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Solar Inverters
Model number: JS I- x x x x T L se r i e s fo r Aus t r a l i a
Rev. 1.4


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  • Page 1 Solar Inverters INSTALLATION AND OPERATOR'S MANUAL Model number: JS I- x x x x T L se r i e s fo r Aus t r a l i a Rev. 1.4...

  • Page 2: Save These Instructions

    REVISION TABLE Document Author Date Change Description Revision Falcon.Tang 30/08/2010 First release Falcon.Tang 21/03/2011 Increase the information for JSI-1500TL/-S Falcon.Tang 22/03/2012 Increase the information for JSI-3600TL/-S Falcon.Tang 12/09/2012 Cancel the accessory of special RS-232 cable Falcon.Tang 18/01/2013 Increase the information for...

  • Page 3 GENERAL PRECAUTIONS For your own safety and that of the unit, you must read and understand the instructions contained in this document before starting to work. Keep these instructions in a place accessible to all the personnel who work with the unit so that these may be consulted.

  • Page 4 touch the heatsink at the back of the solar inverter or nearby surfaces while Inverter is operating. By the way, keep it away from any flammable objects.  This version of JSI inverters shall be used with panels connected in a “floating” way, i.e.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents CONTENT 1. OVERVIEW....................6 2. INSTALLATION..................8 2.1 Package inspection ................ 8 2.2 Selecting the place of installation ..........8 2.3 Fixed on the wall................9 2.4 System diagram and connection label ........11 2.5 Connecting to the AC grid (utility)..........12 2.6 Connecting to PV Panel (DC input) ..........

  • Page 6: Overview 1. OVERVIEW 1.1 Machine Overview Control and display panel RS232 outlet PV input DC switch(optional) RS485 inlet and outlet AC terminals cover (optional) (AC terminals is inside) Front View Bottom View Fig.1 Overviews of inverter...

  • Page 7

    Optional ohm terminal resistor Instruction manual 1pcs Monitor software(CD) 1pcs Warranty sheet 1pcs JSI-xxxxTL series include JSI-1500TL,JSI-1500TL-S, JSI-2000TL, JSI-2000TL-S, JSI-2500TL, JSI-2500TL-S, JSI-3000TL, JSI-3000TL-S, JSI-3600TL, JSI-3600TL-S, JSI-5000TL, JSI-5000TL-S,JSI-6000TL and JSI-6000TL-S. The –S suffix indicates the inverter with an integrated DC switch.

  • Page 8: Installation 2. INSTALLATION WARNING: The electrical installation of JSI inverter must be performed in compliance with applicable local and national standards and laws. WARNING: The connection of JSI inverter to the AC grid must be performed only after receiving authorization from the utility that operates the grid.

  • Page 9: Fixed On The Wall

    Step2: Fix the mounting frame as illustrated in the Fig.4 by the screws, then, hang the inverter on the mounting frame. Step3: Fix safety-lock screws at left side and right side as illustrated in Fig.5 with the attached socket head wrench. Step4: Check the installation conditions. For JSI-1500TL/-S For JSI-2000TL/-S, JSI-2500TL/-S, JSI-3000TL/-S and JSI-3600TL/-S...

  • Page 10 For JSI-6000TL/-S For JSI-5000TL/-S Fig.3 The size of mounting frame Fig.4 Hang inverter to mounting frame Fig.5 Fix safety-lock screws The customer is encouraged to perform the following checks:  Do not install the solar inverter on a gradient surface. ...

  • Page 11: System Diagram And Connection Label  Check the secure mounting of the solar inverter by trying to raise it from the bottom. The solar inverter should remain firmly attached.  Choose a strong mounting wall to prevent vibrations while inverter is operating. 2. 4 Sy s t e m D i a g r a m an d C o n n e c t i o n La b e l The JSI series are a single phase solar inverters.

  • Page 12: Connecting To The Ac Grid (utility)

    M o d e l D i a m e t e r ( m m ) A W G n o . C r o s s A r e a ( m m 1.83 2.63 JSI-1500TL JSI-2000TL JSI-2500TL 2.05 3.31 JSI-3000TL...

  • Page 13: Connecting To Pv Panel (dc Input)

    PV string is less than 550VDC for JSI-6000TL and JSI-5000TL, less than 500VDC for JSI-2000TL, JSI-2500TL, JSI-3000TL and JSI-3600TL, less than 450VDC for JSI-1500TL. The length of input wire must be less than 30m. By the way, generally, in the lowest ambient temperature of your installing field, the Voc of PV string is the highest.

  • Page 14: Operate The Function Key Fig. 9 Control panel LCD Screen: Display the operating data and situations, warning/error codes and information. The model of inverter (for example,JSI-3000TL) C. ALARM LED: Indicates the fault of inverter. D. POWER LED: Indicates the inverter is running normally. Function Key: Used to set different parameter and display language for the inverter.

  • Page 15 To lockup or unlock display message as follows:...

  • Page 16: General Lcd Disp Lay Information 3.2 General LCD Disp lay Information State Message In LCD STATE DISPLAY CONTENT COMMENTS Wait State Standby PV input voltage low Waiting Initial waiting Connect in System checking Reconnect in xxS System checking Inverter connection State Connect OK Connect to Grid System error code Fault State System warning code...

  • Page 17: Inverter Start-up And Operation Vdc=xxx.xV The PV input voltage AS4777 Comply with main standard English Current selected language Contrast x LCD Contrast Note: Etoday will display the output energy in last day before the inverter continuously work until 30 minutes in the early morning. 4.

  • Page 18: Communications Ileak error GFCI Fault, leakage current is too high Grid fault Grid voltage/frequency is out of range Inverter fault Coherence error Consistent Fault Over temperature Internal temperature abnormal Relay failure Output relay Fault DCinj failure Output Current DC Offset too high EEPROM failure EEPROM Fault Com.

  • Page 19: Rj45 Connectors Fig. 11 The waterproof RJ45 socket and connectors for RS485 port To help installation, the inverter features two RJ45 sockets to separate input ethernet cable from output ethernet cable. 5.2.2 RJ45 Connectors The RS485 serial connection, whether single unit or several inverters as daisy chain, can be performed by means of the RJ45 connectors (See Fig.11).

  • Page 20 daisy chained together. Up to 31 inverters can be daisy chained. Recommended maximum daisy chain length is 1000m. With multiple daisy-chained inverters, each unit will be automatically assigned a RS485 address with JFY monitoring software. The RJ45 socket with120Ω terminal resistor should be installed at the last inverter in the chain.

  • Page 21: Monitor Inverter also necessary. 5.3 Monitor Inverter After RS232 or RS485 link is connected correctly, open JFY monitoring software “JFY communicator” that is installed from the attached CD, the user can monitor the inverters. The right side of the main interface is the detailed information of inverter. As to more detailed setting methods and other functions, please refer to “JFY communicator user’s manual”...

  • Page 22: Trouble Shooting 7. TROUBLE SHOOTING In most situations, the Inverter requires very little service. However, if Inverter is not able to work perfectly, please refer to the following instructions before calling your local dealer or service personnel. If any problems arise, the “Alarm” LED on the front panel will be red and the LCD displays the relevant information.

  • Page 23: Specifications

    8. SPECIFICATIONS JSI-1500TL Model JSI-1500TL-S Parameter Input Data 1720W Max. DC power 450V Max. DC voltage MPPT operating 100V-450V voltage range Number of parallel inputs Number of MPP trackers Max. input current (total) Output Data Nominal AC output 1500W power Max.

  • Page 24: General Data Model JSI-2000TL JSI-2500TL JSI-2000TL-S JSI-2500TL-S Parameter Input Data Max. DC power 2300W 2620W Max. DC voltage 500V 500V MPPT operating 100V-450V 100V-450V voltage range Number of parallel inputs Number of MPP trackers Max. input current 14.5A (total) Output Data Nominal output 2000W...

  • Page 25 Model JSI-3000TL JSI-3600TL JSI-3000TL-S JSI-3600TL-S Parameter Input Data Max. DC power 3550W 3750W Max. DC voltage 500V 500V MPPT operating 100V-450V 100V-450V voltage range Number of parallel inputs Number of MPP trackers Max. input current (total) Output Data Nominal output 3000W 3600W...

  • Page 26 Model JSI-5000TL JSI-6000TL JSI-5000TL-S JSI-6000TL-S Parameter Input Data Max. DC power 5200W 6250W Max. DC voltage 550V 550V MPPT operating 100V-500V 100V-500V voltage range Number of parallel inputs Number of MPP trackers Max. input current 22.5A 27.5A (total) Output Data Nominal output 4600W...

  • Page 27: Jfy-tech Warranty 9. JFY-tech WARRANTY Warranty Policy: Warranty Period: The JSI Series PV Grid-tied inverters provided by Shenzhen JingFuYuan Tech. Co., LTD. (abbr. JFY-tech) have 60-month warranty period. The system accessories provided by JFY-tech have 24-month warranty period. Warranty Time Start: From the date that you get goods from our distributors. Warranty Evidence: The Purchasing Invoice from the distributors &...

  • Page 28 observed or performed to an acceptable standard. 12) Force majeure (e.g., lightning, overvoltage, storm, fire) Claims that go beyond the rights cited in the warranty principles, in particular claims for compensation for direct or indirect damages arising from the defective device, for compensation for costs arising from disassembly and installation, or loss of profits are not covered by JFY-tech’s warranty, insofar JFY-tech is not subject to statutory liability.

  • Page 29: Jfy-tech Contact Information 10. JFY-tech CONTACT INFORMATION Shenzhen JingFuYuan Tech. Co., LTD. ADD: 5 Floor ,12 Block ,Nangang Second Industrial Park ,Nanshan District ,Shenzhen ,P.R.China Tel: +86-755-26632536 Fax: +86-755-26505986 Email:

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