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Bookendz Docking Station for the Apple 13" MacBook Owner's Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Bookendz Docking Station for the Apple 13" MacBook

  • Page 1 2009...
  • Page 2 THANK YOU Thank you for purchasing the BookEndz Dock for ® your MacBook Computer. The purpose of the ® Dock is to eliminate the hassles, BookEndz ® headaches, wear & tear, and delays that arise from having to plug in all of your peripheral cables each time you want to use them.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ® 13” MacBook - Features & Ports ® BookEndz Dock - Features & Connectors ® Top View Dock - Features & Ports BookEndz ® Front View / Rear View Docking and Undocking Your BookEndz Dock ® Limited Warranty Product Registration...
  • Page 4: Installing Your New Bookendz

    INsTAllINg YOUr New BookEndz dOcK ® 1. Place the BookEndz Dock on the flat surface on which it will be used and plug all of your external devices into the BookEndz Docking Station (video monitor, network, modem, etc.). 2. Shut down the MacBook and close the LCD screen.
  • Page 5 THe 13” Macbook feATUres & POrTs Your 13” MacBook has eight side panel ports and features as shown: 1. MagSafe Power 4. Mini Display Port 2. Gigabit Ethernet 5. Audio In and out 3. USB 2.0 6. Kensington Lock Slot...
  • Page 6: Bookendz

    & cONNecTOrs BookEndz ® Top View The connectors shown below mate with those on your MacBook and allow you to easily dock and undock with your external devices. 1. Headphone Out Gigabit Ethernet Side View 2. Audio In 3.
  • Page 7: Dock Features & Ports

    & POrTs ® Plug all of your peripherals into the ports shown below on the rear of your BookEndz Dock. Be sure all peripherals are turned off prior to connecting them to your BookEndz Dock. Front View 1. Headphone Out 2.
  • Page 8: Dock

    With your MacBook shutdown (not asleep), position the dock on the flat surface you intend to use it on. Align the connectors on the BookEndz Dock, with the ports on the MacBook, and gently push the BookEndz Dock until docking is complete.
  • Page 9: Limited Warranty

    No waiver or modification of the Warranty or any of its terms shall bind OlympicControls Corp. unless in writing and signed by an officer of OlympicControls Corp. Apple and MacBook are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. BookEndz is a registered ®...
  • Page 10 BookEndz Product Registration 9 Mr. 9 Ms. 9 Mrs. First Name Last Name Company Address City State Zip Code Telephone Number Fax Number Email Address Where Purchased Purchase Date Model Number Serial Number Please Fax to 1-847-742-5686 Or email...
  • Page 12 Pub. No. BE-10332...