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Tasco 119256CW Instruction Manual

Trail camera
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Trail Camera
Instruction Manual
Model #: 119256CW


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Trail Camera Instruction Manual Model #: 119256CW 03-13...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Page Index Introduction Parts & Controls Guide Battery and SD Card Installation About the Setup Menu Using the Setup Menu SETUP MENU REFERENCE TABLE 10-11 Camera Operation Mount the Camera Power on the Camera Test the Coverage Area Secure the Camera Viewing the Photos and Videos Glossary Technical Specifications...
  • Page 4: Important Note

    Congratulations on your purchase of one of the best trail cameras on the market! Tasco is very proud of these cameras and we are sure you will be pleased with yours as well. We appreciate your business and want to earn your trust.
  • Page 5: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of a Tasco Digital Trail Camera. This camera is designed to record animal activity in the outdoors with its still image and movie modes and weatherproof, rugged construction. Your trail cam features a compact, portable size and an extra long battery life.
  • Page 6: Parts & Controls Guide

    Parts and Controls Guide PIR Motion Sensor Camera Padlock Lens Hole Infrared LED Array Tripod Socket Front of Camera Indicator Light (Setup Sensor Mode Only IR LED Array Detail...
  • Page 7: Parts & Controls Guide

    Parts and Controls Guide USB Port Display Power Switch SD Card Slot Battery Compartment Control Panel (Front Unlatched & Opened) Control Panel Detail...
  • Page 8: Battery And Sd Card Installation

    BATTERY and SD CARD INSTALLATION Your Tasco Digital Trail Camera is designed to operate using 4 AA batteries. We recommend using Lithium (for longest life) or Alkaline batteries. NOTE: Always set the power switch to the OFF position when installing or removing batteries.
  • Page 9: About The Setup Menu

    ABOUT THE SETUP MENU Slide the power switch to the On position. You’ll see “WAIT” on the display, then the setup menu screen. Before you start using the camera, you’ll no doubt want to set the date/time so they are imprinted correctly on your photos, and maybe change the trigger delay time and image resolution to your preferences.
  • Page 10: Setup Menu Reference Table

    The following table lists all of the menu items, their available settings, and a description of their functions: Menu Item Description/Operation Settings (Bold=default) Date Press OK and use the UP/DOWN set year, month, and day keys (to change the setting), then press OK again to go to the next date parameter and repeat, to set the current year, month, and...
  • Page 11 Menu Item Description/Operation Settings (Bold=default) Mode Select “Mode” and press OK. Use 1.3M/3M (with UP/DOWN to select 1P (single Mode set to 1P or 3P for photo), 3P (burst of 3 photos), or Movie (video mode). Press OK. photos), Use UP/DOWN to set LO (1.3 MP) 5-60 Sec (in Movie (video) or HI (3 MP) still photo resolution...
  • Page 12: Camera Operation

    When you’ve finished using the Setup Menu, and are ready to return the camera to normal operating mode, so it will begin to capture photos or videos for you, simply press the Setup button. After you exit the Setup Menu, the display will go blank and the camera is in “sleep” mode. About 30 seconds later, the camera will begin taking photos or videos when triggered, at intervals determined by the trigger delay time setting.
  • Page 13: Test The Coverage Area

    CAMERA OPERATION (continued) 3. Test the Coverage Area One of the Trail Camera’s most useful features is the ability to test the coverage area. • After mounting the camera, open the front housing and slide the Power switch to the “ON” position. Press the SETUP button if necessary to enter the Setup Menu.
  • Page 14: Viewing The Photos And Videos

    VIEWING THE PHOTOS and VIDEOS After your camera has been operating for awhile, you will of course want to review the photos and/or videos it has been capturing. This can be done by either of two methods, according to your preference or the availability of accessory equipment: Using an SD Card Reader 1.
  • Page 15: Glossary

    GLOSSARY PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor): Senses motion like a typical security motion detector. Requires infrared energy (heat) in addition to motion to trigger the sensor to help limit detection to live subjects (rather than leaves, etc). Camera Delay: Time elapsed between photos while events are sensed and recorded.
  • Page 16: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Model Number 119256CW Image Sensor Type 1/4 Inch CMOS Sensor Resolution 1.3 Megapixels Effective Focal Length 7.6 mm Lens Aperture f/2.0 IR Filter Automatic IR Filter Display LCD (menu screen) PIR Sensor Trigger Speed 1.3 seconds or less...
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting/Faq

    Setup mode while in the field. Make sure that you are using a good quality name brand SD card in your camera. Tasco recommends SanDisk® brand SD Cards up to 32GB. Our experience indicates that poor quality SD cards can sometimes reduce your trail cam battery life.
  • Page 18 Troubleshooting / FAQ Camera won’t power up Make sure that you have installed all 4 batteries in the battery compartment. Tasco recommends using 4 Energizer® Lithium AA batteries in this trail cam . Make sure that the batteries are installed correctly, observing proper polarity.
  • Page 19 If this is seen on a consistent basis, then the sensor may need servicing. Please contact Tasco customer service. 7. Short video clips—not recording to the length set a. Check to make sure that the SD card is not full.
  • Page 20 Troubleshooting / FAQ Camera won’t retain settings Make sure that you have been saving the changes to any parameter settings that you made while in Setup mode, by pressing “OK” after changing the setting. If you don’t save your new setting after changing it, the camera will continue to use the original default setting for that parameter.
  • Page 21 Overland Park, Kansas 66214 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 2M9 For products purchased outside the United States or Canada please contact your local dealer for applicable warranty information. In Europe you may also contact Tasco at: Tasco Germany GmbH European Service Centre Mathias-Brüggen-Str.
  • Page 22 · Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. The device does not contain any user-serviceable parts. Repairs should only be made by an Authorized Tasco repair center. Unauthorized repairs or modifications could result in permanent damage to the equipment, and will void your warranty and your authority to operate this device under Part 15 regulations.
  • Page 24 For further questions or additional information please contact: Tasco 9200 Cody, Overland Park, Kansas 66214 (800) 423-3537 • ©2013 B.O.P.