the astonishing resolution of your Sony 4K Ultra HD TV to life with Sony 4K Thank you for choosing Sony! Your new Ultra HD Media Player. (The availability ® BRAVIA TV opens the door to the “4K TV depends on region) Experience”.
  • Page 6: Operating Instructions

    About this manual (Operating Instructions) This manual explains how to setup your TV. For more information on how to use your BRAVIA TV, refer to the “Electronic manual”. Operating Instructions Explains how to setup your TV such as connections, initial setup, and basic operations. For more information, see the i-Manual Electronic manual (i-Manual)
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Getting Started Checking the accessories................8 Inserting batteries into the remote control..........8 Before setting up your TV.................9 1: Attaching the Table-Top Stand ............10 2: Connecting the TV................13 3: Securing the TV ..................19 4: Bundling the cables ................21 5: Connecting the TV to the Internet............21 6: Running initial setup ................22 Watching TV ...................23 Using the remote control ................24...
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    (For models with supplied Touchpad (XBR-70/65/55/49X850B only) Remote Control) Size AAA batteries (2) (KDL-70/65/55X830B only) Stand cover (2) (XBR-70X850B, KDL-70X830B only) Table-Top Stand (2) (except XBR-70X850B, KDL-70X830B) Fixing screws for Table-Top Stand (M5 × 12) (4) (except XBR-70X850B, KDL-70X830B) Active 3D Glasses (battery included) (2)
  • Page 9: Before Setting Up Your Tv

    Before setting up Guidelines for IR Remote Control • Point your remote control directly at the your TV IR sensor located on your TV. • Make sure that no objects are blocking the path between the remote control and the IR sensor on your TV. Some TV models are packaged with a detached Table-Top Stand so you can mount your TV to a wall right away.
  • Page 10: 1: Attaching The Table-Top Stand

    • Ensure that there are no objects in front of the TV. Table-Top Stand 3D Sync Transmitter Recommended (edge position) (XBR-70X850B, (except XBR-70X850B, KDL-70X830B KDL-70X830B) only) Refer to the supplied Table-Top Stand IR Sensor leaflet for proper attachment. • Do not put stress on the LCD panel or the frame around the screen.
  • Page 11 Alternative (middle position) You can change the Table-Top Stand from the edge to the middle position by referring to the instructions below. Repeat step 1 for the left side Middle position Thick cushion • If using an electric screwdriver, set the torque at approximately 1.5 N·m {15 kgf·cm}.
  • Page 12 Detaching the Table-Top Stand from the TV To detach the Table-Top Stand from the TV, remove the screws • Do not remove the Table-Top Stand for any Repeat step 1-4 for the left side. reason other than to install corresponding accessories on the TV.
  • Page 13: 2: Connecting The Tv

    TV when it is moved. • Use an HDMI cable connector within 12 mm (thickness) × 21 mm (width). • Use Sony HDMI cable with “High Speed” indication for HDMI connection. • For more information on connections, refer to the i-Manual.
  • Page 14 Shown with a Set Top Box with Shown with a Set Top Box with HDMI connection COMPONENT connection 900 mA MAX 900 mA MAX Set Top Box • Connect 4K devices (4K Media Player, 4K Set Top Box, etc.) to the HDMI IN 2 or HDMI IN 1 jack of the TV to enjoy copyright protected content.
  • Page 15 Cable System or VHF/UHF Antenna Shown with MHL device with MHL System connection Use authorized MHL 2 CABLE with MHL logo Cable or Antenna 900 mA MAX MHL 2 device 900 mA MAX Use authorized MHL 3 CABLE with MHL logo MHL 3 device The TV simultaneously charges the MHL-...
  • Page 16 ® Shown with HD BRAVIA Sync™ Basic Connection Optical Connection Rear of TV Side Panel A/V Receiver 900 mA MAX Blu-ray Disc 900 mA MAX HD Cable Box or HD Satellite Receiver SAT (Dish) Cable/ Antenna Signifies a BRAVIA Sync capable device. The optical connection is only needed for A/V receivers that do not support ARC (Audio Return Channel).
  • Page 17 Shown with HD Basic Connection with Home Theater System Side Panel 900 mA MAX Rear of TV *Optical Connection 900 mA MAX Home Theater System Blu-ray Disc/DVD Cable/ Antenna SD Cable Box or SD Satellite Receiver VIDEO Cable/ SAT (Dish) * The optical connection is only needed for home theater system that do not support ARC (Audio Return Channel) when connecting with HDMI.
  • Page 18 Shown with PC Connection with SD VCR/DVD Notebook PC Side Panel * DVI 900 mA MAX 900 mA MAX Rear of TV VCR/DVD Combo Splitter Cable/Antenna * DVI does not support audio signals. Connect the audio output of the PC to the PC speakers or an A/V receiver to listen to sound from the PC.
  • Page 19: 3: Securing The Tv

    • Install the TV so that the TV's Table-Top Stand does not protrude out from the Stand (not supplied). If the Table-Top Stand protrudes out from the Stand, it may Sony strongly recommends cause the TV set to topple over and fall taking measures to prevent down.
  • Page 20 The length of the M4 machine screw Recommended Measures differs depending on the rope or chain to Secure the TV diameter. Please see below illustration. Consider the following measures when 8-12 mm securing your TV to a Stand (not supplied). Secure the Stand for the TV.
  • Page 21: 4: Bundling The Cables

    4: Bundling the 5: Connecting the TV cables to the Internet Before bundling the cables, remove the When you connect this TV to the Internet, cable holder from the AC cover. Reuse the you can enjoy multiple functions. For details cable holder to bundle the other cables.
  • Page 22: 6: Running Initial Setup

    6: Running initial Preparing a Wi-Fi setup connection The built-in Wi-Fi device allows you to access the Internet and your home network. With this feature, you can connect to a wireless network and enjoy the benefits of networking in a cable-free environment. ...
  • Page 23: Watching Tv

    Watching TV Slide up/down/left/right to select an item, then press the touchpad (press V/v/B/b, then press if using IR Remote Control). Follow the instructions on the screen. Turn on the TV. Press "/1 on the TV or POWER on the Touchpad Remote Control to turn on the TV.
  • Page 24: Using The Remote Control

    Using the remote Slide left/right to select a TV channel or input, then control press the touchpad. Screen You can operate the TV by using the supplied Touchpad Remote Control or IR Remote Control. The supplied Touchpad Remote Control depends on your TV model. Touchpad IR Remote Remote Control...
  • Page 25: Launching The Touchpad Tutorial

    Displaying the Touchpad Launching the Touchpad Operation Guide Tutorial Touchpad Operation Guide allows you to Press HOME. see the main gesture commands that are available for the current TV screen. Touch and keep your finger on the center of the touchpad to display the Touchpad Operation Guide.
  • Page 26: Using Your Bravia Tv

    Using Your BRAVIA TV Discovering the Enjoying social contents you like networking while (Discover) watching TV (Social Viewing) You can use Discover to search for content (such as TV programs, Internet contents, Social Viewing brings the benefits of social etc.). Contents that appear in Discover vary networking to your TV viewing experience.
  • Page 27: Selecting Various Contents And Tools (Home Menu)

    Selecting various Slide down, then slide left/ right to select the desired contents and tools subcategory. (Home Menu) When the cursor is moved beyond the left/right edge of the subcategory, the next subcategory is displayed (if there is more than one subcategory). Select the desired category at the top of the Home Menu.
  • Page 28 Selecting various contents Selecting a Tool The categories are available depending on The tools are available depending on your your TV model/region/country. TV model/region/country. You can view the list of digital You can input a keyword to broadcast contents and search for content.
  • Page 29: Looking For Instructions

    Looking for Instructions Looking for Select an item. instructions in the Slide left/right to select an item. electronic manual (i-Manual) Operating instructions are built into your BRAVIA TV and can be displayed on the screen. To learn more about your TV features, access your i-Manual with the remote control.
  • Page 30: Saving Frequently Viewed Pages (Bookmark)

    To remove a bookmark When using IR Remote Control When the bookmarked page is displayed, press the Control Bar (..). Slide to select Press i-MANUAL. red button, then press the touchpad. Press V/v/B/b to select an item. To display the page of the selected item, When using IR Remote Control press .
  • Page 31: Additional Information

    If the problem persists, contact Sony Customer Support (information provided on the front cover) with the number of times the illumination LED flashes red (interval time is three seconds). Press "/1 on the TV to turn it off, disconnect the AC power cord, and contact Sony Customer Support.
  • Page 32 Condition Explanation/Solution How to reset the TV to • Turn on the TV. While holding down V on the IR Remote Control, press "/1 on the TV. (The TV will turn factory settings itself off, then back on again.) Release V. WARNING: The reset will clear all of your customized settings including the Parental Lock setting.
  • Page 33: How To Care For Your Bravia Tv

    How to care for your BRAVIA TV Safety is very important. Please read and follow the safety documentation (Safety Booklet) separately provided. Unplug the TV and other connected equipment from the wall outlet before you begin cleaning your TV. • Wipe the LCD screen gently with a soft cloth. •...
  • Page 34: Specifications

    Specifications System Television system NTSC: American TV standard ATSC (8VSB terrestrial): ATSC compliant 8VSB QAM on cable: ANSI/SCTE 07 2000 (Does not include CableCARD functionality) Channel coverage Analog terrestrial: 2 - 69 / Digital terrestrial: 2 - 69 Analog Cable: 1 - 135 / Digital Cable: 1 - 135 Panel system LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Panel, LED Backlight Speaker output...
  • Page 35 Optional accessories Touchpad Remote Control: RMF-YD003 (KDL-70/65/55X830B only) Wireless Subwoofer: SWF-BR100 MHL Cable: DLC-MC20 Active 3D Glasses: TDG-BT500A (XBR-70X850B, KDL-70X830B only) Passive 3D Glasses: TDG-500P (except XBR-70X850B, KDL-70X830B) Operating temperature 32 ºF – 104 ºF (0 ºC – 40 ºC)
  • Page 36: Installing The Tv To The Wall

    Table-Top Stand; see page 12 (Detaching the Table-Top Stand from the TV). Prepare the TV for the Wall-Mount Bracket before making cable connections. For product protection and safety reasons, Sony strongly recommends that installation of your TV on the wall be performed by qualified professionals. Do not attempt to install it yourself.
  • Page 37: Installing The Tv Against A Wall Or Enclosed Area

    Installing the TV against a wall or enclosed area Make sure that your TV has adequate ventilation. Allow enough space around the TV as shown in the illustration. Installed with stand inches (30 cm) inches 4 inches 4 inches (6 cm) (10 cm) (10 cm) Leave at least this much space around the set.
  • Page 38: Safety Information

    XBR-65X850B/KDL-65X830B/XBR-55X850B/ To prevent radio interference to the licensed KDL-55X830B/XBR-49X850B service, this device is intended to be operated Responsible Party: Sony Electronics Inc. indoors and away from windows to provide Address: 16530 Via Esprillo, maximum shielding. Equipment (or its transmit San Diego, CA 92127 U.S.A.
  • Page 39: Software Updates

    : REMARQUE : Si votre téléviseur est connecté à Internet, vous pouvez vérifier les mises à jour du logiciel en sélectionnant Aide, Service à la clientèle, puis Mise à jour du logiciel. © 2014 Sony Corporation Printed in U.S.A.

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