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Motorola i90c User Manual

Boost mobile nextel iden digital multi-service data-capable phone.
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Boost Mobile
Digital Multi-Service Data-Capable Phone
i90c Phone User's Guide


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  • Page 1: Boost Mobile

    Boost Mobile ™ ® Nextel ® iDEN Digital Multi-Service Data-Capable Phone i90c Phone User’s Guide...

  • Page 2

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Getting Started..................3 i90c Phone Features ..................4 i90c Phone Menu Tree ..................5 i90c Phone Icon Glossary................6 Battery ......................7 Turning Your i90c Phone On/Off ..............9 Enabling Security ..................10 The SIM Card....................11 Status of Your i90c Phone................17 My Information .....................17 Using T9® Text Input ...................18 Display Essentials ................

  • Page 4

    Digital Cellular..................45 Phone Calls....................46 Emergency Calling ..................52 Special Dialing Codes ...................52 Receiving a Phone Call .................53 Sending Unanswered Calls to Voice Mail ............53 Missed Calls ....................54 Ending a Phone Call ..................54 Recent Calls....................54 Call Timers....................57 Hands-Free Speakerphone................58 Mute.......................59 Call Hold .......................59 Call Forwarding.....................60 Caller ID ......................62 Call Restrictions ....................63...

  • Page 5

    Datebook....................91 Datebook Icons....................92 Viewing Your Datebook ................92 About Datebook Events.................94 Adding New Events..................94 Editing Events ....................97 Deleting Events .....................97 Datebook Event Reminders................98 Customizing Datebook Set Up ..............98 Memo ....................101 Adding a New Memo ..................101 Viewing a Memo ..................101 Editing a Memo ...................102 Deleting a Memo ..................102 Voice Record ..................

  • Page 6

    Java Apps (Games) ............... 111 Accessing Java Apps Menu.................111 Installing Java Apps ..................112 Running Java Apps..................112 Customizing the i90c Phone ............115 Settings ......................115 Initial Setup ....................124 Styles ......................132 Shortcuts......................137 Accessories..................141 Batteries.......................141 Chargers.......................142 Other Important Information ............145 Boost Customer Care...................145 Understanding Status Messages ..............146...

  • Page 7: Declaration Of Conformity

    DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Per FCC CFR 47 Part 2 Section 2.1077(a) Responsible party name: Motorola Inc. Address: 8000 West Sunrise Boulevard, Plantation, FL 33322 USA Phone number: 1 (800) 453-0920 Hereby declares that the product: Product name: i90c Model Number:...

  • Page 8

  • Page 9: Introduction

    By paying for your phone calls up front, you’ll keep control of your monthly costs and get all the mobile freedom you really want. And Boost Mobile has got the latest Motorola handsets with the coolest features, like: Boost 2WAY, our digital two-way radio feature, Boost Wireless Web, and the hottest Java games.

  • Page 10

  • Page 11: Getting Started

    This section will help you get started using your phone. It contains details about some of the features and functions described in the Getting Started Guide. This section includes: i90c Phone Features Page 4 i90c Phone Menu Tree Page 5 i90c Phone Icon Glossary Page 6 Battery...

  • Page 12: I90c Phone Features

    Phone Features COVER CLOSED SmartKey Audio Jack Antenna Speaker/ Status Light Mute Button Volume Control One-Line Buttons Display Screen Boost 2WAY Earpiece Push-To-Talk (PTT) Button Cover Full-Sized Cover Display Screen Status Light Option Key Accessory and Data Cable Connector...

  • Page 13: I90c Phone Menu Tree

    Phone Menu Tree i90c Phone Menu Tree You can access the main menu options by pressing q from the idle screen. Use T to navigate through the menus and submenus. Press C under the display options to perform the desired phone function.

  • Page 14: I90c Phone Icon Glossary

    Phone Icon Glossary You may see these icons while using your i90c phone: The icon of the main menu feature in use displays in the top left of the status icon rows. For a list of the main menu options, see “Main Menu Options” on page 30.

  • Page 15: Battery

    Battery Battery Your i90c phone comes with a Lithium Ion battery and charger. Remove the battery from the protective plastic safety tray provided in the original packaging. After attaching the battery, make sure you charge it before you use it for the first time.

  • Page 16: Detaching The Battery

    Detaching the Battery Ensure the phone is powered off before attempting to detach the battery. See “Turning Your i90c Phone On/Off” on page 9. Slide the battery cover release button, located on the bottom of the phone, away from the battery cover and remove the battery cover from the back of the phone.

  • Page 17: Turning Your I90c Phone On/off

    Turning Your i90c Phone On/Off NOTE: To register for the first time on the Nextel National Network, you must turn on your i90c phone in your local calling area. To power the phone on: Open the phone cover.

  • Page 18: Enabling Security

    As your new i 90c pre-paid phone connects to the Nextel National Network, you will see the Boost Mobile icon and a connecting message. When the idle screen displays Boost, you are ready to use your i90c phone! If your display reads No Service or doesn’t change to the idle screen when you turn on your phone, and you know you are in a Boost Mobile coverage area, contact Boost Customer Care.

  • Page 19: The Sim Card

    Your i 90c phone comes with a built-in level of security protection through the use of the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card, which you should have already inserted into your new i90c phone. The SIM card stores all your Phonebook information and your Boost Mobile account identification information.

  • Page 20

    To Enable SIM PIN security At the idle screen, press q and then press S to scroll to Settings. Press C under SELECT. The Settings screen displays. Press R to scroll to Security. Press C under SELECT to access the Security screen.

  • Page 21: Changing The Sim Pin

    The SIM Card If you enter an incorrect PIN, the message “SIM PIN incorrect: Try again” appears on your phone’s screen. After 3 consecutive incorrect attempts, the SIM card is blocked. Once blocked, the phone will not allow you to enter your PIN again, even after powering the phone off and back on.

  • Page 22

    You will get a message to contact your service provider. Contact Boost Customer Care for assistance. If the SIM card is blocked, the i90c phone only allows outgoing Emergency calls. Press * * 0 5 s.

  • Page 23

    The SIM Card With the external display facing away from you and the back of the phone exposed and facing up, locate the SIM card holder. SIM card holder Hold the SIM card with the gold contact side facing down and the cut corner in the lower left.

  • Page 24: Removing Sim Card

    Removing SIM Card NOTE: To remove your SIM card you will need a ballpoint pen. With the phone powered off, remove the battery cover and battery. See “Detaching the Battery” on page 8. With the antenna facing away from you and the back of the phone exposed and facing up, insert the tip of a ballpoint pen into the slot, which is to the right and along the right edge...

  • Page 25: Status Of Your I90c Phone

    Status of Your i90c Phone Your i90c phone’s status light is located on the top right side of the phone, near the cover hinge. The status light indicates the status of your connection. Status Light...

  • Page 26: Using T9® Text Input

    Using T9 Text Input Your i90c phone has embedded software, called T9 Text Input, that makes typing on a phone keypad much like typing on a computer keyboard — it eliminates the traditional “multi-tap” method of text entry. As you type, you press only 1 key per letter.

  • Page 27: Using T9® Text Input

    Using T9® Text Input T9 Text Input Entry Modes The T9 Text Input 4 text entry modes are Alpha, Word, Symbols, and Numeric. When you are using T9 Text Input, an icon in the top right corner of your phone’s display screen (next to the battery strength indicator icon) indicates the T9 Text Input entry mode you are using.

  • Page 28: Choosing A Text Entry Mode

    Choosing a Text Entry Mode You can select your text entry mode from a menu that is available whenever the phone displays a screen that requires you to enter text (for example, the Name screen or Title screen). To choose a text entry mode: From any screen that requires text input (except Memo), press q to access the Entry Method menu.

  • Page 29: Using Alpha Mode

    Using T9® Text Input Using Alpha Mode To enter text (letters and numbers) while in Alpha text entry mode: • Press any key on the alphanumeric keypad to enter the letters and numbers on that key. For example, to enter the letter Y, press 9 3 times. •...

  • Page 30

    Shift and Caps Lock Press # to make the next letter typed uppercase (Shift), press # twice to make all subsequent letters typed uppercase (Caps Lock), or press # 3 times to go back to lowercase letters. These icons appear in the top row of your display screen: •...

  • Page 31

    Using T9® Text Input Type a word by using 1 key press per desired letter. For example, to type “test” press 8 3 7 8. NOTE: The displayed word may change as you type it. Do not try to correct the word as you go.

  • Page 32: Using Symbols Mode

    Using Symbols Mode Choose Symbols as your text entry mode. A row of 32 symbols appears along the bottom of your phone’s display screen, just above the display options and menu icon. Press T to highlight the symbol you want to enter into the text entry field.

  • Page 33: Display Essentials

    Display Essentials Your i90c phone’s 2 display screens tell you what you need to know as you use your phone. This section includes: Display Screens Page 25 Status Icons Page 27 Text Display Area Page 28 Call Information Icons Page 29...

  • Page 34: The Idle Screen

    Full-Sized Display Screen The full-sized display screen consists of elements common to many of the screens your phone displays: • status and application icon rows • text display area • menu icon • display options One-Line Display Screen The 1-line display screen exhibits limited text and 1 icon on each side of the text.

  • Page 35: Status Icons

    Status Icons Status Icons Status icons provide you with information about your phone and its functions. These icons are context sensitive; meaning, the icons that appear depend on the task you are performing. Status icons appear in the 2 rows at the top of the full- sized display screen.

  • Page 36: Text Display Area

    Text Message — you have 1 or more Text Messages or Net Alert messages. Voice Mail — you have 1 or more Voice Mail messages. Speaker Off — phone’s speaker is off. Ring/Vibe — you have customized the way in -[\* which the phone is set to notify you when you receive calls and other types of messages.

  • Page 37: Call Information Icons

    Call Information Icons Call Information Icons Each of the following icons appears on the left side of the text display area of the 1-line screen or the full-sized screen, providing you with information about your phone’s line. Icon Indicates… In Call — phone is on an active call. Incoming Call —...

  • Page 38: Navigating Menus And Lists

    Options” on page 123). The display options on screens other than the idle screen cannot be customized. Navigating Menus and Lists The i90c phone is menu driven. By navigating menus, you access submenus which lead to all of the functions and features that are built into your phone. Use the menus to: •...

  • Page 39

    Main Menu Options Menu Item Use to… Browse the Boost Wireless Web. Run pre-installed Java games on your Java phone. Customize your phone: Ring/Vibe, Settings Display, Phone Setup, In Call Setup, Security, Personalize, Initial Setup, and Voice Volume Settings. Record personal messages or phone calls to Voice Record play back at a later time.

  • Page 40

    View the name, Private ID (Boost 2WAY My Info number), phone number, and IP address of your phone. Create or edit a group of settings and save Styles them as one for use in different environments. Store Boost 2WAY message alerts to Call Alert respond to at your convenience.

  • Page 41: Phonebook

    Phonebook The Phonebook allows you to store up to 250 frequently used names and numbers. When you store information in your Phonebook, it is saved on your SIM card. If you move your SIM card to another Boost Mobile SIM-based phone, you can access information in your Phonebook from that phone.

  • Page 42: Phonebook Icons

    A voice name is an audio recording you assign to a number in your Phonebook by speaking into your i90c phone. You can then dial the number by speaking the words you recorded into the phone using Voice-Activated Dialing. See step 6 of “Adding Phonebook Entries”...

  • Page 43: Accessing Your Phonebook

    Accessing Your Phonebook Accessing Your Phonebook From the idle screen, press C under PHBK. Press R to scroll to Phonebook. Press C under SELECT. BOOST MOBILE TIP: You can also access the Phonebook while you are on an active and then press R to scroll to Phonebook and call.

  • Page 44: Sorting Phonebook Entries

    To view any of the numbers assigned to a name: From the Phonebook screen, press S to scroll to the name associated with the number you want to see. Press T to view the icons representing the numbers assigned to that name.

  • Page 45: Checking Phonebook Capacity

    About Phonebook Entries Checking Phonebook Capacity Your Phonebook can store up to 250 separate numbers. To see how many entries are stored in your Phonebook: From the Phonebook screen, press q to view the Phonebook Menu screen. Press R to scroll to Capacity. Press C under SELECT.

  • Page 46

    If you want to assign a name to your Phonebook entry, with the Name field highlighted, press C under CHANGE. From the Name screen, enter the name using the alphanumeric keypad (see “Using T9® Text Input” on page 18 for information about entering text into this field).

  • Page 47

    About Phonebook Entries The default Speed Dial number assigned to the phone number is displayed in the Speed # field. This is always the next available Speed Dial location. NOTE: Private IDs (Boost 2WAY Numbers) do not have associated Speed Dial numbers.

  • Page 48

    Storing Numbers and Private IDs (Boost 2WAY Numbers) Fast The 2 ways your phone provides to store numbers quickly are from the idle screen and from the Recent Calls list. To store a number from the idle screen: Use the alphanumeric keypad to enter the number you want to store. For phone numbers, use the 10-digit format.

  • Page 49

    About Phonebook Entries To store a new entry, press C under SELECT. The Entry Details screen displays with the number entered in the # field and the Name field highlighted. To store to an existing entry, press R to scroll through the names in your Phonebook.

  • Page 50: Editing Phonebook Entries

    To store to a new entry, press C under SELECT. The Entry Details screen displays with the Private ID (Boost 2WAY Number) icon entered in the Type field, the Private ID number (Boost 2WAY Number) entered in the # field, and the Name field highlighted. With the Name field highlighted, press C under CHANGE.

  • Page 51: Pause Digit Entry

    (PIN) or password. This feature is particularly useful for accessing automated services such as your home voice mail from your i90c phone. Example: Let’s say you have a home voice mail account that you want to check while out at an event.

  • Page 52: Plus Dialing

    Plus Dialing NOTE: Your phone has not been set up to make international calls or roam outside of the United States. Please contact Boost Customer Care at 1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848) if you would like to have access to international dialing from your i 90c phone.

  • Page 53: Digital Cellular

    Digital Cellular The i90c phone uses Nextel’s All-Digital National Network for digital cellular service. This section includes: Phone Calls Page 46 Emergency Calling Page 52 Special Dialing Codes Page 52 Receiving a Phone Call Page 53 Sending Unanswered Calls to Voice Mail...

  • Page 54: Phone Calls

    Phone Calls Your i 90c phone provides the following features for making phone calls: • Direct Dial • Phonebook • Recent Calls list • Most Recent Call • Speed Dial ® • Turbo Dial • Voice-Activated Dialing • Last Number Redial NOTE: Your i 90c phone may not be activated for all features.

  • Page 55

    Phone Calls To make calls using the numbers in your Phonebook: From the idle screen, if PHBK is 1 of your display options, press C under PHBK. From the idle screen, press q. Press S to scroll to Phonebook. Press C under SELECT.

  • Page 56: Making Calls From The Recent Calls List

    Making Calls from the Recent Calls List Your phone stores the numbers of the last 20 calls you received or sent in the Recent Calls list. Cover Open From the idle screen, press R. From the idle screen, press q. Press S to scroll to Recent Calls. Press C under SELECT.

  • Page 57: Using Speed Dial

    Phone Calls Using Speed Dial Each phone number stored in your Phonebook is assigned a Speed Dial number. You can use the Speed Dial number to quickly place a call. From the idle screen, enter the Speed Dial number assigned to the phone number you want to call.

  • Page 58: Last Number Redial

    Your phone will play the name back to you. The call will automatically be placed. NOTE: If you do not want to complete the call, press at any time before the call is placed. Cover Closed Press and hold t on the top of your phone until the phone beeps and Say Name appears.

  • Page 59: Placing International Phone Calls

    Phone Calls Connect 1 end of a 2.5mm cable into the jack on the phone. (To locate the jack, see page 4.) Connect the other end of the cord into your TTY device. Enter the phone number you wish to call and press s. Placing International Phone Calls NOTE: Your phone has not been set up to make international calls or roam outside of the United States.

  • Page 60: Emergency Calling

    Emergency Calling NOTE: When you first get your phone, you must turn it on in your home market and allow it to register on the Nextel National Network at least once before making emergency calls. Your phone supports emergency calling. Emergency calls can be made even when the SIM card is blocked or not in the phone.

  • Page 61: Receiving A Phone Call

    Receiving a Phone Call Receiving a Phone Call Incoming calls are indicated by a ring, vibration, or backlight illumination. The screen will display: • the caller’s name (if stored in your Phonebook), and the icon indicating number type (work, home, mobile, etc.), or •...

  • Page 62: Missed Calls

    Missed Calls If you miss a call when your phone cover is closed, the 1-line screen displays the missed call icon V and the text indicating the number of calls you have missed. If you open the cover, the Recent Calls list appears on the full-sized screen. If you do not open the cover, pressing .

  • Page 63: Recent Calls Icons

    Recent Calls NOTE: The Recent Calls list is exhibited briefly on the full-sized display screen after you end a call. The most recent call is exhibited briefly on the 1-line display screen. Use the volume buttons on the side of the phone to scroll through your recent call list on the 1-line display screen.

  • Page 64

    Getting Detailed Information About Recent Calls To get more information about a recent call: From the Recent Calls screen, press S to scroll to the call for which you would like more information. Press C under VIEW. NOTE: The VIEW option does not display if the Phonebook entry for the recent call contains a Private ID (Boost 2WAY Number).

  • Page 65: Call Timers

    Call Timers Deleting Recent Calls To delete a recent call: From the Recent Calls screen, press S to scroll to the call you delete. Press q to access the Rec. Calls Menu. Press R to scroll to Delete. Press C under SELECT. Press C under YES to confirm the deletion.

  • Page 66: Hands-free Speakerphone

    NOTE: The values displayed by Call Timers are not intended for billing purposes. Hands-Free Speakerphone The i90c phone provides the convenience of a hands-free speakerphone for placing safer phone calls. NOTE: During speakerphone operation you may either speak or listen, but you cannot do both at the same time.

  • Page 67: Mute

    Mute To turn the speakerphone off: Press C under SPEAKER. Cover Closed Speakerphone is always on when you are on an active call with the cover closed (unless you are using an audio accessory). If you open the cover, speakerphone is turned off and the call is heard through the earpiece.

  • Page 68: Call Forwarding

    Call Forwarding Boost Mobile’s Call Forwarding feature forwards calls to the number you designate. The following Call Forwarding options are available: • All Calls — When this option is turned on, all calls will be sent automatically sent to a number you specify. When this option is turned off, your Detailed options will be activated.

  • Page 69: Turning Off Call Forwarding

    Call Forwarding To activate a call forwarding number: If you have never used Call Forwarding before, the Forward screen appears. To enter a call forwarding number, type the number on your phone’s keypad or press C under SEARCH to select from numbers stored in your phone.

  • Page 70: Caller Id

    Caller ID If you subscribe to Caller ID, your phone automatically displays the phone number or name (if the 10-digit phone number is stored in your Phonebook) of the person calling (unless blocked by the caller), enabling you to decide whether to take the call or forward it to Voice Mail.

  • Page 71: Call Restrictions

    Call Restrictions Call Restrictions You can prevent your phone from making or receiving specific types of calls. Boost Mobile currently offers 2 types of Call Restrictions: • no incoming calls • no outgoing calls (except 911) Contact Boost Customer Care for more information. Boost Mobile 411 Boost Mobile 411 provides friendly services for those on-the-go.

  • Page 72: Movie Listings And Show Times

    NOTE: Reservation service may not be available for all restaurants. Movie Listings and Show Times Boost Mobile 411 operators have access to movie listings at most theaters in the continental United States and Hawaii. You only need to ask for a specific movie or movie theater to get current movies, locations, or show times.

  • Page 73: Boost Mobile Voice Mail

    Using your i90c phone, dial your 10-digit Boost Mobile Personal Telephone Number (PTN). For example: 2135557777. If you are calling from a phone other than your i90c phone, dial your 10-digit Boost Mobile Personal Telephone Number (PTN). When you hear the greeting, press * to access your Voice Mail box.

  • Page 74: Logging Into Voice Mail

    Follow the system instructions to: • Create a new 4- to 7-digit password (see “Changing Your Password” on page 68). • Record your name (see “Recording Your Name” on page 69). • Record a greeting (see “Recording Your Active Greeting” on page 70).

  • Page 75: Main Voice Mail Menu

    Logging Into Voice Mail When prompted, enter your password. Follow the system instructions for playing, saving, and deleting messages. For more information, see “Boost Mobile Voice Mail Tree” on page 78. NOTE: You must receive a message before you can access Voice Mail for the first time from your Boost Mobile phone.

  • Page 76: Saving And Deleting Messages

    Press 5 5 Play the date and time stamp Options available while a message is playing or after it has played: Press 6 Copy the message to another subscriber (See “Recording, Copying and Replying to Messages” on page 73) Press 7 Delete the message Press 8 Reply to a message...

  • Page 77: Recording Your Name

    Logging Into Voice Mail Enter your new password. This password must be all numbers. It must be 4- to 7-digits long. Press * * to return to the main menu. NOTE: If you forget your password, contact Boost Customer Care. IMPORTANT: For security purposes, it is recommended that you do not choose sequential or repeated digits like 1-2-3-4 or 5-5-5-5 for your password.

  • Page 78: Advanced Voice Mail Features

    Recording Your Active Greeting Through the Boost Mobile Voice Mail service, there are a number of ways in which people can reach you. You may want to include 1 or all of the following options in your greeting so that callers will know they are available. •...

  • Page 79: Greetings Schedule

    Advanced Voice Mail Features Enter the greeting number you wish to create or modify. Press 2 to record a greeting. Record your greeting and press # when you have finished. Press ** to return to the main menu. Selecting Your Active Greeting To select your active greeting: From the main Voice Mail menu, press 3 to access the Greetings menu.

  • Page 80: Automatic Playback

    Activating Your Greeting Sc1hedule To activate your greeting schedule: From the main Voice Mail menu, press 3 to access the Greetings menu. Press 9 to activate your greeting schedule. Press ** to return to the main menu. Automatic Playback By default, the playback mode of your Voice Mail service is set to Normal. Boost Mobile’s Automatic Playback feature automatically plays and saves new messages when you log in.

  • Page 81

    Advanced Voice Mail Features Press 1 to switch between the playback orders. Press * * to return to the main menu. Recording, Copying and Replying to Messages These functions allow you to record and send, reply to, or copy a message to an assigned destination address.

  • Page 82: Delivery Options

    Delivery Options After you have created a message, you can assign the message to a category before you send it. Below is a list of the options that can be applied to a message. Urgent Recipient will hear this message before other messages.

  • Page 83: Working With Group Lists

    Advanced Voice Mail Features Press # to send. Press ** to return to the main menu. Working With Group Lists The Group List feature enables you to create a list and assign it a unique name. Then, you can add mailbox numbers, group lists or individuals — by name — to the list.

  • Page 84: Message Forwarding

    Press 1 to add a new recipient. Press # to save your changes. Press ** to return to the main menu. Deleting a Group List From the main Voice Mail menu, press 4 to access Personal Options. Press 2 to access Group Lists. Press 3 to delete a Group List.

  • Page 85: Time And Date Charts

    Advanced Voice Mail Features Select the applicable option below: To create a forwarding number, press 2. • If you have already created a forwarding number, press 2 to • modify the number. To enable or disable Message Forwarding, press 3. •...

  • Page 86: Boost Mobile Voice Mail Tree

    Boost Mobile Voice Mail Tree

  • Page 87: Messaging Services

    Messaging Services Your i 90c phone offers Text Messaging that helps keep you in touch with family and friends, regardless of your lifestyle demands. Text Messaging uses the Boost Wireless Web to provide immediate contact, even when you can’t make or take a call. Boost Mobile Text Messaging allows you to send, receive, and respond to text messages quickly and discreetly, at the push of a button.

  • Page 88: Numeric Messaging

    Web Messaging on Boost Mobile’s Web Messaging enables you to send a message to yourself, someone else, or a group of Boost Mobile customers. For more information or to send a Web message, go to and click on Send a Message.

  • Page 89

    Message Center The Message Center screen displays the number of messages you have in each message service — Net Alert (Boost Mobile Text Messaging) and other Wireless Web-based mail, Voice Mail, and Text Msgs (Numeric Messages). To access any message service: From the Message Center screen, press R to scroll to the message service you want to access.

  • Page 90

    Viewing Stored Messages From the Message Center screen, press S to scroll down to Text Msgs. The number of new messages and the total number of messages are displayed. Press C under SELECT. The Text Msg Inbox screen appears. Press S to scroll to the message you want to read and press C under READ.

  • Page 91: Boost 2way

    Boost 2WAY Boost 2WAY is a digital long-range walkie-talkie feature that allows you to communicate with your friends all day long for a fraction of the cost of regular cellular calls. NOTE: Boost 2WAY is only available in your local calling area. This section includes everything you will need to know to take advantage of Boost 2WAY (long-range walkie-talkie) service: Boost 2WAY Calls...

  • Page 92

    Making a Boost 2WAY Call from the Keypad Enter the Private ID of the person you are trying to call. Be sure to enter AreaID*NetworkID*Member ID. Press and hold the Boost 2WAY Push-To-Talk (PTT ) button on the side of the phone to talk. Begin talking after the phone emits a chirping sound.

  • Page 93

    Boost 2WAY Call Making a Boost 2WAY Call from the Recent Calls List For more information on the Recent Calls list, see “Recent Calls” on page 54. Cover Open From the idle screen, press q. Press S to scroll to Recent Calls. Press C under SELECT. From the Recent Calls screen, press S to scroll through the names and numbers until the desired name or Private ID is highlighted.

  • Page 94

    Making a Boost 2WAY Call Using Voice-Activated Dialing NOTE: Your i 90c phone may not be activated for this feature. If you have recorded a voice name for a Private ID in your Phonebook (see “Voice Names” on page 34), you can use this feature to call the number. BOOST MOBILE TIP: If you have difficulty making calls using a voice name, try assigning a longer voice name to the number.

  • Page 95: Call Alerts

    Call Alerts To respond to a Boost 2WAY Call: Wait for the caller to stop talking. Press and hold the Boost 2WAY PTT button. Begin talking after the phone emits a chirping sound. Release the Boost 2WAY PTT button to listen. Storing Private IDs (Boost 2WAY Numbers) For information on how to store Private IDs to your Phonebook, see “Adding Phonebook Entries”...

  • Page 96: Receiving Call Alerts

    Press C under ALERT. The Ready to Alert screen appears. Press and hold the Boost 2WAY PTT button until Alert Successful displays. Ready to Alert Screen Ready to Alert is used to confirm your request for the alert and to prompt you to push the Boost 2WAY PTT button: •...

  • Page 97: Call Alert Queue

    Call Alerts Call Alert Queue Call Alert queuing enables you to save up to 8 Call Alerts in a list, or queue. To store a Call Alert in the Call Alert Queue, press C under QUEUE when you receive an incoming Call Alert. Accessing the Call Alert Queue From the idle screen, press q.

  • Page 98

    Responding to a Call Alert From the Queue From the Call Alert Queue screen, press S to scroll to the Call Alert to which you want to respond. You can respond by sending a Call Alert or placing a Boost 2WAY Call. To send a Call Alert, press C under ALERT and then press the Boost 2WAY PTT button.

  • Page 99: Datebook

    Datebook The Datebook is a calendar in your i90c phone that enables you to schedule and organize events. Schedules can be created and viewed for specific days, and reminder alarms can be set so you never miss important events. You can view upcoming events by week or by day. The Datebook stores and manages 250 events over a 13-month period (12 months ahead and 1 month back).

  • Page 100: Datebook Icons

    Datebook Icons There are several icons commonly used in the Datebook application: Symbol Description Event without a start/end time More options are available Recurring Appointment Datebook Alarm Used to move through fields when setting a time and date Viewing Your Datebook To access your Datebook: From the idle screen, press q.

  • Page 101: Viewing Event Details

    Viewing Your Datebook Scheduled events are shown within the time window in black. Events scheduled outside the 12-hour time window are shown in the day view but not in the week view. A small bar on top of the time window indicates an event on that day that does not have a time of day associated with it, such as a birthday.

  • Page 102: About Datebook Events

    About Datebook Events Each Datebook event may contain the following information: • The title you assign to the event; you can enter a title using the phone’s alphanumeric keypad or choose from a list of commonly used titles; a title is required for every event (maximum of 128 characters) •...

  • Page 103

    Adding New Events Assign a title to the event: Type the title using the alphanumeric keypad. See “Using T9® Text Input” on page 18 for information about entering text into this field. Press under BROWSE to choose from a list of commonly used event titles.

  • Page 104

    The default date assigned to an event is the day that was highlighted when you accessed the Event Form screen to add the event. To assign a different date: With the StartDate field highlighted, press C under CHANGE. From the StartDate screen, enter the date of the event: Type in the date, or press S to scroll through the months, days, and years.

  • Page 105: Editing Events

    Editing Events When you have entered all the desired information about the event, press C under DONE. Editing Events If you are viewing the event: Press C under EDIT. If you are viewing the day containing the event: Press S to scroll to the event you want to edit. Press q to display the Datebook Menu.

  • Page 106: Datebook Event Reminders

    Datebook Event Reminders If you have set an alarm to remind you that a Datebook event is approaching, your phone sounds an audible alarm and displays a reminder. NOTE: You must have the Time and Date display turned on to receive event reminders.

  • Page 107

    Customizing Datebook Set Up To customize your Datebook set up: While viewing a week in the Datebook, press q to access the Datebook Menu. Press S to scroll to Setup and then press C under SELECT. Press R to scroll to any of the set-up features. Press C under CHANGE.

  • Page 108

  • Page 109: Memo

    Memo The Memo application provides you with a place to store a numeric note (for example, a phone number) in your i90c phone. This section includes: Adding a New Memo Page 101 Viewing a Memo Page 101 Editing a Memo...

  • Page 110: Editing A Memo

    Press C under SELECT. To call this number, press s. Editing a Memo From the idle screen, press q. Press S to scroll to Memo. Press C under SELECT. Type the new number. You can delete a digit by pressing C under DELETE. To delete all the digits, press and hold C under DELETE.

  • Page 111: Voice Record

    Voice Record The Voice Record feature of your i90c phone enables you to record and play back personal messages or phone calls on your i 90c phone. This section includes: About Voice Record Page 103 Accessing Voice Record Page 103...

  • Page 112: Recording A Voice Record

    Recording a Voice Record From the VoiceRecord screen, press R to scroll to [New VoiceRec]. Press C under RECRD and speak the message you want to record into the microphone. When you are finished recording your Voice Record, press C under STOP.

  • Page 113: Adding To A Voice Record

    Adding to a Voice Record Adding to a Voice Record After you create a Voice Record, you can go back and record additional information at the end of the existing Voice Record. From the VoiceRecord screen, press R to scroll to the Voice Record to which you want to add.

  • Page 114: Locking/unlocking A Voice Record

    Locking/Unlocking a Voice Record Locking a Voice Record prevents it from being deleted. When a Voice Record is locked, the locked icon M appears next to it. From the VoiceRecord screen, press R to scroll to the Voice Record you want to lock or unlock. Press q to view the VoiceRecd Menu.

  • Page 115: Voice Record Memory

    Voice Record Memory Voice Record Memory Typically, you can store up to 20 Voice Records with a total time of about 3 minutes. To check the amount of memory available for Voice Records: From the VoiceRecord screen, press q to view the VoiceRecd Menu.

  • Page 116

  • Page 117: Boost Wireless Web

    Make CD purchases • and much more Your i90c phone will be automatically set up for Boost Wireless Web as soon as you activate your account. Please refer to for pricing on Boost Wireless Web Services. If you decide Boost Wireless Web is not for you, simply call Boost Mobile Customer Care and ask your Care Representative to cancel the Boost Wireless Web service.

  • Page 118: Starting The Microbrowser

    Starting the Microbrowser ® ® Just as you use Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse the Web from your desktop, the microbrowser contained in your phone allows you to explore and use a variety of Internet services. To begin using the Boost Wireless Web: From the idle screen, press q to access the Main Menu.

  • Page 119: Java

    Java Apps (Games) The Java Apps (Games) feature of your phone runs applications written in Java programming language. Your phone comes with pre-loaded Java Games. NOTE: In order to run a Java application, you may first need to install the application. See “Installing Java Apps”...

  • Page 120: Installing Java Apps

    Installing Java Apps To install Java applications on your phone: From the Java Apps screen, press R to scroll to the desired application. To determine whether the application needs to be installed, look at the display options on the screen. If the display option is RUN or SELECT, the application is already installed and ready to run.

  • Page 121

    Running Java Apps Resuming a Suspended Application To resume a suspended application: Cover Open Press C under RESUME. Cover Closed Open phone cover. The idle screen displays. Press q. Press S to scroll to Java Apps. Press C under SELECT. Press C under RESUME.

  • Page 122

  • Page 123: Customizing The I90c Phone

    Customizing the i90c Phone You can customize your i 90c phone to fit the way you want to use it. This section includes: Settings Page 115 Styles Page 132 Shortcuts Page 137 Settings The phone’s Settings menu enables you to control many of the phone’s features and functions, including display properties, message handling, and security features.

  • Page 124

    • VoiceVolume — sets the volume of your phone’s earpiece and speaker • Service Status — shows the status of your phone’s services To access any of these options: From the Settings screen, press R to scroll to the option you want to access.

  • Page 125

    Settings Ring Style and Notification Type When you set VibeAll to On, your phone vibrates to notify you of all types of calls, messages, and alerts. When you set VibeAll to Off, the following features display after VibeAll on the Ring/Vibrate screen, enabling you to set notification options for each: •...

  • Page 126: Ring Styles

    Ring Styles Your Boost Mobile phone comes pre-loaded with a variety of ring tones to choose from or you can choose from many of the standard pre-set ring styles. To set a ring style: From the Ring/Vibrate screen, ensure that VibeAll is set to Off. Then press S to scroll to any of the features that allow you to set a ringer style: Line 1 or Call Alert.

  • Page 127: Phone Setup

    Settings Press S to scroll to the notification type you want to assign to the feature. To assign the notification type, press C under SELECT. Phone Setup Phone Setup sets some basic phone features. Access Phone Setup to set the following options: •...

  • Page 128

    • Auto Lock locks the phone the next time the phone is powered on. Setting Keypad Lock The i90c phone includes a Keypad Lock feature that enables you to lock the phone’s keypad to avoid inadvertently pressing keys or placing calls when the cover is open.

  • Page 129: Using Master Reset

    Settings Setting New Passwords The New Passwords option enables you to set 3 types of passwords that control access to your phone: • Unlock Code — This code is used to control access to the phone using Phone Lock. It is also required to access the Master Clear and Feature Reset features.

  • Page 130

    Press S to scroll to the main menu option you want to move. Press C under GRAB. Press S to move the option up or down in the list. When the item is where you would like it to appear in the main menu, press C under INSERT.

  • Page 131

    Settings Changing Idle Screen Options Two options from the main menu always appear on your idle screen above the left and right option keys. Each option can be accessed by pressing the corresponding option key. You can assign any main menu option you want to the option keys.

  • Page 132: Initial Setup

    Initial Setup Initial Setup enables you to control a variety of your phone’s features that you may want to modify when you first get your phone: • Time/Date Format — sets the format in which the time and date display on your phone •...

  • Page 133

    Initial Setup Changing Time and Date Format Your phone displays times in 12-hour-clock format (12:00 am through 11:59 pm) or 24-hour-clock format (0:00 through 23:59). It displays dates in month/ day format or day/month format. NOTE: If you turn the time and date display off, no times are associated with calls on your Recent Calls list or Voice Records, and the alarm feature of your Datebook is disabled.

  • Page 134

    When Auto Redial is set to Off, you must press and hold s to redial the last number dialed. Setting Backlight Timer When you use your i90c phone on battery power, the backlight illuminates the display screens and keypad whenever you: • receive or make calls •...

  • Page 135: Setting Contrast

    Initial Setup Press S to scroll to the desired option. Press C under SELECT. Adjusting Status Light The status light is located on the top right side of the phone, near the cover hinge. It illuminates when the phone is on. You can turn the status light feature on or off from the Initial Setup screen.

  • Page 136: Changing Display Language

    . on the top of your phone or r on the keypad. NOTE: If Flip Activagtion is set to OFF, closing your phone’s cover will activate Speakerphone. Changing Display Language You can customize the i90c phone to display menus in English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese. The default language is English.

  • Page 137: Master Clear

    Initial Setup To change the display language: From the Initial Setup screen, press R to scroll to Language. Press C under CHANGE. Press R to scroll to the language you want your phone to display. Press C under SELECT. Master Clear Master Clear returns all your phone’s settings to the original factory default settings and erases all stored lists.

  • Page 138

    To set your phone’s TTY mode using your phone’s Settings menu: From the Initial Setup screen, press R to scroll to TTY Setup. Press C under CHANGE. Press S to scroll to the desired TTY mode; Off, TTY, VCO, or HCO. Press C under SELECT.

  • Page 139

    Initial Setup Setting Alert Timeout When you receive a Voice Mail message, a Text message, or a Net Alert, your phone sounds an alert tone every 30 seconds until you view or dismiss the message. Alert Timeout sets the amount of time your phone continues to sound these alert tones.

  • Page 140: Styles

    Voice Volume Voice Volume sets the volume of the sound coming from your phone’s earpiece or speaker: From the Voice Volume screen, highlight Earpiece Vol to set the earpiece volume, or press R to scroll to Speaker Vol to set the speaker volume.

  • Page 141

    Styles • Auto Answer — sets your phone to automatically answer an incoming call after a specified number of rings; when this feature is turned on, the phone answers by connecting you to the caller; it does not send the call to Voice Mail Using the Styles feature, you can create styles, edit styles, view a style’s properties, delete styles, activate any style you have created, or turn off the...

  • Page 142

    To change any style option: Press R to highlight the option. Press C under CHANGE or SELECT. Use the screens that appear to make your changes. When all the style options have the settings you want, press C under DONE. Editing a Style To change the settings of a Style: From the Styles Menu screen, press R to scroll to the name of the style...

  • Page 143: Setting Call Filtering

    Styles The style immediately becomes active on your phone and the style name displays on the idle screen. Turning Off a Style To turn off a Style without activating another style: From the Styles Menu screen, press R to scroll to Off. Press C under SELECT.

  • Page 144

    Setting Phone Call Filtering Call Filter enables you to set your phone to respond to all calls, no calls, or only calls from some or all numbers in your Phonebook. Calls that are filtered out will be sent to Voice Mail unless you have modified your Call Forwarding settings.

  • Page 145: Shortcuts

    Shortcuts Setting Alert Filtering Setting Alerts to On sets your phone to ignore all Call Alerts. Setting Alerts to Off sets your phone to respond to all Call Alerts. Setting Message Notification Filtering Call Filter enables you to set your phone to notify you of certain types of messages, all types of messages, or no messages: •...

  • Page 146: Using A Shortcut

    A screen displays showing the assigned shortcut number. If you want to change the shortcut number: Press C under CHANGE. Press C under DELETE to erase the assigned number. Enter the desired number on your keypad and press C under OK. If you want to record a voice name for that shortcut: Press R to highlight the Voice field.

  • Page 147

    Shortcuts Or, if you have assigned the shortcut a voice name: From the idle screen, press and hold t on the top of your phone until the phone beeps and the Say Name Now screen appears, then release. Say the voice name assigned to the shortcut into your phone’s microphone.

  • Page 148

  • Page 149: Accessories

    Accessories A range of Boost Mobile and Motorola accessories are available for purchase from many Boost Mobile Authorized Dealerships throughout the United States. To locate a dealer near you, visit This section includes: Batteries Page 141 Chargers Page 142 Batteries For best results, charge the batteries within the temperature range of 10°C to...

  • Page 150: Chargers

    For optional battery life, use a Motorola iDEN approved Lithium Ion battery charger with your Motorola iDEN Lithium Ion battery. Other chargers may not fully charge your Lithium Ion battery. Additional Battery Information and Instructions • Extreme temperatures will degrade battery performance. Do not store your battery where temperatures exceed 60°C (140°F) or fall below -20°C (4°F).

  • Page 151: Using The Charger

    Chargers Using the Charger While holding the phone with its keypad facing up, insert the accessory connector into the bottom of the phone until you hear a click. If you have either the Standard Multi-Volt Travel Charger or the Rapid Travel Charger, flip open the prongs, and plug the charger transformer into an AC wall outlet.

  • Page 152

  • Page 153: Other Important Information

    Boost Customer Care You can contact Boost Customer Care 7 days a week simply by dialing 611 from your i90c phone or by calling 1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848). Our Boost Customer Care team will assist you in answering all your questions. Or visit for a variety of Boost Customer Care services online.

  • Page 154: Understanding Status Messages

    Understanding Status Messages You may receive status messages under certain conditions. Before contacting Boost Customer Care, note the message, numeric code, and the conditions under which it appeared. The following table lists and describes the status messages. NOTE: When your phone cover is closed, the 1-line display screen shows a shortened version the status messages displayed in the full-size screen.

  • Page 155

    PIN Blocked times. You will be unable to place or receive Call Your Provider calls on your i90c phone. Contact Boost Customer Care to have them obtain the PIN Unblocking Key (PUK) code. Your SIM Card is not being detected. Please...

  • Page 156: Boost Mobile Terms And Conditions Of Prepaid Service

    Boost Mobile Terms and Conditions of Prepaid Service TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PREPAID SERVICE: PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY. THEY CONSTITUTE A BINDING AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) BETWEEN YOU AND BOOST MOBILE. You (“Customer”) accept the terms of this Agreement (a) by calling to activate BOOST MOBILE wireless communications services (“Service”), (b) by purchasing BOOST MOBILE...

  • Page 157

    Boost Mobile Terms and Conditions of Prepaid Service 2. CALL CREDITS – Your call credits are valid for the Call Credit Validity Period, i.e., from the date of their activation, until the call credit expiration date. Refer to your rate plan table for details. You may purchase additional RE- BOOST Cards at any time but you must activate them by calling the designated BOOST MOBILE Customer Care number before the expiration date...

  • Page 158

    laws may make it illegal for third parties to listen in on service, complete privacy cannot be guaranteed. Company shall not be liable to Customer or to any third party for any eavesdropping on or interception of communications from Company’s System. 6.

  • Page 159

    Boost Mobile Terms and Conditions of Prepaid Service Equipment or Service for any period of time. Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disable or discontinue any Application for any reason. Use of BOOST MOBILE wireless web services requires a wireless Internet compatible phone, and is subject to any storage, memory or other Equipment limitation.

  • Page 160

    Charge is imposed upon the sale of equipment or services, upon Customer, or upon Company. If any such Charge is determined to be applicable and has not been paid by Customer before Customer accepts delivery of equipment, Customer shall pay Company the full amount of any such Charge no later than ten (10) days after receipt of the invoice therefor.

  • Page 161


  • Page 162

    16. COMPLETE AGREEMENT/SEVERABILITY/WAIVER – This Agreement sets forth all of the agreements between the parties concerning the Services and purchase of the Equipment, and there are no oral or written agreements between them other than as set forth in this Agreement. No amendment or addition to this Agreement shall be binding upon this Company unless it is in writing and signed by both parties (and, in the case of the Company, by an officer of the Company).

  • Page 163


  • Page 164: Safety And General Information

    PORTABLE RADIO PRODUCT OPERATION AND EME EXPOSURE Your Motorola two-way radio complies with the following RF energy exposure standards and guidelines: • United States Federal Communications Commission, Code of Federal Regulations; 47 CFR part 2 sub-part J •...

  • Page 165

    Safety and General Information • Australian Communications Authority Radiocommunications (Electromagnetic Radiation - Human Exposure) Standard 2001 • ANATEL, Brasil Regulatory Authority, Resolution 256 (April 11, 2001) “additional requirements for SMR, cellular and PCS profuct certification.” To assure optimal radio product performance and make sure human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic energy is within the guidelines set forth in the above standards, always adhere to the following procedures:...

  • Page 166: Phone Operation

    Motorola approved clip, holder, holster, case or body harness for this product. Use of non-Motorola-approved accessories may exceed FCC RF exposure exposure guidelines. If you do not use a Motorola approved body- worn accessory and are not using the radio product in the intended use...

  • Page 167

    Safety and General Information THIS MODEL PHONE MEETS THE GOVERNMENT’S REQUIREMENTS FOR EXPOSURE TO RADIO WAVES. Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed and manufactured not to exceed the emission limits for exposure to radiofrequency (RF) energy set by the Federal Communications Commission of the U.S.

  • Page 168: Medical Devices

    Electro Magnetic Interference/Compatibility NOTE: Nearly every electronic device is susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI) if inadequately shielded, designed or otherwise configured for electromagnetic compatibility. Facilities To avoid electromagnetic interference and/or compatibility conflicts, turn off your radio product in any facility where posted notices instruct you to do so. Hospitals or health care facilities may be using equipment that is sensitive to external RF energy.

  • Page 169: Use While Driving

    Safety and General Information Use While Driving Check the laws and regulations on the use of radio products in the area where you drive. Always obey them. When using the radio product while driving, please: • Give full attention to driving and to the road •...

  • Page 170: Operational Cautions

    Operational Cautions C a u t i o n Antennas Do not use any portable radio product that has a damaged antenna. If a damaged antenna comes into contact with your skin, a minor burn can result. Batteries All batteries can cause property damage and/or bodily injury, such as burns if a conductive material such as jewelry, keys, or beaded chains touches exposed terminals.

  • Page 171: Accessory Safety Information

    Safety and General Information Accessory Safety Information IMPORTANT: SAVE THESE ACCESSORY SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Before using any battery or battery charger, read all the instructions for and cautionary markings on (1) the battery, (2) the battery charger, which may include a separate wall-mounted power supply or transformer, and (3) the radio product using the battery.

  • Page 172

    • Do not disassemble a battery charger; take it to a qualified service technician when service or repair is required. Incorrect reassembly may result in a risk of electric shock or fire. • Maximum ambient temperature around the power supply or transformer of any battery charger should not exceed 40°C (104°F).

  • Page 173: Limited Warranty Motorola Communication Products

    80% of rated capacity, or the battery develops leakage. MOTOROLA, at its option, will at no charge either repair the Product (with new or reconditioned parts), replace it (with a new or reconditioned Product), or refund the purchase price of the Product during the warranty period provided it is returned in accordance with the terms of this warranty.

  • Page 174

    Product item, transportation and insurance prepaid, to an authorized warranty service location. Warranty service will be provided by MOTOROLA through one of its authorized warranty service locations. If you first contact the company which sold you the Product (e.g., dealer or communication service provider), it can facilitate your obtaining warranty service.

  • Page 175

    MOTOROLA, nor will MOTOROLA have any liability for the use of ancillary equipment or software not furnished by MOTOROLA which is attached to or used in connection with the Product or any parts thereof.

  • Page 176

    No other use including, without limitation, alteration, modification, reproduction, distribution, or reverse engineering of such MOTOROLA software or exercise or rights in such MOTOROLA software is permitted. No license is granted by implication, estoppel or otherwise under MOTOROLA patent rights or copyrights.

  • Page 177

    80% of rated capacity, or the battery develops leakage. MOTOROLA, at its option, will at no charge either repair the Product (with new or reconditioned parts), replace it (with a new or reconditioned Product), or refund the purchase price of the Product during the warranty period provided it is returned in accordance with the terms of this warranty.

  • Page 178

    MOTOROLA disclaims liability for range, coverage, or operation of the system as a whole under this warranty. II. GENERAL PROVISIONS: This warranty sets forth the full extent of MOTOROLA’S responsibilities regarding the Product, Repair, replacement or refund of the purchase price, at MOTOROLA’S options, is the exclusive remedy.

  • Page 179

    MOTOROLA which is attached to or sued in connection with the Product or any parts thereof. In no event shall MOTOROLA be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages arising from any claim of patent infringement or alleged infringement.

  • Page 180: Patent And Trademark Information

    © Nextel Communications, Inc. 2002 Nextel Communications Inc. All rights reserved. MOTOROLA, the Stylized M Logo and all other trademarks indicated as such herein are ® © trademarks of Motorola, Inc.

  • Page 181: Index

    Index Call Timers 57 Caller ID 62 Accessories 141 Charge strength 9 batteries 141 Connection status 17 Travel Charger 142 Contrast 127 Accessory safety information 163 Customizing phone 115 Alpha mode, text entry 21 Auto Redial 125 Datebook 91 set up 98 Backlight timer 126 viewing 92 Battery 7...

  • Page 182

    Editing Phonebook entries 42 Language 128 email 80 Local event information 64 Emergency calls 52 Entering text, see Text entry Main menu 32 Entries in Phonebook 35 icons 30 options 30 Features of phone 4 reordering 121 Full display screen 25 Making phone calls 46 Functions of phone keys 21 Making Private Calls 84...

  • Page 183

    sending 79 from Phonebook 46 Web 80 from Recent Calls list 48 Microbrowser 110 international calls 51 Missed calls 54 most recent call 49 Most recent call 49 receiving 53 Movie listings and show times 64 speed dial 49 Mute 59 Turbo Dial 49 My Info 17 voice names 49...

  • Page 184

    enabling 11 entering 11 Radio frequency 156 Smart Punctuation 22 Recent Calls 40 Speakerphone 58 deleting 57 Special dialing codes details 56 non-emergency numbers 52 Private Calls 85 Telecommunications Relay storing to Phonebook 56 Service 52 viewing 55 Speed Dial numbers 34 Restaurant reservations 63 Status light 17 Ring styles 118...

  • Page 185

    choosing a language 20 creating 39 Time and date format 125 making calls 49 Trademark information 172 Phonebook 39 Travel Charger 142 shortcuts 138 TTY devices 52 Voice Record 103 making calls 50 Voice Records setting baud rate 130 adding 105 setting mode 129 deleting 106 Turbo Dial 49...

  • Page 186

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