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Frequently Asked Questions - AND XL-10 ActiLink User Manual

Usb transceiver
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I store data files or photos on this
memory stick?
A: The ActiLink
stick. It is a wireless transceiver (antennae) for
receiving signals from Wellness Connected
Q: I purchased an XL-20 Wireless Activity Monitor
and now I have two ActiLinks, what do I do
with the second one?
A: Use it in another computer to upload your data
in multiple locations, such as your home or
Q: I put the ActiLink into my computer's USB port,
why aren't I getting data from my Wellness
Connected devices?
A: Have you fully installed the software? Have you
purchased a service plan? Have you completed
installation and set-up? Is the distance between
your devices and the ActiLink too large or
obstructed by metal? If none of these are the
issue please contact us and we'll help.
USB Transceiver is not a memory
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