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HP Class MMS and MRS User Manual

Manual starters and switches.
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AC Controls
Manual Starters and Switches
Type F02
Class SMF
Class SMF fractional horsepower
starters provide overload protection as
well as manual ON / OFF control for
small motors in a variety of industrial
and commercial installations.
Available in one or two pole versions,
these devices are suitable for use with
AC single phase motors to 1 HP. Two
pole starters can also be used with DC
motors to
HP. Typical applications
include fans, conveyors, pumps, and
small machine tools. The continuous
current rating is 16 amperes.
Overload trip assembly motor protection
is provided by a Type SMFH thermal
heater element which must be installed
before the starter will operate.
Two-Speed Class SMF manual starters
are designed for control of small single
phase AC motors having separate wind-
ings for high and low speed operation.
Two toggle operated starters are used,
with overload protection included for
each motor winding. Surface mounting
devices, and those with a gray flush
plate, utilize a mechanical interlock
which allows direct control of the motor
by means of the toggle operators.
Typical Wiring Diagrams
Class SMF
1 Pole
2 Pole
CSI Section 16160
Class MMS and MRS
These motor starting switches provide
manual ON / OFF control of single or
three-phase AC motors, where overload
protection is not required, or is provided
These devices are suitable for use with
AC three-phase motors up to 10 HP.
Compact construction and a 600 volt
rating make these switches suitable for
a wide range of industrial and commer-
cial uses. Typical applications include
small machine tools, pumps, fans, con-
veyors, and many other types of electri-
cal machinery. They can also be used
on non-motor loads such as resistance
The continuous current rating is 30
amperes at 250 volts max., 26.4 am-
peres at 277 volts max., 20 amperes
at 600 volts max, 30 ampere resistive
at 600 volts max.
Class MMS, two-speed manual switch-
es may be used with separate winding,
three-phase or single-phase AC motors
where overload protection is not
required, or is provided separately. Two
switches are employed to give ON /
OFF control in each speed.
Class MRS, reversing manual switches
provide a compact means of starting,
stopping and reversing AC motors where
overload protection is not required, or is
provided separately. They are suitable for
use with three-phase squirrel cage
motors, and for single-phase motors
which can be reversed by reconnecting
motor leads. Two switches are used, one
to connect the motor for forward rota-
tion, and one for reverse.
Class SMF, MMS and MRS
NEMA Type 1 surface mounting enclo-
sures are sheet steel with a thermoplas-
tic wrap-around cover for convenience
in wiring. The NEMA Type 1 enclosure
is also available in oversized and jumbo
Class MMS
2 Pole with
Selection Switch
Siemens Electrical Products and Systems
Specification Guide
Type K02
versions allowing more wiring space. A
zinc alloy die casting or non-metallic
enclosure is used for NEMA Type 4
enclosures. NEMA 7 & 9 enclosures are
supplied as standard with provisions for
locking in the ON or OFF position.
Standard red or non-standard green
neon pilot light units are available facto-
ry installed in NEMA Type 1 surface and
flush mounting, and NEMA Type 4
enclosures, or as a field modification kit
for NEMA Type 1 enclosures and gray
flush plates.
An "Emergency-OFF" toggle operator
extender is available for NEMA Type 1
surface mounted units. The extender
has a red vinyl button that provides a
fast and easy method for locating and
switching the device's toggle operator
into the OFF position. The Emergency
OFF Actuator is available in kit form
only for field installation.
An optional Handle Guard / Lock-OFF on
NEMA Type 1 enclosed starters pre-
vents accidental operation of the toggle
and also allows the toggle operator to
be padlocked in either the ON or the
OFF position. This handle guard can be
factory installed on NEMA Type 1
enclosed starters and is also available in
kit form for field installation on NEMA
Type 1 surface and flush mounting
enclosures. Standard NEMA Type 4
metallic enclosures include provision for
padlocking in the OFF position.
2 Pole –– 1 Phase
3 Pole –– 3 Phase


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  • Page 1

    Available in one or two pole versions, these devices are suitable for use with AC single phase motors to 1 HP. Two pole starters can also be used with DC motors to ⁄...

  • Page 2

    Available in one or two pole versions, these devices are suitable for use with AC single phase motors to 1 HP. Two pole starters can also be used with DC motors to ⁄...

  • Page 3

    Standard With Red Pilot Light With Red Pilot Light Two-Speed Starters (AC Only) Toggle With Mechanical Interlock (Standard With 2 Red Pilot Lights) With High-Off-Low Selector Switch (With 2 Red Pilot Lights) Table 15.4 Class SMF Heater Elements Motor Full-Load Heater Current (Amperes) Cat.

  • Page 4

    FF11, 11P, 22 Speed Toggle Starter KF11, 11A, 11B Speed Toggle 22, 22B, 22C Switch Selector switch is on left, extends 1.62 in (41 mm) from mounting surface. CSI Section 16160 Dimensions in Inches (mm) 1.44 2.75 4.50 (37) (70) (114) 1.44...

  • Page 5

    It is available for sur- face mounting in a NEMA 1 enclosure, for flush mounting on a standard depth switch box or in custom panels. A pilot light for 120, 208 / 240, or 480 volts may 3-Phase...

  • Page 6

    (similar to a circuit breaker with arc chamber) provides self protection against low-level short circuits. ½ Motor Ratings — Up to 25 HP 3- Phase and 10 HP Single Phase. ½ Class 10 Adjustable Ambient Compensated Overload Protection.

  • Page 7

    (optional remote stop available). Class 11 manual starters are used for single and polyphase motors up to 10 Hp. Starters have melting alloy overload relays which help protect against damage due to excessive current caused by a sustained overload, low line voltage, or single phasing of the motor.

  • Page 8

    AC Controls Manual Motor Starters and Contactors Table 15.12 Motor Starters Outline Dimensions in Inches (mm) Enclosure Type Open 5.313 (134.94) 2.500 ( 63.50) NEMA 1 8.000 (203.20) 5.688 (114.46) 11.875 (301.63) 6.250 (158.75) NEMA 4 NEMA 4X 11.875 (301.63) 7.938 (201.62) NEMA 7 &...

  • Page 9

    20 through 600 amperes in 2- and 3-pole models and in 3 sizes in 4- pole models. Lighting contactors are especially designed to switch ballast type, tungsten, and other discharge type lighting loads. These contactors may be controlled by timers and other pilot devices.

  • Page 10

    AC Controls Lighting and Heating Contactors Table 15.15 Type CLH Multi-Pole Electrically-Held Lighting and Heating Contractors (Open Type) Dimensions In Inches (mm) Ampere No. of Rating Poles Height (H) 6/8 10/12 6/9/12 15.98 (406) Table 15.16 Type CLB, CLF, CLN 3-Pole Electrically-Held Combination Lighting and Heating Contactors (Combination Fusible, Non-Fusible, or Circuit Breaker) Dimensions In Inches (mm) NEMA 1 Enclosed...

  • Page 11

    AC Controls Compact Magnetic Contactors Lighting Electrically Held, 20A 60Hz 480VAC Max Tungsten, 600VAC Ballast Table 15.19 21WE 2-12 Pole Contacts Normally Normally Poles Open Closed Wiring Diagrams (Typical) 2-4 Pole 5-8 Pole Table 15.20 Type Nema 1 Open Type General Purpose Side Mounted Light Power Pole Cat No.

  • Page 12

    AC Controls Lighting and Heating Contactors CLM Contactors — 30 to 200 Ampere Figure 1 Table 15.22 Type CLM Magnetically Latched 30A to 200A Lighting and Heating Contactors — Open Type Dimensions In Inches (mm) Ampere No. of Figure Rating Poles 2–4 3.31 (84)

  • Page 13

    Manual Starters and Switches Type CLM Magnetically-Latched, 30-400A Description AC lighting contactors provide a safe con- venient means of local or remote switch- ing of relatively large tungsten, fluores- cent or mercury arc lamp loads. Siemens AC lighting contactors are...

  • Page 14

    Type MCS Disconnect Switches Type MCS Disconnect Switches feature a quick-make, quick-break mechanism to insure proper switch operation. With a high fault withstand rating of 100 kA at 480 volts ac, when fused with Class R rated size fuses, MCS switches meet...

  • Page 15

    AC Controls Contactors — Non-Reversing NEMA Size 1 Type 3TF Non-Reversing AC Contactors Key Features ½ Fully NEMA Rated Sizes 00–8 ½ Double Break Contacts ½ Silver Tin Oxide Contacts, Cadmium- Free (Sizes 00–5) ½ Higher Locked Rotor Current Ratings, Up to 840% (Sizes 00–5) ½...

  • Page 16

    AC Controls Magnetic Motor Starters — Full Voltage Non Reversing Size 0–1 ⁄ With ESP100 Solid State Overload Key Features (Cont’d) ½ Rugged Industrial Design ½ Dual Voltage, Dual Frequency Coils ½ Overload Test Feature ½ Front Removable Auxiliary Contacts ½...

  • Page 17

    ½ Starters are available with built-in START / STOP pushbuttons for 3-wire control or a HAND / OFF / AUTO selector switch for 2-wire control. ½ Field modifications such as auxiliary electrical contacts, pilot lights, push- buttons, selector switches, and fuse...

  • Page 18

    Magnetic Contactors Fig 1a Optional Electrical Contacts Table 15.29 Contactor Dimensions Dimensions in Inches (mm) Type 3.75 (95) 5.50 (140) 4.31 (109) 4.75 (121) 4.31 (109) 4.75 (121) 4.88 (124) 4.25 (110) 4.88 (124) 4.50 (114) Open 6.13 (156) 5.50 (140) 6.13 (156) 5.50 (140) 7.81 (198)

  • Page 19

    Magnetic Contactors Enclosures Table 15.30 Enclosure Dimensions Outline Dimensions Size 0–1 NEMA 1 2, 2 General 3, 3 Purpose Enclosures 0–1 2, 2 NEMA 3 Weatherproof –4 Enclosures –5 0–1 0–2 NEMA 4 Watertight –4 Enclosures 0–2 NEMA 4X Watertight Bimetal Corrosion Resistant...

  • Page 20

    Magnetic Contactors Enclosures Dimensions Fig 3a Figure 5 Fig 3b Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8 Figure 9 Siemens Electrical Products and Systems CSI Section 16160 Specification Guide...

  • Page 21

    Full Voltage, Non-Reversing Starters (NEMA Sizes 6-8) NEMA Size 6-8, Class SXL, Full Voltage, Non-Reversing Starters Full Voltage Starters 3-Phase 250 to 900 HP, Non-Reversing and Reversing 50 / 60 Hz., NEMA Sizes 6–8 Full Voltage Starters are used for across the line starting of squirrel-cage induction motors and the primary control functions for wound rotor motors.

  • Page 22

    Constant Torque: HP output varies directly with speed, while torque remains constant. A constant torque motor rated 100 HP at 1200 rpm delivers 50 HP at 600 rpm. This type is applicable to conveyors, mills, dough mixers, reciprocating pumps, and other similar loads.

  • Page 23

    AC Controls Reduced Voltage Starters — Electromechanical Auto Transformer Starter Operation At starting, the auto transformer reduces motor terminal voltage to 50, 65, or 80 percent of line voltage. For a timed inter- val, a segment of the transformer coil is connected in series (as an inductor) with the motor.

  • Page 24

    The solid state motor controller uses sili- con controlled rectifiers (SCR’s) to control the voltage to the motor windings. Each SCR acts as a switch that can be turned on with any electronic trigger signal at any point on the voltage waveform and turns off when the current waveform crosses zero.

  • Page 25

    AC Controls Solid-State Reduced Voltage Starters Table 15.36 Solid-State Reduced Voltage Starters Dimensions In Inches (mm) Current Rating Amps Height Class 70 NEMA 1, 12 6.1–22 15 (381) 42–55 25 (635) 68–192 36 (914) 53 (1346) 361–480 54 (1372) 91 (2311) Class 71 MCP or Thermal Mag NEMA 1...

  • Page 26

    AC Controls Pilot Device Units Pilot Device Units and Indicator Lights — Type 3SBO Pilot Device Options 3SBO pilot devices are built by Siemens in two basic forms - 1) as assembled for the most frequently used configurations, or 2) as subassemblies for greater flexibility.

  • Page 27

    AC Controls Enclosed Pilot Device Stations Enclosed Pilot Device Stations P22 Series P22 stations are NEMA Type 1 metal enclosures and are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 hole enclosures. Completely assembled stations are standard up to 3 hole units. Empty enclosures are available for 7/8”...

  • Page 28: Specifications

    Type SXL and SRL Non-Reversing or Reversing Starters Across-the-line magnetic starters for motors up to 200 HP, 600 volts, shall be Siemens Class 14 starters or equal. They shall be built and tested in accordance with the latest NEMA Standard ICS2-321 and UL Listed.

  • Page 29

    Autotransformer Starters Reduced voltage starters shall be Siemens Type SAT for motors up to 900 HP, 600V. Starter shall be the closed tran- sition type providing field adjustable volt- age taps for 50, 65, and 80% of the line voltage. The autotransformer shall be a...

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