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Pioneer S-FCRW2700 Operating Manual

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• Front speakers x 2
• Speaker cord
• Screws x 4
Thank you for buying this Pioneer product.
Please read through this operating guide before using your
speaker system to optimize performance.
In order to prevent damage to the speaker system resulting from
input overload, please observe the following precautions:
When connecting or disconnecting cables, be sure amplifier
power is OFF.
Do not use excessive amplifier volume if using a tone control
to emphasize high or low frequencies.
Do not install these units near a stove or other heating
appliance, or put them in a place exposed to the sun. Such
locations may cause the cabinet to change color and the
speaker system to break down.
The front, center and surround speakers supplied with
this system are magnetically shielded. However,
placing them extremely close to a television may result
in color distortion on the screen. If this happens, move
the speakers a little further away and switch off the
television for 15-30 minutes.
• Center speaker x 1
• Non-skid pads
• Operating guide
• Surround speakers x 2
• Brackets x 4
Do not place anything on top of the cabinet.
Do not spill liquid on the cabinet.
Place the subwoofer at least 8 inches from any wall or curtain
in order to avoid heat build-up.
The subwoofer is not magnetically shielded and so
should not be placed near a TV or monitor. Magnetic
storage media (such as floppy discs and tape or video
cassettes) should also not be kept close to the subwoofer.
Do not connect this speaker to any amplifier other
than the one supplied with this system. Connection to
any other amplifier may result in a malfunction or a
Do not attach the subwoofer and center speaker to the wall
or ceiling. They may fall off and cause injury.



Summary of Contents for Pioneer S-FCRW2700

  • Page 1 SUBWOOFER • Operating guide • Screws x 4 SUBWOOFER BEFORE USE • Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. • Do not place anything on top of the cabinet. • Please read through this operating guide before using your •...
  • Page 2: Connecting Your System

    PLACEMENT AND FINE TUNING CONNECTING YOUR SYSTEM SUBWOOFER IMPORTANT: Sound spreads in all directions in the very low frequency range. Make sure all equipment is turned off before making any Human hearing cannot easily detect the source of very low connections.
  • Page 3: Cabinet Maintenance

    • If you are unsure of the quality and strength of the walls, consult a professional for advice. • Pioneer is not responsible for any accidents or damage that result from improper installation. If the subwoofer is placed on a hard floor, such as wood or tile, place four non-skid pads (large) on the bottom surface of the subwoofer.
  • Page 4: Troubleshooting

    .............. Nominal impedance ..........Frequency range 90 Hz to 20 kHz ....Dimensions 270 mm (W) x 90 mm (H) x 100 mm (D) Weight 0.8 kg ................Published by Pioneer Corporation. Copyright © 2006 Pioneer Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • Page 5: Contenu De L'emballage

    • Manual de uso ANTES DE USAR SUBWOOFER • No coloque objetos encima de la caja. • Gracias por comprar un producto Pioneer. • No derrame líquidos sobre la caja. • Para obtener el máximo rendimiento del equipo, lea esta •...
  • Page 6: Conexión Del Sistema

    CONEXIÓN DEL SISTEMA UBICACIÓN Y AJUSTES FINOS SUBWOOFER IMPORTANTE: En la banda de frecuencias muy bajas, el sonido se propaga en Antes de realizar ninguna conexión, asegúrese de que el todas las direcciones. El oído humano no puede detectar con equipo está...
  • Page 7: Mantenimiento De Las Cajas

    Si tiene dudas acerca de las características de la pared, consulte a un profesional. • Pioneer no se hace responsable de accidentes, daños o lesiones como resultado de una instalación inadecuada. Si va a poner el subwoofer sobre una superficie dura, tal como madera o losa, coloque 4 almohadillas antideslizantes (pequeñas) en la base del subwoofer.
  • Page 8: Solución De Problemas

    Impedancia nominal .............. 8 Ω Banda de frecuencias ........75 Hz a 20 kHz Tamaño ....270 mm (ancho) x 90 mm (altura) x 100 mm(profundidad) Peso .................. 0,8 kg Publicado por Pioneer Corporation. Copyright © 2006 Pioneer Corporation. Todos los derechos reservados.
  • Page 9 S-FCRW2700...
  • Page 12 253 Alexandra Road, #04-01, Singapore 159936 TEL: 65-6472-7555 PIONEER ELECTRONICS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. 178-184 Boundary Road, Braeside, Victoria 3195, Australia, TEL: (03) 9586-6300 PIONEER ELECTRONICS DE MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. Blvd.Manuel Avila Camacho 138 10 piso Col.Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico,D.F. 11000 TEL: 55-9178-4270 K002_A_En...