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LG S54A1-D Owner's Manual

Hi-fi sound bar
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Sound Bar

Please read this manual carefully before operating
your set and retain it for future reference.
NB5540 (NB5540, S54A1-D)
NB5541 (NB5541, S54A1-D)
Printed in China
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  • Page 1: Sound Bar

    OWNER’S MANUAL Hi-Fi Sound Bar Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. NB5540 (NB5540, S54A1-D) NB5541 (NB5541, S54A1-D) Printed in China NB5540-NE_DUSALLB_ENG.indd 1 2014-03-25 9:14:01...
  • Page 2 Getting Started Getting Started Safety Information WARNING: Do not install this equipment in a confined space such as a book case or similar unit. CAUTION: Do not block any ventilation openings. CAUTION Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for DO NOT OPEN ventilation and to ensure reliable operation of the...
  • Page 3: Important Safety

    Getting Started This device is equipped with a portable battery or 11. Only use attachments/accessories specified by accumulator. the manufacturer. Safety way to remove the battery from the 12. Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or equipment: Remove the old battery or battery table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with pack, follow the steps in reverse order than the apparatus.
  • Page 4 This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio Responsible Party : LG Electronics USA, Inc. 1000 Sylvan Avenue frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 harmful interference to radio communications.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    – AUTO POWER On/Off Installing the sound bar – Auto power down Mounting the main unit on a wall – Sleep timer setting – LG Sound Sync Using Bluetooth technology Connecting – Listening to music stored on the Bluetooth devices...
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    4.1 ch mode. LG Sound Sync AC adapter (1) Power cord (1) Controls volume level of this unit by the remote control of your LG TV that is compatible with LG Sound Sync. Introduction Optical cable (1) USB adapter (1)
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    Getting Started Remote control • • • • • • • • • • a • • • • • • • • • 1 (Power) : Switches the unit ON or OFF. FUNCTION : Selects the function and the input source.
  • Page 8: Front Panel

    Getting Started Front panel C F (Function) A Display window Selects the function and input source. B Remote sensor D p/o (Volume) Standby LED Adjusts volume level. It lights up in red on standby mode. E 1/! (Standby/On) Rear panel A DC.
  • Page 9: Installing The Sound Bar

    Getting Started Installing the sound You can hear the sound by connecting the unit to the other device : TV, Blu-ray disc player, DVD player, etc. Place the unit in front of the TV and connect it to the device you want. (Refer to pp. 13 - 18.) >...
  • Page 10: Mounting The Main Unit On A Wall

    Getting Started Mounting the main 1. Match the TV’s BOTTOM EDGE of Wall bracket install guide with the bottom of TV and attach unit on a wall to the position. You can mount the main unit on a wall. Preparation materials Unit Wall bracket install guide 2.
  • Page 11 Getting Started 4. Fix the brackets with screws (A) as shown in the 6. Fix the unit with the screws firmly. illustration below. Note To detach the unit, perform it in reverse order. Note Screws (A) and Wall Plugs are not supplied for >...
  • Page 12: Connecting

    Connecting Connecting the AC Wireless subwoofer adapter connection 1. Connect the supplied AC power cord to the AC LED indicator of wireless subwoofer adapter. 2. Connect the AC adapter cable to DC. IN adapter LED Color Status input. Plug the AC power cord into an AC outlet. Yellow-green The connection is trying.
  • Page 13: Connecting To Your Tv

    Connecting Connecting to your TV 3. If the LED of the wireless subwoofer already blinks in yellow-green continually, you can skip this step. Please connect with this unit and TV using the Press and hold PAIRING on the back of the optical digital cable or HDMI cable considering the wireless subwoofer for more than 5 seconds.
  • Page 14: Using An Hdmi Cable

    Note their remote controls. y HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control): ※ Trade names for CEC are SimpLink (LG) , Anynet+ Using a single remote control, you have the (Samsung), BRAVIA Sync (Sony), EasyLink (Philips), ability to operate CEC compatible devices etc.
  • Page 15: Arc (Audio Return Channel) Function

    Connecting Note ARC (Audio Return Channel) y If a connected HDMI device does not accept function the audio output of the player, the HDMI device’s audio sound may be distorted or The ARC function enables an HDMI capable TV to may not output.
  • Page 16: Optional Equipment Connection

    Connecting Optional equipment For enjoying both sound and picture You can enjoy both sound and picture from the connection external device you connect. HDMI connection For enjoying sound only You can enjoy the sound from the external device you connect. 1.
  • Page 17: Port. (Portable) In Connection

    Connecting PORT. (Portable) IN OPTICAL IN connection connection Connect an optical output jack of external devices to the OPT. IN jack. MP3 player, etc... To the optical output jack of external device Speaker (easy) setup Listening to music from your portable player Listens to sound from TV, DVD or Digital Device with 4.1 or 4 ch mode.
  • Page 18: Compatible Usb Devices

    Connecting USB device requirement Connect a USB to the USB adapter when the unit is mounted on the wall. y Devices which require additional program installation connected to a computer, are not supported. y Do not extract the USB device while in operation. y For a large capacity USB, it may take longer than a few minutes to be searched.
  • Page 19: Operating

    Operating Note Basic operations The resume point may be cleared when you pull out the power cord or removing the USB device from the unit. USB operation 1. Connect the USB device to the USB port. Other operations 2. Select the USB function by pressing FUNCTION on the remote control or F on the unit until the function is selected.
  • Page 20: Auto Power On/Off

    20 this unit. minutes. It is supported only on OPTICAL and LG TV So does this unit after six hours since Main unit functions. has been connected to other device using analog input.
  • Page 21: Lg Sound Sync

    Operating LG Sound Sync With wired connection 1. Connect your LG TV to the unit by using an optical cable. You can control some functions of this unit by your TV's remote control with LG Sound Sync. It is compatible with the LG TV that supports LG Sound Sync.
  • Page 22: Using Bluetooth Technology

    F on the unit until the About Bluetooth function is selected. 3. Set up LG Sound Sync (Wireless) on the TV. Refer Bluetooth is wireless communication technology to the TV's instruction manual. for short range connection.
  • Page 23: Listening To Music Stored On The Bluetooth Devices

    Bluetooth device y The sound may be interrupted when display depending on the type of Bluetooth the connection interfered by the other device. Your unit appears as “LG SOUND BAR electronic wave. (XX:XX)”. y You cannot control the Bluetooth device Note with this unit.
  • Page 24: Sound Adjustment

    Operating Sound adjustment Adjust volume level automatically This unit supports Auto volume function that Setting sound effect automatically adjusts the volume level. When the output sound is too loud or too low, This system has a number of pre-set surround press AUTO VOLUME on the remote control.
  • Page 25: Controlling A Tv With The Supplied Remote

    Operating Controlling a TV with Setting up the remote to control your TV the supplied remote You can operate your TV with the supplied remote control control. If your TV is listed in the table below, set the appropriate manufacturer code. You can control your TV using the buttons below.
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting PROBLEM CAUSE & CORRECTION y Turn off the power of this unit and the connected external device (TV, Woofer, DVD-player, Amplifier, etc.) and turn it on again. The unit does not y Disconnect the power cord of this unit and the connected external device (TV, work properly.
  • Page 27: Appendix

    40 W x 2 (8 Ω at 1 kHz) Surround 40 W x 2 (8 Ω at 1 kHz) Subwoofer 160 W (3 Ω at 80 Hz) 10 % Wireless subwoofer (S54A1-D) Power requirements 120 V ~ 60 Hz Power consumption 35 W Type...
  • Page 28: Trademarks And Licenses

    The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth® SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by LG Electronics is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. NB5540-NE_DUSALLB_ENG.indd 28...
  • Page 29: Maintenance

    Appendix Maintenance Handling the unit When shipping the unit Please save the original shipping carton and packing materials. If you need to ship the unit, for maximum protection, re-pack the unit as it was originally packed at the factory. Keeping the exterior surfaces clean y Do not use volatile liquids such as insecticide spray near the unit.
  • Page 30 LG Customer Information Center 1-800-243-0000 USA, Consumer 1-888-865-3026 USA, Commercial Register your product Online! NB5540-NE_DUSALLB_ENG.indd 30 2014-03-25 9:14:13...

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