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Connect Devices - Philips 42PFL6907 User Manual

6900 series smart led tv.
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Table of Contents
To receive multimedia files from smartphones or tablets, set
the DMR to On.
TV network name
If you have more than one TV in your network, you can
rename the TVs here.
Clear Internet memory
With Clear Internet memory you clear all Internet files stored
on your TV. You clear your Philips Smart TV registration and
parental rating setting, your video store app logins, all Smart TV
app favourites, Internet bookmarks and history. Interactive
MHEG applications can also save so-called 'cookies', on your
TV. These files will also be cleared.

Connect devices

Tips on connections
Connectivity guide
Always connect a device to the TV with the highest quality
connection available. Also, use good quality cables to ensure a
good transfer of picture and sound.
If you need help to connect several devices to the TV, you can
visit the Philips TV connectivity guide. The guide offers
information on how to connect and which cables to use.
Go to
If you have a Set-top box (a digital receiver) or Recorder,
connect the antenna cables to run the antenna signal through
the Set-top box and/or Recorder first before it enters the TV.
In this way, the antenna and the Set-top box can send possible
additional channels to the Recorder to record.
Setting up / Connect devices
An HDMI connection has the best picture and sound quality.
One HDMI cable combines video and audio signals. Use an
HDMI cable for High Definition (HD) TV signals. For best signal
quality transfer, do not use an HDMI cable longer than 5 m.
If your devices are connected with HDMI and have EasyLink,
you can operate them with the TV remote control. EasyLink
HDMI CEC must be switched on on the TV and the
connected device.
In Help, press
List and look up EasyLink HDMI CEC for
more information on using EasyLink.
All of the HDMI connections on the TV have ARC (Audio
Return Channel).
If the device, typically a Home Theatre System (HTS), also has
the HDMI ARC connection, connect it to any of the HDMI
connections on this TV. With the HDMI ARC connection, you
do not need to connect the extra audio cable that sends the
sound of the TV picture to the HTS. The HDMI ARC
connection combines both signals.
You can use any HDMI connection on this TV to connect the
HTS but ARC is only available for 1 device/connection at a
In case you prefer to switch off ARC on the HDMI
connections, press h and select S Setup and press OK.
Select TV settings > Sound > Advanced > HDMI ARC.
Use a DVI to HDMI adapter if your device only has a DVI
connection. Use one of the HDMI connections and add an
Audio L/R cable (mini-jack 3.5 mm) to Audio In VGA/DVI for
sound, on the back of the TV.
Copy protection
DVI and HDMI cables support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital
Content Protection). HDCP is a copy protection signal that
prevents copying content from a DVD disc or Blu-ray Disc.
Also referred to as DRM (Digital Rights Management).
Y Pb Pr
Component Video YPbPr is a high quality connection. The
YPbPr connection can be used for High Definition (HD) TV
signals. Next to the Y, Pb and Pr signals add the Audio Left
and Right signals for sound.


Table of Contents

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