Humminbird VHF5 Operation Manual

Humminbird operations manual marine radio vhf5.
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Specifications ......15 Section 7: TABLE OF MARINE CHANNELS PARTS SUPPLIED Before using the VHF5, please ensure the following parts are included in the box: • VHF5 Radio and Battery Pack •...

  • Page 3: Accessories, Batteries

    • Bulkhead Mount • NiCd Battery Pack and Battery Charger Battery Installation and Removal. The VHF5 (models A and C) uses 8 AA Alkaline batteries to power the radio. These batteries (not included) are installed in the battery pack at the bottom of the radio.

  • Page 4: Section 1: Assembling The Radio

    Finger tighten only. Antenna Headset Jacks Jacks on top of the VHF5 can be connected to an external speaker/microphone headset. Connect this accessory to the proper jacks. Waterproof Pouch The waterproof pouch protects the radio from water while permitting access to all radio con- trols.

  • Page 5: Section 2: Controls

    PWR/VOLUME (PWR/VOLUME Knob) 16 (Channel 16) FUNC (Function Button) PTT (Push to-Talk) Button CALL (Call Button) Speaker/Microphone Battery Release LCD Display Channel in Use CALL - Call Function BUSY - Signal is being received LOW - Low power function WA - Weather Alert signal Key Icon - Keypad locked BATTERY ICON - Battery is low TX - Transmitting...

  • Page 6: Section 3: Basic Operation

    The band in use is indicated on the LCD by USA, INT or WX. When tuned to the WX band and the active weather channel for your area, the VHF5 will sound NOAA Weather Alert tones as they are received. Note: The VHF5 will sound NOAA Weather Alert tones even when the volume is turned down.

  • Page 7: Basic Operation

    ADJUSTING SQUELCH Squelch is used to eliminate static and background noise and allows for silent operation of the VHF5 until a transmission is received. If the Squelch is too high, only the strongest trans- missions are heard, and when too low, intermittent static and noise are heard.

  • Page 8

    BASIC OPERATION CALL BUTTON The CALL button allows for quick access to a frequently used channel referred to as the Call Channel. Once the CALL button is pressed, CALL appears on the LCD. To exit, press the CALL button again. Programming the Call Channel 1.

  • Page 9: Section 4: Scanning Features, Scanning All Channels

    SCANNING ALL CHANNELS The VHF5 scans all channels in one of two modes: normal or priority scan. You may program the VHF5 to scan in either mode. In normal scanning, the VHF5 rapidly scans through channels, either in the USA or International band. The VHF5 stops scanning on busy channels and remains stopped several seconds after the signal disappears allowing time to answer the call if necessary.

  • Page 10: Dual And Triple Watch Scanning

    Alert scanning, the VHF5 toggles between Channel 16, the current channel, and monitors the current weather channel for a NOAA Weather Alert signal. Note: The VHF5 monitors the last selected weather channel in this mode. In Triple Watch scanning, the VHF5 toggles between Channel 16, the Call Channel, and the current channel.

  • Page 11: Section 5: Memory Channels

    USING MEMORY CHANNELS The VHF5 has 10 memory locations (00-09), to quickly access frequently used channels. To access the memory channels, press the MEMO/M.PRG button. The LCD displays the channel number on the left, and the memory location in smaller numbers to the right. Turn the CHL/SQL knob to select a memory channel.

  • Page 12: Section 6: Maintenance And Warranty, Maintenance

    Do not wipe while dirt or grease is on the lens. Be careful to avoid scratching the lens. Never leave the VHF5 in a closed car or trunk - the extremely high temperatures generated in hot weather can damage...

  • Page 13: Service Policy

    MAINTENANCE AND WARRANTY SERVICE POLICY This Service Policy is valid in the United States only. This applies to Humminbird units returned to our factory in Eufaula, Alabama, and is subject to change without notice. All repair work is performed by factory-trained technicians to meet exacting factory specifications.

  • Page 14: Warranty, Customer Support

    MAINTENANCE AND WARRANTY HUMMINBIRD ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY First year repairs (from original date of purchase) on your VHF5 are absolutely free. This does not include physical damage to the unit or its accessory items. Any modification or attempt to repair the original equipment or accessories by unauthorized individuals will void the warranty.

  • Page 15: Specifications

    Size ....11 1/8" H x 2 3/4" W x 1 3/4" D Power Source ....12 VDC 8 AA Alkaline Channel Capacity Receive .

  • Page 16: Section 7: Table Of Marine Channels

    TABLE OF MARINE CHANNELS USA MARINE CHANNELS USA Band Port Operation, Commercial 3 Port Operation, Commercial 5 Port Operation 6 Intership Safety 7 Commercial 8 Commercial 9 Commercial/NonCommercial 10 Commercial 11 Commercial 12 Port Operation 13 Navigational** 14 Port Operation 15 Environmental (receive only) 16 Distress, Safety, and Calling 17 Maritime Control**...

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