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Bosch CRS-WLCD-TA869 Quick Manual

Wireless co detector


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Care Solutions | Wireless CO Detector
Wireless CO Detector
The Wireless CO Detector reacts upon detecting carbon
monoxide in the atmosphere. A radio signal will be sent to
a Carephone when the level of carbon monoxide reaches
300 ppm (parts per million).
The signalization of alarms is made through LED indication
and siren (85 dB at 1 m distance). Detection failures are
indicated by a blinking LED and a specific siren tone. An
automatic status monitoring is made by sending a signal
to a Carephone every 23 hours, in which the radio link is
Parts Included
Wireless CO Detector
Power adapter
User manual
▶ Transmission to a Carephone with Class 1 reception
▶ Reliable detection
▶ Flexible installation
▶ Wireless solution
▶ Automatic radio link monitoring
Technical Specifications
Power supply
Power consumption in standby
Power consumption during an
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Relative humidity
Acoustical indications
Optical indications
Dimensions (H x W)
Material and color
Ordering Information
Wireless CO Detector
230/12 V power adapter
typ. 180 µA
typ. 230 mA
0°C to +55°C, in a dry and heated room
-20°C to +60°C
max. 90%
siren, typ. 85 dB (1m distance)
80 x 80 mm
Approx. 150 g
White plastic



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  • Page 1 Carephone every 23 hours, in which the radio link is Dimensions (H x W) 80 x 80 mm measured. Weight Approx. 150 g Material and color White plastic Parts Included Ordering Information Quant. Component Wireless CO Detector Wireless CO Detector CRS-WLCD-TA869 Power adapter User manual
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