Troubleshooting - HP BD-2000 User Manual

Blu-ray disc player
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Chapter 6


Use this chapter to find solutions to
some questions that may arise when
using your BD player.
No power.
Check if the power cord is connected
The POWER button is not pressed.
Disc tray opens automatically.
The disc is scratched.
The disc is dirty.
The disc is not properly fit on the disc tray.
Disc does not play / The front panel
display shows "NO DISC".
The disc is turned over. Re-insert the disc
with the printed side facing up.
The inserted disc is not supported.
The region code of the disc does not match
the BD player.
No picture is displayed.
The connection cords are not properly
The connection cords are damaged.
Replace with new ones.
Check the settings in the Display Settings
Select the appropriate video input source
of your TV.
The video output from the BD player goes
through a VCR before it gets to your TV.
Connect the BD player directly to your TV.
The picture is not displayed properly.
Check the settings in the Display Settings
Check if the video input signal source of
your TV is set appropriately.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents