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LG 42LD5 Series Owner's Manual

Lg lcd tv / led lcd tv.
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Please read this manual carefully before operating
your set and retain it for future reference.
P/NO: MFL66301605 (1011-REV04)
Printed in Korea


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  • Page 1

    OWNER’S MANUAL LCD TV / LED LCD TV Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. P/NO: MFL66301605 (1011-REV04) Printed in Korea...

  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    Safety inStrUCtionS • please read these safety precautions carefully before using the product. • In this manual, the illustration may be somewhat different from your product because it is just example to help the instruc- tion. WARNING If you ignore the warning message, you may be seriously injured or there is a possibility of accident or death. If you ignore the caution message, you may be slightly injured or the product may be damaged.

  • Page 3

    PreParation lCd tv ModelS, led lCd tv ModelS : 19/22/26/32ld35 ** , 19/22/26/32ld34 ** , 32/37/42/47ld4 *** , 26/32ld32 ** , 32/42/46/52/60ld5 *** , 19/22/26/32le3 *** , 32/37/42le4 *** , 22/26le5 *** , 32/37/42/47/55le5 *** , 26/32ld33 ** aCCeSSorieS Ensure that the following accessories are included with your TV. If an accessory is missing, please contact the dealer where you purchased the TV.

  • Page 4: Separate Purchase

    DSW400B or Contact your dealer for buying these DSW400BG items. This device only works with compatible LG LED LCD TV or LCD TV. (19/22/26/32LD3 *** , Wireless Media Box (37/42/47LD4 *** , 32LD4 *** , 32LD5 *** , 42/46LD5 *** ,...

  • Page 5: Stand Installation

    Stand inStallation ■ Image shown may differ from your TV. When assembling the desk type stand, check whether the bolt is fully tightened. (If not tightened fully, the product can tilt forward after the product installation.) If you tighten the bolt with excessive force, the bolt can deviate from abrasion of the tightening part of the bolt.

  • Page 6

    PreParation only 26/32le3 *** , 32/42/47le4 *** , only 19/22le3 *** , 22le5 *** 26le5 *** , 32/37/42/47/55le5 *** Carefully place the TV screen side down Carefully place the TV screen side down on a cushioned surface to protect the on a cushioned surface to protect the screen from damage.

  • Page 7: Back Cover For Wire Arrangement

    BaCk Cover for Wire arrangeMent ■ Image shown may differ from your TV. only 26/32ld35 ** , 26/32ld34 **, only 19/22ld35 ** , 19/22ld34 ** , 26/32ld32 **, 32/37/42/47ld4 ***, 19/22/26le3 *** , 22/26le5 *** 32/42/46/52/60ld5 ***, 26/32ld33 ** After connecting the cables as necessary, install Cable Holder as shown and bundle the cables.

  • Page 8: Swivel Stand

    PreParation not USing tHe only 26/32ld35 ** , 26/32ld34 ** , 26/32ld32 **, 32/37/42/47ld4 *** , deSk-tyPe Stand 32/42/46/52/60ld5 *** , 26/32ld33 ** ■ Image shown may differ from your TV. When installing the wall-mounted unit, use the protection cover. only 19/22ld35 ** , 19/22ld34 ** Carefully place the TV screen side down on a cushioned surface to protect the...

  • Page 9

    attaCHing tHe tv to a CarefUl inStallation deSk adviCe 26/32ld35 ** , 26/32ld34 ** , (only 32/37/42ld4 *** , 26/32ld32 ** , 32/42ld5 *** , ■ You should purchase necessary components to fix the TV safety and secure to the wall on 32le3 *** , 32le4 *** , 32le5 *** , 26/32ld33 ** ) the market.

  • Page 10

    26/32LD34 ** inStallation 32LD4 *** 37/42/47LD4 *** 26/32LD32 ** ■ We recommend the use of a LG Brand wall 32LD5 *** mounting bracket when mounting the TV to a wall. 42LD5 *** 46LD5 *** ■ We recommend that you purchase a wall mount- 52LD5 *** ing bracket which supports VESA standard.

  • Page 11: Connection Of Tv

    WatCHing tv /PrograMMe Control ConneCting yoUr Unit ■ Image shown may differ from your TV ■ To connect an additional equipment, see the External equipment Setup section in CD Manual. DVD/STB power Cord DVD/STB back VCR Connection Antenna Connection (RGB) (RGB) HDMI / DVI IN ConneCtion of tv...

  • Page 12: Turning On The Tv

    OPTION menu. g. When France is selected for Country, password is not '0', '0', '0', '0' but ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’. An extended Owner’s Manual that contains information on the advanced features of these LG TV sets is located on the CD- ROM provided in an electronic version. To read these files, you will need to use a personal Computer (pC) equipped with a CD- ROM drive.

  • Page 13: Cleaning The Screen

    MaintenanCe Early malfunctions can be prevented. Careful and regular cleaning can prolong the life of your new TV. Caution: Be sure to switch the power off and unplug the power cord before you begin any cleaning. Cleaning the Screen A good way to keep the dust off your screen for a while is to wet a soft cloth in a mixture of luke- warm water and a little fabric softener or dish washing detergent.

  • Page 14

    aPPendiX WeigHt 19ld35 ** / 22ld35 ** / 26ld35 ** / 26ld34 ** 32ld35 ** / 32ld34 ** 19ld34 ** 22ld34 ** 19ld350-za / 22ld350-za / 26ld350-za / 32ld350-za / 19ld350n-za / 22ld350n-za / 26ld350n-za / 32ld350n-za / 19ld358-za / 22ld358-za / 26ld358-za / 32ld358-za /...

  • Page 15

    60ld5 *** 32le4 *** 37le4 *** 60ld550-zC / 60ld551-za / 60ld550n-zC / 60ld551n-za / MODELS 32le4500-za / 37le4500-za / 60ld558-zC / 60ld566-za / 32le450n-za / 37le450n-za / 60ld559-za / 60ld568-zC 32le4508-za 37le4508-za 60ld565-zC / /60ld569-za / 60ld565n-zC 60ld555-zC with stand 40.0 kg 40.0 kg 12.4 kg...

  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    aPPendiX troUBleSHooting the tv does not operate properly. ■ Check to see if there is any object between the TV and the remote control causing an obstruction. Ensure you are pointing the remote control directly at the TV. The remote control ■...

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