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Celestron Course PRO Elite 44876 User Manual

For golf.
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GOLf Gps
Model 44876 / 44877
user's Guide


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Celestron Course PRO Elite 44876

  • Page 1 GOLf Gps Model 44876 / 44877 user’s Guide...
  • Page 2 Get tO knOw yOur COurseprO eLite Keys Power/Menu Key 5 Way Navigation Key Pad (Edges are directional. Center button is “Select”) Page Key Icons Satellite Signal Strength Golf Course Name Real Time Display Hole and Par Information Battery Strength Distance to Green Information
  • Page 3: Main Features

    detaiLs Of yOur COurseprO eLite #44876 #44877 MAIn FeAtures >> >> 20,000+ course maps available online Scorecard feature allows you to track for download your score >> >> 5 FREE course map downloads included Create New Course function gives ability with your purchase to map your own course >>...
  • Page 4: Get Started

    Get started chArGe your coursePro elIte > Using the included USB cable, plug your CoursePro Elite into an open USB port on your computer > Charge time is about 4 to 5 hours > A full charge will last 8 to 10 hours new user setuP >...
  • Page 5 add COurse Maps tO yOur COurseprO eLite >> Turn on your CoursePro Elite (remember to press and hold the ON button for at least 3 seconds) and using the mini USB cable, connect it to your computer >> Open the Course Map Manager software by double clicking the icon on your desktop >>...
  • Page 6: Play Golf

    pLay GOLf > Press and hold the Power button for at least 3 seconds. This screen will appear as your CoursePro Elite attempts to link to a satellite signal. Once the satellite signal is locked in, this menu screen will appear. Press the upper or lower point on the ring of the 5 wAy nAvIGAtIon key to scroll through your choices.
  • Page 7 pLay GOLf Once the auto search is complete, your screen will display the local course along with choices to select another nearby search or to select your course manually. To select the displayed course, Press the center button of the 5 wAy nAvIGAtIon key.
  • Page 8 pLay GOLf Once you have selected the course you want to play, the stArt window will appear. The name of the course you selected will be displayed. Press the left and right points of the 5 wAy nAvIGAtIon key to scroll to your preferred starting hole.
  • Page 9: Other Features

    Other features I. scorecArd PAGe scorecArd hole detAIl wIndow MAIn PAGe To access the scorecard page from the Green The par number is displayed above the score view window, Press the right edge of your 5 and is highlighted in yellow. To change the par, Press the right/left edge of your 5 wAy wAy nAvIGAtIon key.
  • Page 10 Other features II. shot dIstAnce PAGe The Shot Distance page allows you to measure The number displayed in the yellow band has now the distance of any of your shots easily and changed to represent the distance that your ball precisely.
  • Page 11 Other features III. edIt course PAGe Items of Hazard Water Back Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Using CoursePro Elite’s GPS mapping capabilities, green should be entered towards the bottom of the edit course feature allows you to mark and the grid, but you are free to mark the hazards save up to 6 hazards for each hole to the course where you like.
  • Page 12 Other features Iv. creAte course FeAture If your course map is not available in our window. To map this course, select Play Golf database of over 20,000 courses, then this and when prompted to pick a course to play, feature allows you to map your own. From the choose your new course.
  • Page 13 CustOMize settinGs To change the default settings, from the main screen, scroll down and select the settInGs bar. The settings screen will appear. Here you can select from the following options: > Select or delete a course map from CoursePro Elite’s memory >...
  • Page 14 CustOMize settinGs vI. course delete Course Delete Settings Course select La Mirada Golf Course Delete Lakewood Golf Unit Alondra Golf Course La Mirada Golf? Backlight Shadow Hills Golf Clb Power Off Skylinks Golf Club Select You may want to delete courses from your to the previous window and prompted to choose CoursePro Elite’s internal memory to free up a different course.
  • Page 15 CustOMize settinGs vIII. Adjust BAcKlIGht tIMer You can adjust the time the backlight stays on to save battery power. With the Backlight bar highlighted, press Course select the left or right edge of your 5 wAy nAvIGAtIon key to switch the time. The default time is 3 minutes. Your Course Delete choices are 1 minute, 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and Backlight Always On.
  • Page 16 CustOMize settinGs XI. tIMe Zone set For the real time clock on your CoursePro Elite to display accurately, you will need to set your time zone. Use the chart below to find your location and + or - zone based on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
  • Page 17 CustOMize settinGs XII. round tIMe reset Your CoursePro Elite allows you to track your round time. This feature automatically starts once you select the hole you are starting from at the beginning of your round. With the time reset bar highlighted, Press the PAGe key and the clock will reset to 00:00:00.
  • Page 18 CustOMize settinGs Xv. AccessorIes >> USB Cable >> Belt Clip >> Soft Carrying Pouch usB cable Belt clip soft carrying Pouch
  • Page 19 It must not be used for any purpose Liability notice: requiring precise measurement of location, direction, distance, velocity or typography. In no event shall Celestron be liable for any This device should not be used for any aircraft incidental, special, indirect or consequential navigation applications.

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  • Erik May 20, 2015 10:07:
    Couse Pro has frozen in the on position - clock stopped, timer stopped, still readin as if I was still at 9th hole on golf couse. No combinatio​ns of button presses seems to do anything?

    any help is appreciate​d