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RCA RP2427 User Manual

Cd player
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2_RP2420 EN
11:58 AM
Page 2
Thomson multimedia Inc.
10330 N. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46290
©2001 Thomson multimedia Inc.
Trademark(s) © Registered
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  Summary of Contents for RCA RP2427

  • Page 1 2_RP2420 EN 6/21/01 11:58 AM Page 2 RP2419/RP2420/ Thomson multimedia Inc. 10330 N. Meridian St. RP2421/RP2422/ Indianapolis, IN 46290 ©2001 Thomson multimedia Inc. RP2425/RP2427/ Trademark(s) © Registered Marca(s) © Registrada(s) LAD885/LAD885U Marque(s) © Deposée(s) 55164850 (EN/F/E) LAD890RC/LAD890U...
  • Page 2: Safety Information

    2_RP2420 EN 6/21/01 11:58 AM Page 4 SAFETY INFORMATION SAFETY INFORMATION LASER λ = 780 nm, P max = 5 mW FCC Information For Your Records Thomson Information Rating Information: At bottom of the unit This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC this unit comply with the existing requirements Rules.
  • Page 3: Ac Outlet Power Supply

    Refer to the table for details of the You can power your CD player with the batteries required to operate your unit. RP2422 / RP2427/ LAD890RC / LAD890U supplied AC/DC adaptor. Refer to the table Recharge function (For LAD890RC /...
  • Page 4: Listening To A Compact Disc

    3. Return to step 2 to store other tracks. Therefore, the ESPX function is always 4. Press PLAY/PAUSE button to listen to (For RP2425 / RP2427 only) your programming. After many successive impacts, the buffer 1. Select a power source (either...
  • Page 5: Please Respect The Environment

    THE ENVIRONMENT ! (MIX for Thomson & • Do not store CDs in damp areas. Before throwing any batteries away, SHUFFLE for RCA) • Do not expose CDs to high consult your distributor who may be able 1. Listen press PLAY esp x temperatures.
  • Page 6: Canadian Warranty

    2_RP2420 EN 6/21/01 11:58 AM Page 12 Canadian Warranty US Warranty What your warranty covers: Thomson multimedia Ltd. warrants to the purchaser or gift recipient that if any manufacturing defect • Any defect in materials or workmanship. becomes apparent in this product within 1 year from the original date of purchase, it will be replaced For how long after your purchase: free of charge, including return transportation.

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