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Hitachi EC 189 Safety Instructions Page 10

Hitachi air compressor instruction manual & safety instructions.
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of adapter with this product. If repair or
replacement of the cord or plug is
necessary, do not connect the grounding
wire to either flat blade terminal. The
wire with insulation having an outer
surface that is green with or without
yellow stripes is the grounding wire.
WARNING: Avoid electrical shock hazard. Never use
this compressor with a damaged or
frayed electrical cord or extension cord.
Inspect all electrical cords regularly.
Never use in or near water or in any
environment where electric shock is
(3) If use of an extension cord is unavoidable, be sure
to use one heavy enough to carry the current your
compressor will draw. Minimum cord sizes is as
Cord Length
Up to 25 feet
26 to 100 feet
151 to 250 feet
(4) Use only a 3-wire extension cord that has a
3-blade grounding plug and a 3-slot receptacle
that will accept the plug on the compressor.
(5) Examine cords before using. Do not use the
compressor if its cord is damages. Do not use a
damaged extension cord.
WARNING: Damaged cord must be replaced or
(6) Keep cords away from heat and sharp edges. Do
not pull on a cord to disconnect a plug – grasp the
(7) Always shut off the compressor Motor/Pressure
switch before unplugging the compressor.
(8) If the power receptacle only loosely accepts the
plug, the receptacle must be repaired. Contact the
nearest electric store for repair service.
If such a faulty receptacle is used, may cause
overheating, resulting in a serious hazard.
WARNING: This product must be grounded. If there
should be a malfunction or breakdown,
grounding provides a path of least
resistance for electric current to reduce
the risk of electric shock. This product is
equipped with a cord having an
equipment-grounding conductor and a
grounding type plug. The plug must be
plugged into an appropriate outlet that is
properly installed and grounded in
accordance with all local codes and
WARNING: High voltage may cause personal injury or
death. Disconnect all electrical power
supplies before opening the electrical
enclosure or servicing.
12 AWG
10 AWG
— 10 —
4. Air coupler installation
Screw in the air coupler to the joint (Refer to Fig. 1
and Fig. 6). The screw size of the joint is 3/8". Use an
air coupler which has the same screw size.
5. Pre-start checklist
WARNING: Do not allow the motor or Motor/
Pressure switch to come in contact with
flammable vapors, combustible dust,
gases or other combustible materials. An
electric spark may cause an explosion or
(1) The pump oil dipstick will register the amount of
oil in the pump. (Fig. 2) Oil level should be
checked on a daily basis to ensure it does not
exceed the maximum notch or does not fall below
the minimum notch on the pump oil dipstick. If the
oil level is low, replenish oil through the filling
hole so that the amount of oil will come to a point
between the maximum notch and the minimum
notch on the pump oil dipstick according to the
OIL TYPE CHART on page 9.
WARNING: Drain tank to release air pressure before
removing the pump oil dipstick.
WARNING: Make sure air vent in pump oil dipstick is
free from debris. If air vent is blocked
pressure can build in crankcase causing
damage to compressor and possible
personal injury.
(2) Remove any moisture in the air compressor air
tank. To drain the air tank, open the drain valve
slowly and tilt compressor to empty accumulated
water. Close tightly when drained.
(3) Make sure the Motor/Pressure switch is in the
"OFF" position (Fig. 3). If the plug is connected to
a receptacle while the knob is in the "AUTO"
position, the compressor will start operating
immediately and can cause serious injury.
Fig. 3
(4) Make sure the safety relief valve is working
correctly. (Fig. 4)
The safety relief valve is designed to prevent
system failures by relieving pressure from the
system when this compressed air reaches a
predetermined level. The safety relief valve is
preset by the manufacturer and must not be
modified in any way. To verify the safety relief
valve is working properly, pull on the ring. Air


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