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Husqvarna RIDE MOWER 96043005200 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna lawn mower user manual
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Ride Mower
YTH 2146 XP (CA)
Operator's Manual



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  Summary of Contents for Husqvarna RIDE MOWER 96043005200

  • Page 1 Operator's 2007-12 Manual O0702037 Ride Mower YTH 2146 XP (CA) 96043005200 03002 Operator's Manual...
  • Page 2: Safety Rules

    Safe Operation Practices for Ride-On Mowers DANGER: THIS CUTTING MACHINE IS CAPABLE OF AMPUTATING HANDS AND FEET AND THROW ING OBJECTS. FAILURE TO OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. WARNING: In order to prevent ac- ci den tal starting when setting up, trans port ing, ad just ing or making re- pairs, al ways dis con nect spark plug...
  • Page 3 Safe Operation Practices for Ride-On Mowers III. CHILDREN Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not alert to the presence of children. Children are often attracted to the ma chine and the mowing activity. Never assume that children will remain where you last saw them. •...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Gasoline Capacity 4.0 Gallons and type: Unleaded Regular Oil Type (API-SG-SL): SAE 30 (above 32°F) SAE 5W-30 (below 32°F) Oil Capacity: 64 oz Spark Plug: BPR4ES (Gap: .030") Ground Speed (MPH): Forward: Reverse: Charging System: 14 AMPS Battery: AMP/HR: MIN.
  • Page 5: Assembly

    UNASSEMBLED PARTS (2) Keys Your new tractor has been assembled at the factory with the exception of those parts left unassembled for shipping purposes. When right or left hand is mentioned in this man ual, it means when you are in the operating po si tion (seated be hind the steer ing wheel).
  • Page 6: Assembly

    TO ROLL TRACTOR OFF SKID er a tion section for location and function of con trols) • Raise attachment lift lever to its highest po si tion. • Release parking brake by de press ing brake ped al. • Place freewheel control in dis en gaged po si tion to dis- en gage trans mis sion (See “TO TRANS PORT”...
  • Page 7: Operation

    These symbols may appear on your tractor or in literature supplied with the product. Learn and understand their meaning. REVERSE NEUTRAL REVERSE ENGINE OFF OPERATION SYSTEM (ROS) LIGHTS ON BATTERY FUEL ATTACHMENT ATTACHMENT CLUTCH DISENGAGED CLUTCH ENGAGED FREE WHEEL (Automatic Models only) Failure to follow instructions could result in serious injury or death.
  • Page 8 KNOW YOUR TRACTOR READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR TRACTOR Compare the illustrations with your tractor to familiarize yourself with the locations of various controls and ad just ments. Save this manual for future reference. Our tractors conform to the applicable safety standards of the American National Standards Institute. (A) ATTACHMENT LIFT LEVER - Used to raise and lower the mower or other attachments mounted to your trac tor.
  • Page 9 The operation of any tractor can result in foreign objects thrown into the eyes, which can result in severe eye dam age. Always wear safety glass es or eye shields while operating your tractor or per form ing any ad just ments or repairs. We rec om mend standard safety glasses or a wide vision safety mask worn over spectacles.
  • Page 10 TO MOVE FORWARD AND BACKWARD (See Fig. 7) The direction and speed of movement is controlled by the forward and reverse drive pedals. • Start tractor and release parking brake. • Slowly depress forward (K) or reverse (L) drive pedal to begin movement.
  • Page 11 TO OPERATE MOWER (See Fig. 10) Your tractor is equipped with an operator presence sensing switch. Any attempt by the operator to leave the seat with the engine running and the attachment clutch engaged will shut off the engine. You must remain fully and centrally positioned in the seat to prevent the engine from hesitat- ing or cutting off when operating your equipment on rough, rolling terrain or hills.
  • Page 12: Before Starting The Engine

    SERVICE REMINDER/HOUR METER Service reminder shows the total number of hours the engine has run and flashes to indicate that the engine or mower needs servicing. When service is required, the service reminder will flash for two hours. To service engine and mower, see the Maintenance section of this manual.
  • Page 13: Operation

    PURGE TRANSMISSION CAUTION: Never engage or disengage freewheel lever while the engine is run ning. To ensure proper operation and performance, it is rec om - mend ed that the transmission be purged before operating tractor for the first time. This procedure will remove any trapped air inside the transmission which may have de- vel oped during shipping of your tractor.
  • Page 14: Maintenance Schedule

    MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Check Brake Operation Check Tire Pressure Check Operator Presence & ROS Systems Check for Loose Fasteners Check/Replace Mower Blades Lubrication Chart Check Battery Level Clean Battery and Terminals Check Transaxle Cooling Check Mower Levelness Check V-Belts Check Engine Oil Level Change Engine Oil (with oil filter) Change Engine Oil (without oil filter) Clean Air Filter...
  • Page 15: Maintenance

    TRACTOR Always observe safety rules when per form ing any main- te nance. BRAKE OPERATION If tractor requires more than five (5) feet to stop at highest speed in high est gear on a level, dry concrete or paved surface, then brake must be serviced. (See “TO CHECK BRAKE”...
  • Page 16: Engine Lubrication

    BATTERY Your tractor has a battery charging system which is suf fi cient for normal use. However, periodic charging of the battery with an automotive charger will extend its life. • Keep battery and terminals clean. • Keep battery bolts tight. •...
  • Page 17 CLEAN AIR SCREEN Air screen must be kept free of dirt and chaff to prevent engine dam age from overheating. Clean with a wire brush or compressed air to re move dirt and stubborn dried gum fibers. AIR FILTER Your engine will not run properly using a dirty air filter. Service air cleaner more often under dusty conditions.
  • Page 18: Service And Adjustments

    SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS WARNING: TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY, BEFORE PERFORMING ANY SER VICE OR AD JUST - MENTS: • Depress brake pedal fully and set parking brake. • Place attachment clutch in “DISENGAGED” position. • Turn ignition key to “STOP” and remove key. •...
  • Page 19: Service And Adjustments

    SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS FIG. 17 • ATTACH REAR LIFT LINKS (C) - Lift rear corner of mower and position slot in link assembly over pin (D) on rear mower bracket and secure with washer and retainer spring. FIG. 18 • ATTACH FRONT LINK (E) - Work from left side of trac- tor.
  • Page 20 SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS TO LEVEL MOWER Make sure tires are properly inflated to the PSI shown on tires. If tires are over or under inflated, it may affect the appearance of your lawn and lead you to think the mower is not adjusted properly.
  • Page 21 SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS TO REPLACE MOWER DRIVE BELT (See Fig. 25) MOWER DRIVE BELT REMOVAL • Park tractor on a level surface. En gage parking brake. • Lower attachment lift lever to its lowest position. • Remove any dirt or grass clippings which may have accumulated around mandrels and entire upper deck surface.
  • Page 22 SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS TO CHECK BRAKE If tractor requires more than five (5) feet to stop at highest speed in high est gear on a level, dry concrete or paved surface, then brake must be serviced. You may also check brake by: •...
  • Page 23: To Replace Headlight Bulb

    SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS REPLACING BATTERY (See Fig. 29) WARNING: Do not short battery ter- mi nals by allowing a wrench or any other object to contact both terminals at the same time. Before connect- ing battery, remove metal bracelets, wristwatch bands, rings, etc. Positive terminal must be connected first to prevent sparking from ac ci - den tal grounding.
  • Page 24: Storage

    Immediately prepare your tractor for storage at the end of the season or if the tractor will not be used for 30 days or more. WARNING: Never store the trac tor with gas o line in the tank inside a building where fumes may reach an open flame or spark.
  • Page 25: Trou Ble Shoot Ing

    TROUBLESHOOTING POINTS PROBLEM CAUSE Will not start Out of fuel. Engine not “CHOKED” properly. Engine flooded. Bad spark plug. Weak or dead battery. Dirty air filter. Dirty fuel filter. Water in fuel. Loose or damaged wiring. Carburetor out of adjustment. Engine valves out of adjustment.
  • Page 26: Trou Ble Shoot Ing

    TROUBLESHOOTING POINTS PROBLEM CAUSE Reverse operation system Engine dies when tractor is shifted (ROS) is not "ON" while into reverse mower or other attachment is engaged. Engine continues to run Faulty operator-safety presence control system. when operator leaves seat with attachment clutch engaged Poor cut - uneven Worn, bent or loose blade.
  • Page 27: Repair Parts

  • Page 28 TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER YTH2146XP (96043005200), PRODUCT NO. 960 43 00-52 ELECTRICAL T20S With 12V Outlet Option With Service Minder Option...
  • Page 29 ELECTRICAL PART DESCRIPTION 532 14 49-27 Battery 874 76 04-12 Bolt Hex Head 1/4-20 x 3/4 532 18 64-91 Box Battery 532 17 61-38 Switch Interlock Push-In 532 18 37-59 Harness Socket Light w/4152J 532 00 41-52 Bulb Light 532 40 02-53 Cable Battery 532 41 28-95 Cable Starter...
  • Page 30 CHASSIS chassis-tex_TEX GT HUSQ_21...
  • Page 31 CHASSIS PART DESCRIPTION 532 40 50-12 Logo 532 41 87-42 Dash 532 41 10-46 Hood 532 19 89-07 Lens LH 532 40 86-07 Grille 532 19 89-06 Lens RH 532 19 61-25 Plate Engine 532 40 18-25 Fender 873 68-05-00 Nut Crown Lock 5/16-18 532 19 43-14 Bracket Fender 817 49 05-08 Screw 5/16-18 x 1/2 532 41 63-58 Screw #10 x .750 BOS Thread...
  • Page 32 TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER YTH2146XP (96043005200), PRODUCT NO. 960 43 00-52 DRIVE drive-tex_K46_pedal_17...
  • Page 33 DRIVE PART DESCRIPTION 532405384 Transaxle, TUFFTORQ K46 (Internal parts not available) 532 12 35-83 819 13 13-16 Washer 13/32 x 13/16 x 16 Ga. 532 41 36-78 Spring, Brake 532 19 96-79 Spring Return Cruise 532 40 38-06 Rod, Brake 812 00 00-01 Ring E 532 19 95-91...
  • Page 34 TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER YTH2146XP (96043005200), PRODUCT NO. 960 43 00-52 ENGINE SPARK ARRESTER KIT engine-tex_23-kawa...
  • Page 35 ENGINE NOTE: All component dimensions given in U.S. inches For engine service and replacement parts, call the toll free number for your engine manufacturer listed below: Kawasaki PART DESCRIPTION - - - - - - Engine Kawa Model No. FH641 532 14 97-23 Muffler 532 19 43-20...
  • Page 36 TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER YTH2146XP (96043005200), PRODUCT NO. 960 43 00-52 STEERING ASSEMBLY steering-tex_LEGND2_16...
  • Page 37: Steering Assembly

    STEERING ASSEMBLY PART DESCRIPTION 532 19 39-43 Wheel, Steering 532 19 59-68 Axle Asm., Front 532 40 30-87 Spindle Asm., LH 532 40 30-88 Spindle Asm., RH 532 12 49-31 Bearing, Race Thrust Harden 532 12 17-48 Washer 25/32 x 1-5/8 x 16 Ga. 812 00 00-29 Ring, Clip #T5304-75 532 12 12-32...
  • Page 38: Seat Assembly

    SEAT ASSEMBLY seat-tex_6.5SL_3 PART DESCRIPTION 532 40 66-21 Seat 532 18 01-66 Bracket Pivot Fender 532 14 06-75 Strap, Asm Fender 873 80 06-00 Nut, Lock w/Ins. 3/8-16 unc 532 12 41-81 Spring, Seat Cprsn 532 17 18-77 Bolt 5/16-18 unc x 3/4 w/Sems 532 19 69-77 Pan, Seat 532 17 18-52...
  • Page 39: Wheels And Tires

    DECALS PART DESCRIPTION 532 41 16-58 Decal, Operators 532 41 68-38 Decal, Hood 532 40 83-61 Decal, Panel SD 532 18 09-41 Decal, Customer Respons. 532 40 88-18 Decal, Replacement 532 40 44-84 Decal, Steering 532 17 05-63 Decal, Mower Warn Keep Hand Away 532 14 50-05 Decal, Battery Dnge/Poi WHEELS AND TIRES...
  • Page 40 TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER YTH2146XP (96043005200), PRODUCT NO. 960 43 00-52 MOWER DECK 46_tex_lt_pred_18...
  • Page 41: Mower Deck

    MOWER DECK KEY PART NO. NO. NOTE: All component dimensions given in U.S. inches DESCRIPTION 532 41 14-60 Mower Housing 532 40 55-06 Cover Mandrel RH 532 40 55-07 Cover Mandrel LH 532 19 51-86 Arm Suspension 532 19 30-03 Bolt/Washer Asm 7/16-20 unf 532 40 53-80 Blade Mower Hi Lift...
  • Page 42: Mower Lift

    MOWER LIFT lift-tex_7 PART DESCRIPTION 532 19 52-23 Shaft Asm., Lift 532 19 52-30 Lever Asm., Lift RH 532 41 15-55 Grip, Lever 532 19 63-14 Spring Torsion 532 19 42-09 Pin Cotter 7/16 Bow Tie Lock 532 19 53-04 Spring Lift Assist 819 19 19-12 Washer Clear Zinc...
  • Page 44 532 41 88-57 12-12-07 SBW Printed in the U.S.A.

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