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Honeywell FLASHGUARD 2000B Troubleshooting Manual

Medium intensity lighting system.
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FlashGuard 2000B Medium Intensity Lighting System

Table of Contents

Troubleshooting Guide
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   Summary of Contents for Honeywell FLASHGUARD 2000B

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    FlashGuard 2000B Medium Intensity Lighting System Table of Contents Flashhead (Strobe) Troubleshooting Flowchart Multiple Strobe Troubleshooting Flowchart Flashhead Problems Multiple Strobe Problems Flashhead Isolation Test Power Supply Isolation Test Status Indicators Tools Required Recommended Spare Parts Troubleshooting Guide pg. 2 pg.
  • Page 2: Flashhead (strobe) Troubleshooting Flowchart

    FlashGuard 2000B Troubleshooting Guide Flashhead (Strobe) Problems START Flashhead Are all of works in at the LEDs least one mode? Section 1, pg. 4 Day mode strobe is OK, Night strobe out? Night mode strobe is OK, Day strobe out? Strobe won’t...
  • Page 3: Multiple Strobe Troubleshooting Flowchart

    FlashGuard 2000B Troubleshooting Guide Multiple Strobe Problems START Only one strobe is acting unusual? Go to “Strobe problems” flowchart, preceding page Strobes are flashing out of sync. Strobes have a ‘double flash’ or are flashing faster than 40 FPM? Master switches to...
  • Page 4: Flashhead Problems

    FlashGuard 2000B Troubleshooting Guide FLASHHEAD (STROBE) PROBLEMS Section 1 Flashhead does not operate in any mode, no LED’s on. Possible Cause: Input power incorrect. Diagnostic Test: Measure input power – it should be 120 VAC ±10%. Corrective Action: Supply correct input power.
  • Page 5 FlashGuard 2000B Troubleshooting Guide Section 3 Flashhead will not operate in any mode. Control power indicator on, high-voltage board LED indicator on. Possible Cause: Trigger control board defective, or incorrect DIP switch setting. Diagnostic Test: Perform “Flashhead Isolation Test” (pg. 9) and “Power Supply Isolation Test”...
  • Page 6 FlashGuard 2000B Troubleshooting Guide Possible Cause: Day capacitor/s or 20 Diagnostic Test: With all conductors attached, check resistance across the terminals of any C2 capacitor. Resistance should be @ 40 . Corrective Actions: 1. If resistance is near 0 , one or more C2 capacitors is shorted. Remove conductors to each capacitor, and individually check / replace each capacitor.
  • Page 7: Multiple Strobe Problems

    FlashGuard 2000B Troubleshooting Guide Section 7 Flashhead flashing slow (15 – 20 flashes per minute), strobe alarm on. Possible Cause: Mis-configured or defective sync monitor board. Diagnostic Test: Ensure the DIP switches on the sync monitor board are set correctly per the manual.
  • Page 8 FlashGuard 2000B Troubleshooting Guide Section 10 All lights are in sync, but there is a double-flash, or flashing faster than 40 flashes per minute (fpm). Possible Cause: More than one sync monitor board is set as master. Diagnostic Test: Inspect the DIP switches on each sync monitor board. In the master power supply, DIP switch S1-4 should be set to “OFF,”...
  • Page 9: Flashhead Isolation Test

    FlashGuard 2000B Troubleshooting Guide Flashhead Isolation Test Disconnect the seven conductor cable from power supply at terminal block TB2. Using an Ohmmeter, check the resistance between the conductors of the disconnected flashhead cable, and compare to the expected values: FG 2000B White Strobe (cable disconnected from power supply)
  • Page 10: Power Supply Isolation Test

    TB2. Install a jumper wire between terminals 5 and 6 to simulate the interlock switch being depressed. Install a neon lamp (Radio Shack catalog # 272-1102, Honeywell Part # 77-2342) across the trigger output. For the FG2000B, install the neon lamp in terminals 3 and 4 on TB2.
  • Page 11: Status Indicators

    Clean gloves to use when changing flashtubes Digital multimeter w/ Ohm reading and 500 VDC capacity NE2 neon light, Radio Shack catalog number 272-1102, Honeywell part # 77-2342 Short piece of wire for jumper (Approx. #12 wire gauge) Page 11...
  • Page 12: Recommended Spare Parts

    FlashGuard 2000B Troubleshooting Guide Recommended Spare Parts Flashhead Spares (Upstairs) Part Number Description 12S00602 Flashtube Assembly: FT1 77-4040K Trigger Transformer: T1 77-2644 Switch, Interlock, S1 Power Supply Spares (Downstairs) Part Number 77-3911 CA706A441EK 77-1167 DP-1019 (Qty 2) 277-3939 277-3937 277-4163...
  • Page 13 FlashGuard 2000B Troubleshooting Guide Page 13...

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