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   Summary of Contents for Shark SV1100

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    OWNER’S GUIDE SV1100 69B(1*BBLQGG    30...

  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    BASIC SAFETY PRECAUTIONS SHOULD ALWAYS BE 14 Use only on dry, indoor surfaces. FOLLOWED, INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING: 15 Store the cordless vacuum indoors. Put the cordless READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING YOUR SHARK ® vacuum away after use to prevent accidents. CORDLESS VACUUM.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    • Make sure that the dust cup and filter are securely in place after routine maintenance. ® the Shark • Make sure that all components and filters are thoroughly dry after routine cleaning. Cordless Vac • Only use filters and accessories provided by EURO- PRO Operating LLC.

  • Page 4: Assembly

    ASSEMBLY fig. 2 Charging Charge fig. 3 Complete fig. 1 fig. 4 VACUUM COMPONENTS ASSEMBLY A Main Body 1 Insert the vacuum body into the 3 This unit is equipped with a motorized brush. (fig. 1a) precision charger that monitors B Handle the batteries to ensure a full 2 Insert the handle pole into the top...

  • Page 5: Using Your Cordless Vacuum

    Use only the charge adapter supplied Slide and lift the battery door off of the with this unit, marked with “For nozzle. SV1100 Models Only”. If other Remove the battery pack by pulling on chargers are used, the battery can fail the battery strap.

  • Page 6: Care And Maintenance

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE fig. 6 fig. 8 fig. 5 fig. 7 5 If you notice hair or other debris CAUTION: Remove the unit from 3 Holding the carry handle, place wrapped around the metal screen the charging stand before any the dust cup inside a trash in the upper chamber of the servicing.

  • Page 7

    fig. 10 fig. 9 fig. 11 • CLEANING THE FILTER DO NOT use a hair dryer or CLEANING THE MOTORIZED other forced hot air to dry the BRUSH AND CLEARING Your vacuum has a high efficiency filter. BLOCKAGES dust cup to maintain strong suction by •...

  • Page 8

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE - cont. fig. 12 fig. 13 fig. 14 fig. 16b fig. 15 fig. 17 fig. 16a BRUSH BAR REMOVAL BRUSH BAR INSERTION 1 For easier cleaning, the brush roll 1 To reinsert the brush roll, first slip 3 Make sure you are working can be removed from the nozzle.

  • Page 9: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE & REPLACEMENT PARTS PROBLEM SUGGESTED SOLUTION Vacuum will not operate 1 The battery may be depleted. Charge the vacuum until the complete oval around the power button is illuminated, indicating a complete charge. 2 See “Restarting after a jam” on page 8. 1 Check to see if the charge adapter is plugged in properly to the outlet and to Charging indicator does not the charge stand.

  • Page 10

    Notes TOLL FREE: 1-800-798-7398 69B(1*BBLQGG    30...

  • Page 11: Warranty And Registration

    “ATTENTION CUSTOMER SERVICE”. We are constantly striving to improve our products, therefore the specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice. PRODUCT REGISTRATION Please visit or call 1-800-798-7398 to register your new Shark ® product within ten (10) days of purchase.

  • Page 12

    Copyright © 2011 Euro-Pro Operating LLC USA: Newton, MA 02459 CANADA: Ville St-Laurent, QC H4S 1A7 Printed in China Illustrations may differ from actual product. SV1100.54_110503_2 1-800-798-7398 69B(1*BBLQGG    30...

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