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PANASONIC TX-L32V10E Operating Instructions Manual

Lcd television.
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Please read these instructions before operating your set and retain them for future reference.
The images shown in this manual are for illustrative purposes only.
Please refer to Pan European Guarantee Card if you need to contact your local Panasonic dealer for assistance.
Operating Instructions
LCD Television
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   Summary of Contents for PANASONIC TX-L32V10E

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Please read these instructions before operating your set and retain them for future reference. The images shown in this manual are for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to Pan European Guarantee Card if you need to contact your local Panasonic dealer for assistance. English...

  • Page 2

    Turn your own living room into a movie theatre! Experience an amazing level of multi- Notice for DVB functions ● Any functions related to DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) will work in areas where DVB-T (MPEG2 and MPEG4-AVC ) digital terrestrial broadcasting are (H.264) received, where DVB-C (MPEG2 and MPEG4-AVC ) digital cable services...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents media excitement Be Sure to Read ● Safety Precautions ············································ 4 (Warning / Caution) ● Notes ································································· 5 ● Maintenance ······················································ 5 Enjoy rich multi-media Quick Start Guide ● Accessories / Options ·········· 6 SD Card ● Identifying Controls ··············...

  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    TV unstable, risking injury. Be sure to ask ● Do not place containers with water (flower vase, your local Panasonic dealer to perform setup. ● cups, cosmetics, etc.) above the TV. (including on Use approved pedestals / mounts (p. 6).

  • Page 5: (warning / Caution) Notes

    Notes ■ Auto power standby function Caution ● If no signal is received and no operation is ■ When cleaning the TV, remove the mains performed in Analogue TV mode for 30 minutes, the TV will automatically go to standby mode. plug ■...

  • Page 6: Accessories / Options

    WARNING! ● Failure to use a Panasonic bracket or choosing to mount the unit yourself will be done at the risk of the consumer. Any damage resulting from not having a professional installer mount your unit will void your warranty.

  • Page 7

    Installing / removing remote’s batteries Pull open Close Hook Note the correct polarity (+ or -) Caution ● Incorrect installation may cause battery leakage and corrosion, resulting in damage to the remote control. ● Do not mix old and new batteries. ●...

  • Page 8: Identifying Controls

    Do not place any objects or hands within the full rotation range. Set the mark at the centre as illustrated, to ensure full degree rotation in either direction. ● TX-L32V10E a: 359 mm / b: 230 mm ● TX-L37V10E a: 399 mm / b: 296 mm 15°...

  • Page 9

    Identifying Controls Remote Control VIERA IMAGE VIEWER (p. 58) Input mode selection ● Switches to SD Card viewing mode ● TV - switches DVB-S / DVB-C / DVB-T / Analogue mode (p. 14) Standby On / Off switch ● AV - switches to AV input mode from Input ●...

  • Page 10: Basic Connection

    Basic Connection External equipment and cables shown are not supplied with this TV. Please ensure that the unit is disconnected from the mains socket before attaching or disconnecting any leads. Example 1 Connecting dish or aerial TV only Rear of the TV Satellite dish Satellite cable...

  • Page 11

    Example 3 Example 2 Connecting DVD Recorder / VCR Connecting DVD Recorder / VCR and Set top box TV, DVD Recorder or VCR TV, DVD Recorder / VCR and Set top box Rear of the TV Rear of the TV Terrestrial Terrestrial AC 220-240 V...

  • Page 12

    Auto Setup Search and store TV channels automatically. ● These steps are not necessary if the setup has been completed by your local dealer. ● Please complete connections (p. 10 and p. 11) and settings (if necessary) of the connected equipment before starting Auto Setup.

  • Page 13

    Using the On Screen Displays Many features available on this TV can be accessed via the On Screen Display menu. ■ How to use remote control Move the cursor / adjust levels / select from Move the cursor / select the menu item a range of options Access the menu / store settings after BACK/...

  • Page 14: Watching Tv

    Watching TV Turn power on (Press for about 1 second) ● Mains power On / Off switch should be On. (p. 8) Select the mode watch TV Selection DVB-S select INPUT DVB-C DVB-T ASPECT MENU Analogue EXIT ● The selectable modes vary depending on the country you select (p. 12). ●...

  • Page 15

    ■ Other useful functions Hold HOLD Freeze / unfreeze picture Display Information banner Display Information banner ● Also appears when changing a channel Category ● Channel position and name To change the category blue Channel type (if it is Radio or Data channel) Current time Example (DVB): 1 ZDF...

  • Page 16: Display / Hide Subtitles (if Available)

    Watching TV ■ Other useful functions Display subtitles Display / hide subtitles (if available) STTL ● To change the language for DVB (if available) “Preferred Subtitles” (p. 30) Note ● If you press the STTL button in Analogue mode, it switches to teletext service and calls up a favourite page (p.

  • Page 17

    ■ Other useful functions Display the selectable settings for the current programme ● To change OPTION Check or change the current programme status instantly change select Multi Video (DVB mode) Teletext Character Set Allows you to select the image (if available) Sets the teletext language Setup Menu (p.

  • Page 18: Using Tv Guide

    Using TV Guide TV Guide―Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) provides an on-screen listing of the programmes currently broadcast and the forthcoming broadcasts over the next seven days (depending on the broadcasters). ● This function varies depending on the country you select (p. 12). ●...

  • Page 19

    ■ Depending on the country you select, this TV supports the GUIDE Plus+ system in DVB-T or Analogue mode The postcode entry or update is required. Follow the message’s instructions. ● Also possible to setup manually from the Setup Menu “Update”...

  • Page 20: Viewing Teletext

    Viewing Teletext Teletext services are the text information provided by the broadcasters. The features may vary depending on the broadcasters. What is FLOF (FASTEXT) mode? In FLOF mode, four differently coloured subjects are situated at the bottom of the screen. To access more information about one of these subjects, press the appropriately coloured button.

  • Page 21

    INDEX Return to the main index page INDEX Call up a favourite page View a favourite page stored ● Call up the page stored on the blue button (List mode). STTL ● Factory setting is “P103”. View in multi window Watch TV and Teletext in two windows at once MENU (press twice)

  • Page 22: Watching External Inputs

    Watching External inputs Connect the external equipment (VCRs, DVD equipment, etc.) and you can watch the input. ● To connect the equipment p. 11 and p. 70 The Remote Control is capable of operating some functions of selected external equipment. Turn the TV on ■...

  • Page 23

    Start recording ■ How to change the code for the type of the equipment Each type of the Panasonic equipment has its own remote control code. Please change the code according to the equipment you want to operate. DVD/VCR Set the position to “DVD/VCR”...

  • Page 24: How To Use Menu Functions

    How to Use Menu Functions Various menus allow you to make settings for the picture, sound, and other functions. Display the menu ● Displays the functions that can be set INPUT MENU (varies according to the input signal) ASPECT MENU DIRECT TV REC Select the menu EXIT...

  • Page 25

    ■ Overview ● How to operate p. 24 Main Menu Picture Menu Viewing Mode Dynamic Contrast Picture Brightness Colour Sound Sharpness Tint Colour Balance Warm Setup Colour Management Eco Mode Picture Menu Advanced Settings P-NR R-Gain 3D-COMB G-Gain Multi Window Access B-Gain Advanced Settings...

  • Page 26: Menu List

    How to Use Menu Functions ■ Menu list Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Basic picture mode (Dynamic / Normal / Cinema / Game) ● Set for each input signal Dynamic : Provides enhanced picture contrast and sharpness when viewing in a bright room Normal : Recommended for viewing under normal ambient room lighting conditions Cinema : For watching movies in a darkened room producing a cinema-like picture Viewing Mode...

  • Page 27

    Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Mode Basic sound mode (Music / Speech) Bass Increases or decreases level to enhance or minimise lower, deeper sound output Treble Increases or decreases level to enhance or minimise sharper, higher sound output Balance Adjusts volume level of right and left speakers Headphone Volume Adjusts the volume of the headphones...

  • Page 28

    How to Use Menu Functions ■ Menu list Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Off Timer Sets the time the TV automatically turns Off (Off / 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90 minutes) VIERA Link Sets to use VIERA Link functions (Off / On) (p.

  • Page 29

    Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Favourites Edit Creates list of favourite DVB-C channels (p. 37) Channel List Skips the unwanted DVB-C channels or edits DVB-C channels (p. 37) Auto Setup Automatically sets the DVB-C channels supplied (p. 34) Manual Tuning Sets the DVB-C channels manually (p.

  • Page 30

    How to Use Menu Functions ■ Menu list Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) OSD Language Changes language for on-screen displays Selects the first and second preferred language for DVB multi audio (depending on Preferred Audio 1 / 2 the broadcaster) Selects the first and second preferred language for DVB subtitles (depending on the Preferred Subtitles broadcaster)

  • Page 31

    Menu Item Adjustments / Configurations (alternatives) Shipping Condition Resets all settings, for example, when moving house (p. 45) System Update Downloads new software to TV (p. 46) Software Licence Displays the software licence information System Information Displays the system information of this TV Selects optional colour system based on video signals in AV mode AV Colour System (Auto / PAL / SECAM / M.NTSC / NTSC)

  • Page 32: Retuning From Setup Menu

    Retuning from Setup Menu Auto Setup retunes all channels automatically. DVB-S channels Automatically retune all the DVB-S channels received in the area. ● This function is available if DVB-S channel tuning is already performed. ● Only DVB-S channels are retuned. ●...

  • Page 33

    DVB-S Tuning Menu Favourites Edit Channel List Auto Setup Manual Tuning Update Channel List Signal Condition Antenna System DiSEqC1.0 LNB Configuration Access Select “Antenna System” and set You can receive several satellites if you have DiSEqC control antenna system. ● This TV supports DiSEqC Version 1.0.

  • Page 34

    Retuning from Setup Menu DVB-C channels Automatically retune all the DVB-C channels supplied. ● This function is available if DVB-C channel tuning is already performed. ● Only DVB-C channels are retuned. ● All the previous tuning settings are erased. ● If a Child Lock PIN number (p.

  • Page 35

    DVB-T or Analogue channels Automatically retune all DVB-T or Analogue channels received in the area. ● DVB-T Auto Setup ia available if DVB-T channel tuning is already performed. ● Only DVB-T channels are retuned in DVB-T mode. ● Only Analogue channels are retuned in Analogue mode. ●...

  • Page 36: Tuning And Editing Channels (dvb)

    Tuning and Editing Channels (DVB) You can retune channels or make your favourite channel lists, skip unwanted channels, etc. Select DVB-S, DVB-C or DVB-T p. 14 INPUT Display the menu MENU MENU EXIT Select “Setup” access Main Menu BACK/ RETURN Picture Sound select...

  • Page 37: Favourites Edit

    List favourite DVB channels Favourites Edit Create your favourite channel lists from various broadcasters (up to 4: Favourites1 to 4). The DVB Favourites lists are available from “Category” in the Information banner (p. 15) and the TV Guide (p. 18). Select a channel to list ●...

  • Page 38: Tuning And Editing Channels

    Tuning and Editing Channels (DVB) Set DVB channel manually Manual Tuning Normally use “Auto Setup” or “Update Channel List” to retune DVB channels. If tuning has not been done completely or for adjusting the direction of the aerial or dish, use this function. ●...

  • Page 39: New Channel Message

    Display a notification message New Channel Message Selects whether to give a notification message when a new DVB channel is found. (Off / On) ● Selecting OK will perform “Update Channel List”. New channels found! ● Press OK to update channel list This function is not available in DVB-S mode.

  • Page 40: Tuning And Editing Channels (analogue)

    Tuning and Editing Channels (Analogue) You can retune channels or skip unwanted channels, edit channels etc. Select Analogue p. 14 INPUT Display the menu MENU MENU EXIT Select “Setup” access BACK/ Main Menu RETURN Picture Sound select Setup Select “Analogue Tuning Menu” access Setup Menu Off Timer...

  • Page 41: Channel List

    Skip unwanted Analogue channels, Edit Analogue channels Channel List You can hide unwanted Analogue channels. The hidden channels cannot be displayed except in this function. Use this function to skip unwanted channels. Select a channel and reveal / hide reveal / hide Analogue Channel List ●...

  • Page 42: Child Lock

    Child Lock You can lock specific channels / AV input terminals and control who watches them. When the locked channel / input is selected, a message appears; by entering the PIN number, you can watch it. Display the menu MENU MENU EXIT Select “Setup”...

  • Page 43

    Control channel audience Child Lock Enter the PIN number (4 digits) ● Enter the PIN number twice at first setting. Child Lock-PIN Entry ● Make a note of the PIN number in case you forget it. Please enter new PIN ●...

  • Page 44: Using Common Interface

    Although CI module may enable you to view some services, this TV does not guarantee all services (e.g. pay-TV). Please use only the approved CI module by the broadcaster. Consult your local Panasonic dealer or broadcasters for more information and conditions of the services. CI slot Caution ●...

  • Page 45: Shipping Condition

    Shipping Condition Resets the TV to its original condition, i.e. no channels tuned in. All settings are reset (channels, picture, sound settings, etc.). Display the menu MENU MENU EXIT Select “Setup” access Main Menu Picture Sound select Setup Select “System Menu” access Setup Menu Off Timer...

  • Page 46: Updating The Tv Software

    Updating the TV Software From time to time, a new version of software may become available for download to enhance the performance or operations of the TV. If there is an update available, a notification banner is displayed when the channel has the update information.

  • Page 47: Input Labels

    Input Labels For easier identification and selection of the input mode, you can label each input mode or skip terminal that is not connected to any equipment. ● To select the input mode p. 22 Display the menu MENU MENU Select “Setup”...

  • Page 48: Multi Window

    Multi Window Enjoy viewing two images at once (multi window), such as a TV programme and a DVD. Display the menu MENU MENU Select “Picture” access Main Menu Picture Sound select Setup Select “Multi Window” access Picture Menu 3D-COMB Multi Window Access Advanced Settings select...

  • Page 49: How To Use Viera Tools

    How to Use VIERA TOOLS You can access some special features easily by using the VIERA TOOLS function. Display icons of the feature EXIT Select a feature select access VIERA Link Control Follow the operations of each feature ● VIERA Link Control “VIERA Link Control”...

  • Page 50: Using Network Services

    54 - 56 VIERA CAST™ VIERA CAST is a gateway to the internet services unique to Panasonic. By connecting the TV to the internet environment, VIERA CAST allows you to enjoy internet content on the TV screen such as photos, movies, weather, etc. from VIERA CAST home screen.

  • Page 51

    Network connections ● If you do not have a Broadband network services, please consult your retailer for assistance. ● Confirm the terms and conditions of the contracts with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or telecommunications company. ● Use the Shielded Twist Pair (STP) LAN cable to connect the TV to the network equipment. ●...

  • Page 52

    Using Network Services (DLNA / VIERA CAST) Network Setup ● Ensure the connections are completed before starting Network Setup. “Network connections” (p. 51) Display the menu MENU MENU EXIT Select “Setup” access Main Menu Picture Sound select Setup BACK/ RETURN Select “Link Settings”...

  • Page 53

    Network Settings Set the network setting items If you make the network connection like “Example 2” (p. 51), you do ■ Acquire IP Address not have to set “Acquire DNS Address”, “Proxy” and “Proxy Port”. ■ Acquire DNS Address Sets IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. For most users, the recommended method of connection to your network is by using Auto feature.

  • Page 54

    Using Network Services (DLNA / VIERA CAST) Using DLNA features ® ● Ensure the preparation of media server, network connections and network settings are completed. “Media server” (p. 50), “Network connections” (p. 51), “Network Setup” (p. 52 and p. 53) Display the Input select menu INPUT Select “Media Server”...

  • Page 55

    Slideshow (for photo contents) ■ Start Slideshow (operate in step Select the photo for the first view Start Slideshow ● To pause ● To return to Single view green Note ● Slideshow is done for all available photo contents. ■ Slideshow settings (operate in step Display the...

  • Page 56

    Using Network Services (DLNA / VIERA CAST) DivX® VOD ABOUT DIVX VIDEO-ON-DEMAND: This DivX® Certified device must be registered in order to play DivX Video-on-Demand (VOD) content. First generate the DivX VOD registration code for your device and submit it during the registration process. [Important: DivX VOD content is protected by a DivX DRM (Digital Rights Management) system that restricts playback to registered DivX Certified devices.

  • Page 57

    ● The services through VIERA CAST™ are operated by their respective service providers, and service may be discontinued either temporarily or permanently without notice. Therefore, Panasonic will make no warranty for the content or the continuity of the services. ●...

  • Page 58: Viewing From Sd Card

    Viewing from SD Card (VIERA IMAGE VIEWER) Photo View : Still images recorded by digital cameras will be displayed. Movie View : Moving pictures recorded by digital video cameras will be played back. ● During the operation, sound signal is output from AV1, AV2, AUDIO OUT and DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminals. But no video signals are output.

  • Page 59: Slideshow Settings

    Slideshow ■ Start Slideshow (operate in step Select the photo for the first view Start Slideshow ● To pause ● To return to Single view green Note ● Slideshow is done within the thumbnail. ● You can also start slideshow directly by using VIERA TOOLS “How to Use VIERA TOOLS”...

  • Page 60: Audio Output Settings

    Viewing from SD Card (VIERA IMAGE VIEWER) Movie View Insert the SD Card access Select “Movie View” SD Card Photo View select Movie View ● You can also access directly by using INPUT VIERA TOOLS ASPECT MENU DIRECT TV REC “How to Use VIERA TOOLS”...

  • Page 61: Displaying Pc Screen On Tv

    Displaying PC Screen on TV The screen of the PC connected to the TV can be displayed on the TV. You can also listen to PC sound with the audio cable connected. ● To connect PC p. 70 Select the external input INPUT ASPECT MENU...

  • Page 62: Link Functions

    Connect the equipment supporting VIERA Link to the TV’s HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3 or HDMI4 terminal via an HDMI cable. ● About HDMI cable for connecting Panasonic HD Video Camera or LUMIX Camera, read the manual of the equipment. ■ VIERA Link (HDMI and SCART connections)

  • Page 63

    ■ VIERA Link (HDMI and Audio out connections) Connected equipment Player theatre with Blu-ray Disc theatre with Amplifier with VIERA Link function VIERA Link function VIERA Link function Features Preset download – – – ∗ ∗ Easy playback – Power on link –...

  • Page 64: Viera Link

    Link Functions Q-Link VIERA Link Q-Link ■ Preparations ● Connect the DVD Recorder / VCR with the following logos: “Q-Link”, “NEXTVIEWLINK”, “DATA LOGIC”, “Easy Link”, “Megalogic” or “SMARTLINK” ● Q-Link connection p. 62 ● Use fully wired SCART cable. ● Set up the DVD Recorder / VCR.

  • Page 65

    VIERA Link “ Control™” ∗ ∗Enjoy additional HDMI Inter-Operability with Panasonic products which have “HDAVI Control” function. This TV supports “HDAVI Control 4” function. Connections to the equipment (DIGA Recorder, HD Video Camera, Player theatre, Amplifier, etc.) with HDMI and SCART cables allow you to interface them automatically (p. 62 and p. 63).

  • Page 66: Standby Power Save

    Link Functions Q-Link VIERA Link ■ Features available Reduce unnecessary power consumption in standby Standby Power Save Set Standby Power Save “On” in the Setup Menu to use this function “Standby Power Save” (p. 28) The power consumption in Standby mode of the connected equipment is controlled higher or lower in synchronization with the TV On / Off state to reduce the consumption.

  • Page 67: Pause Live Tv

    ■ Features available (Using VIERA Link Menu) Pause Live TV programme Pause Live TV You can pause the live TV programme and resume later. Live TV programme will be recorded on HDD of the connected DIGA Recorder. ● This function is available with DIGA Recorder which has HDD. ●...

  • Page 68: Viera Link Control

    Link Functions Q-Link VIERA Link ■ Features available (Using VIERA Link Menu) Control the menu of the connected equipment by VIERA remote control VIERA Link Control You can control some functions of the connected equipment with this TV remote control (point the remote control at the TV’s signal receiver).

  • Page 69: Speaker Selection

    ■ Features available (Using VIERA Link Menu) Speaker control Speaker Selection You can control the theatre speaker with this TV remote control (point the remote control at the TV’s signal receiver). ● If you cannot operate, check the settings and the equipment “Summary of Q-Link and VIERA Link features”...

  • Page 70: (q-link / Viera Link) External Equipment

    External Equipment These diagrams show our recommendations for connection of your TV to various pieces of equipment. For other connections, consult the instructions for each piece of equipment, the table below, and the specifications (p. 83). To listen with speakers HDMI equipment “HDMI connection”...

  • Page 71

    Rear of the TV To watch cable Satellite Cable dish broadcasts Satellite cable Set top box Fully wired HDMI compliant cable ( M3 stereo mini plug) Network Headphones Shielded Twist Pair (STP) straight LAN cable To adjust volume “Headphone Volume” in HDMI 4 the Sound Menu (p.

  • Page 72: Technical Information

    Technical Information Auto Aspect The optimum size and aspect can be chosen automatically, and you can enjoy finer images. (p. 16) ■ Aspect Control Signal “WIDE” will appear in the top left of the screen if a Widescreen signal (WSS) or a Control signal through SCART / HDMI terminal is found.

  • Page 73

    Network ■ On screen messages Message Meaning / Action ● An internal error occured. Check the settings. (p. 52 and p. 53) ● The file is broken or unreadable. Cannot read file Check applicable data format. (p. 50) ● This might be a problem of the media server. Communication with the server failed.

  • Page 74

    Technical Information DivX ABOUT DIVX VIDEO: DivX ® is a digital video format created by DivX, Inc. This is an official DivX Certified device that plays DivX video. ■ DivX video file Extension - “.divx” or “.avi” Image resolution - Up to 720 × 576 pixels ●...

  • Page 75

    ● Back up the recorded data at regular intervals in case of deteriorated or damaged data or erratic operation of the TV. (Panasonic is not liable for any deterioration or damage of recorded data.) ■ Data format for Card browsing ●...

  • Page 76

    Technical Information Characters table for numeric buttons You can enter characters by using numeric buttons for free input items. User input Press the numeric button repeatedly until you reach the desired character. Name ● A B C D E F G H J K L M N O P Q R S T The character is set automatically if you leave for one second.

  • Page 77

    HDMI connection HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) is the world’s first complete digital consumer AV interface complying with a non-compression standard. HDMI allows you to enjoy high-definition digital images and high-quality sound by connecting the TV and the equipment. HDMI-compatible equipment (∗1) with an HDMI or DVI output terminal, such as a DVD player, a set top box or a game equipment, can be connected to the HDMI terminal using an HDMI compliant (fully wired) cable.

  • Page 78

    Technical Information Input signal that can be displayed COMPONENT (Y, P ), HDMI ∗ Mark: Applicable input signal Signal name COMPONENT HDMI ∗ ∗ 525 (480) / 60i ∗ ∗ 525 (480) / 60p ∗ ∗ 625 (576) / 50i ∗...

  • Page 79: Faqs

    FAQs Before requesting service or assistance, please follow these simple guides to resolve the problem. If the problem still persists, please contact your local Panasonic dealer for assistance. White spots or shadow images (noise) ● Check the position, direction, and connection of the aerial.

  • Page 80

    FAQs Problem Actions ● Set “P-NR” in the Picture Menu (to remove noise). (p. 26) ● Chaotic image, noisy Check nearby electrical products (car, motorcycle, fluorescent lamp). ● Is “Colour” or “Contrast” in the Picture Menu set to the minimum? No image can be displayed (p.

  • Page 81

    Problem Actions ● Set the sound setting of the connected equipment to “2ch L.PCM”. ● Sound is unusual Check the “HDMI1 Input” setting in the Sound Menu. (p. 27) ● If digital sound connection has a problem, select analogue sound connection.

  • Page 82: Licence

    HDMI, the HDMI Logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. ● HDAVI Control™ is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation. ● “AVCHD” and the “AVCHD” logo are trademarks of Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation. ● x.v.Colour™ is a trademark. ● Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.

  • Page 83: Specifications

    Specifications TX-L32V10E TX-L37V10E Power Source AC 220-240 V, 50 / 60 Hz Power Consumption 160 W 187 W Power Consumption in 0.3 W (Without monitor out recording) Standby mode 44 W (With monitor out recording) Aspect Ratio 16:9 80 cm (diagonal)

  • Page 84

    INFORMATION, EQUIPMENT, OR SERVICES RELATING TO THE GUIDE PLUS+ SYSTEM. Trade Mark of the DVB Digital Video Broadcasting Project (1991 to 1996) TX-L32V10E Declaration of Conformity No. 6527, 26 January 2009 TX-L37V10E Declaration of Conformity No. 6528, 26 January 2009 Customer’s Record The model number and serial number of this product may be found on its rear panel.

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