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Honda 2010 Odyssey Technology Reference Manual

Honda 2010 odyssey.
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Technology Reference Guide


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    2 0 1 0 Technology Reference Guide Odyssey...

  • Page 2: 2010 Odyssey

    Once you start the engine, the display shows your Odometer, Trip A last active selection from the previous drive cycle. Outside temperature*, Trip A To toggle between the different displays, press Outside temperature*, Trip B the select/reset knob repeatedly. Oil life * if equipped 2010 Odyssey...

  • Page 3

    2010 Odyssey Multi-Information Display (MID) (Touring) Accessing the MID MID Lower Displays Once you start the engine, the MID shows the last active lower display. Press the Info button to see the Odometer, Trip A last active selection on the upper display.

  • Page 4

    Average speed time Auto Door Locking/Unlocking Default Lock Setting Default Unlock Setting The doors Only the are preset to driver’s door lock when is preset to your vehicle unlock when reaches you shift into about 9 mph. Park (P). 2010 Odyssey...

  • Page 5

    2010 Odyssey Modifying the Auto Door Unlock Setting Follow these steps to program all doors to unlock when you shift to Park: LX, EX, and EX-L 1. Close the driver’s 2. Turn the 3. Press and hold the unlock side of the 4.

  • Page 6

    Inflate the tire(s) to the recommended pressures the low tire pressure indicator comes on. listed on the label on the driver’s doorjamb. Touring: The multi-information display also shows you a message indicating which tire(s) have low pressure. 2010 Odyssey...

  • Page 7

    2010 Odyssey Driving Position Memory System (DPMS) (if equipped) Store up to two driver’s seat and mirror positions into memory. Settings are activated and adjusted when the corresponding remote is used to unlock the doors. Programming DPMS 3. Press and hold the MEMO button until you 1.

  • Page 8

    HFL Talk button and say “Hands-free help.” vents away from the microphone in • For a list of available navigation commands, press and the ceiling. release the NAVI Talk button and say “Voice command help.” • Close the windows. 2010 Odyssey...

  • Page 9: Bluetooth Handsfreelink

    For more information or troubleshooting, call HFL consumer support at HFL gives you a four-digit pairing code. (888) 528-7876, visit, or see your owner’s manual for details. HFL searches for your phone, and you must search for a Bluetooth device on your phone as well.

  • Page 10

    Receiving a Call 1. A notification is heard, and 2. Press the HFL Talk 3. Press the HFL Back button “HANDS FREE LINK” button to accept the call. to end or decline the call. appears on the audio display. 2010 Odyssey...

  • Page 11

    2010 Odyssey Navigation (if equipped) Entering a Destination Using Voice Commands Press and release the NAVI Talk button before you give a command. Say “Display menu.” A list of street names appears. Say the number listed next to the street you want to select.

  • Page 12

    3. Say the number you want to select. 2. A list of the nearest ATMs are 4. The system calculates the route and displayed by shortest distance to displays the “Calculate route to” screen. Say “OK” to set the route. destination. 2010 Odyssey...

  • Page 13

    2010 Odyssey Commonly Used Voice Commands Here are some examples of commonly used voice commands. Try some of these to familiarize yourself with the voice command system. Press and release the NAVI Talk button before you give a command. Look for Restaurants in Your Location Make Audio Selections Say a command like “Display restaurant”...

  • Page 14

    • Find nearest: • Display (or hide): • Display north up/ - ATM - bank - ATM heading up - gas station - Honda dealer - gas station • Zoom in/out - Mexican - airport - restaurant • Go home restaurant...

  • Page 15

    2010 Odyssey Commonly Used Voice Commands (continued) Press and release the NAVI Talk button before you give a command. Audio Commands Climate Control Commands (Accepted on most screens) (Accepted on most screens) • Radio on • XM preset 1/2/3/4/5/6 • Air conditioner •...

  • Page 16

    • If listening to the same media source, both the driver and the rear passenger have the ability to control functions for that source. • On models with navigation, you cannot listen to XM Radio and a CD at the same time. 2010 Odyssey...

  • Page 17

    2010 Odyssey Operating the RES from the Rear Seat 1. From the front panel, make sure REAR PWR 3. Use the ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) buttons to navigate is on and rear control is not disabled.

  • Page 18

    2. The rear view is shown in the display area. EX-L without navigation: Press the monitor on/off button while in Reverse with your foot on the brake. Press again to turn back on. EX-L without Models with navigation navigation Monitor On/Off button 2010 Odyssey...

  • Page 19

    2010 Odyssey Parking Sensor System (Touring) Warns you of the proximity between your vehicle and nearby surrounding objects when parking or in Reverse. To Turn the System On and Off How It Works Press the parking sensor button. When the system senses an object, an indicator appears in the A light appears when the system MID and a beep sounds.

  • Page 20

    Fuel Recommendation This Technology Reference Guide has been prepared to help you • Use only unleaded gasoline of get quickly acquainted with your new Honda, and to provide refer- 87 octane or higher. ence instructions on driving controls and convenience items.

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