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Philips 40PFL8007 User Manual Page 22

8000 series smart led tv.
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Table of Contents
To type an uppercase character, press and hold the (
(Shift) key (2) and type the uppercase character you need. If
you only need 1 uppercase character in your text, press the
( key just before typing the character you need.
If you need to type several uppercase characters consecutively,
you can hold the ( key while typing or press the ( key
for 2 seconds to switch the keyboard in uppercase mode.
Press the ( key once to switch out of the uppercase mode
again. If you do not press any character on the keyboard, the
uppercase mode switches off automatically after 20 seconds.
Also, if you press any other modifier key on the keyboard, like
Fn (3) or the àö! (4) key, you switch out of the uppercase
Alternative characters
To type an alternative character (the coloured characters on
the keyboard) press and hold the Fn key (3) and type the
alternative character you need. You can switch to or back out
of the alternative character mode as you do for the uppercase
Special characters - àö!
Some characters have no key on the remote control keyboard.
To enter special characters, you can open the onscreen
To open the onscreen keyboard, press àö! (4). In the
onscreen keyboard, you can navigate to the character you need.
Switch the keyboard lay-out with the colour keys. Press OK to
enter a character. The onscreen keyboard disappears when you
press a character on the remote control keyboard.
Alternatively, you can enter special characters with the remote
control SMS/text keypad on the front of the remote control.
Email and Internet
You can use the Fn key to enter the characters for email and
Internet use, like @, # or www. and .com.
Keyboard overview
1 - Fn key
Hold the Fn key to type an alternative, coloured character.
2 - ( Shift
Hold the Shift key to type uppercase characters.
3 - y Spacebar key
4 - Arrow keys
5 - Enter
Press Enter to confirm the text you entered.
6 - Backspace
Deletes the character in front of the text cursor.
7 - àö! Special character key
Press àö! to open the onscreen keyboard to select a special
8 -AZERTY character key
Character if the keyboard lay-out is set to AZERTY.
Qwerty or Azerty
The standard layout of the remote control keyboard is
You can also set the keyboard layout to AZERTY.
To change the keyboard layout, press h and select S Setup
and press OK to open the Setup menu.
Select TV settings > General settings > Remote control
The AZERTY characters are indicated at the top right of the
relevant keys.
About pointer
Instead of using the arrow keys to select items on screen (the
up, down, left or right arrows), you can use the remote control
pointer. When you move the remote control, the pointer - a
small circle - will move along on screen. It's like using a mouse
on a computer. The pointer can navigate Smart TV Apps* and
Internet pages on your TV.
*Gradually Smart TV Apps will come available for use with the
TV / Remote control


Table of Contents

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