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Kenwood KFC-6984PS Installation Instructions Manual

Kenwood KFC-6984PS Installation Instructions Manual

Performance series flush mount speaker 450w


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Summary of Contents for Kenwood KFC-6984PS

  • Page 6 KENWOOO ELECTRONICS UK LTD. lhecoootry~lirslsaieb'flhemanu~urerloEtrr~.lhenany traeotcMge. These~gtts lnno~ioterlelew~hor01118rwtse voorsclladeaao heii'IIXIt*ldle dml~ YoortVioeit met irtleQripv.ll(maarnilllbe9efkltll!)I'EII'Wisse!bon K""wood H- . RNCI. Wtltfwd, ..,._ warraot'i!IM'iceswillbeSifbjedtolhecorw:litioottalheuser Owlght aftedlheriojllsotlheuserollhePIOiltld.undeltlletCllllicable KENWOOD ELECTRONICS EUROPE B.V. lo'arrJnolooneJemoolen. gramroolooor~aak!en,aanclli~riemen, WD189EB bearlheCOSiolatli'l¢nglheProdtrettotheaDPiieable standards lflgatproYisions Amtterca.m-.g lndlenheii'IIXlll:tgetwulkl worlllioeen Ewooeesloodwaarhel lees-eoopranekoppen,racts,balt€fijen,oplaaclbn andre~J,~Iremerts. lnadr:ilioo.llthel'loru:tiSdilterentintype...
  • Page 7 Propermaintensnceanduseareimportanttotheperformance KENWOOD's liability for any defective product is limited to the repair or replacement of said product at our option, and shall not level of all KENWOOD brand products. Therefore, you should KENWOOD reserves the right to replace defective parts of...
  • Page 8 Ia main-d'oeuvre necessaires pour Ia reparation des produits Kenwood sont garanties pendant Ia pilriode d'un This Kenwood product is warranted for parts and labour for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase, lease...

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