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Canon GL2 Quick Start Manual page 2

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Quick Start Guide
Canon GL2 Video Camera
Canon GL2 Video Camera
Additional Features
Shotgun microphone
The shotgun mic will typically provide better sound quality for your
recording. To use it, slide the mic onto the accessory shoe and tighten
it with the shoe lock. Then select one of the following modes:
Shotgun: Best for recording clear sound from the front
Stereo 1: For recording sound from the front and surrounding area
Stereo 2: For recording surrounding sound in a wider area than Stereo 1
To zoom in and out while recording, use the W and T controls.
T (telephoto) zooms in. W (wide-angle) zooms out.
Charging the battery
To charge the camera battery - place it in the power
adapter, connect the power cord to the adapter, and
plug it into an electrical outlet. When the power
light glows steadily, the pack is fully charged.
Running on AC power
To run the camera on AC power - 1) connect the power cord to the
adapter 2) plug the adapter into an outlet 3) connect the DC coupler
to the adapter and 4) attach the DC coupler to the camera
To playback your recording:
1. Slide the power switch to PLAY (VCR)
2. Load the casette tape
3. Open cover on top of the handle, and use the controls
To playback on a TV monitor:
Follow the 3 steps above, then connect the RCA cable to the A/V input
on the back of the camera, and the audio/video inputs on your TV.
If you encounter any problems, please give us a call at 1-877-633-8866 or
consult the full instruction manual included in this package.



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