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Table of contents

Keypad layout ............ 2,4
Phone overview ......... 3,5
Using this guide ............ 6
Key actions ....................... 6
Display Indicators ............. 7
Getting started ............. 8
Inserting SIM card ............. 8
Attaching battery .............. 9
Charging battery ............. 10
Standby display .............. 13
Making a call .................. 13
Answering a call ............. 14
Ending a call ................... 14
indicators ..................... 15
Security codes ................. 19
Emergency calls .............. 20
General features ......... 21
Speed dialing .................. 21
Silent alert mode ............ 22
Muting ............................ 22
Volume adjustment ........ 22
Pause feature .................. 23
conference calls ............ 24
Menu system ............... 26
Menu map ...................... 26
Entering text ................... 28
Network Services ............ 32
Voice Mail ....................... 32
Phone Book .................... 33
Storing numbers ......... 33
Speed dialing .............. 37
Messages (SMS) .............. 38
Calls & Timers ................. 41
Call log ....................... 41
Call timers .................. 42
Call timer - reset ......... 43
Call costs .................... 44
Services ........................... 46
Call forward ................ 46
Network ..................... 48
(CB) messages .............. 52
phone ........................... 55
Office Tools ..................... 64
Scratchpad ................. 64
Alarm clock G340 ....... 66
Appendix ..................... 68
Accessories ..................... 68
Glossary .......................... 69
Troubleshooting ............. 70
Error messages ............... 71
Index ............................ 74
Warranty ...................... 79


   Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric G310

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    View, dial numbers ..35 Attaching battery ....9 Own number display .. 36 Charging battery ..... 10 Fixed dialing numbers 36 Changing faceplate G310 11 Speed dialing ....37 Messages (SMS) ....38 Basic phone operations 13 Calls & Timers ....41 Turning on the phone ..

  • Page 2: Keypad Layout

    G310 Keypad layout List of keys Softkeys or selection keys Perform the functions indicated by the text above it. . Press and hold to turn the phone on or off. End, On/Off key Press to end or reject a call.

  • Page 3: Phone Overview

    G310 Phone overview Retractable antenna Extend the antenna fully Call and when making or battery charge receiving a call indicator Headset socket Earpiece Connect the headset here Right softkey Graphic display Performs action Telephone numbers, displayed on menus, messages, etc.

  • Page 4

    G340 Keypad layout List of keys Programmable softkeys or selection keys Perform the functions indicated by the text above it. . Press and hold to turn the phone on or off. End, On/Off key Press to end or reject a call. Press while in menus to go back to the standby display.

  • Page 5: Alphanumeric Keys

    G340 Phone overview Retractable antenna Call and Extend the battery charge antenna fully indicator when making or receiving a call Headset socket Connect the Earpiece headset here Graphic display Right softkey Telephone numbers, (programmable) menus, messages, etc. Performs action are displayed here displayed on screen directly above Left softkey...

  • Page 6: Using This Guide

    Using this guide Your G300 series phone operates on the GSM network which provides fraud protection, short message service (SMS), integrated voice mail, superior voice quality and clear, static-free sound. One of the most important GSM advantages is the removable SIM (subscriber identity module), which holds user information such as phone numbers, missed calls, voice mail notifications and text messages.

  • Page 7: Display Indicators

    Display Indicators (Icons) The display window can display up to four lines of characters plus one row of special display indicators or icons. The display window in standby mode: Special icons which appear in the display: memory in use memory in use. Phone .

  • Page 8: Getting Started

    Getting started Inserting the SIM card Unpack the phone and insert the SIM card into the holder. Open the SIM card holder as shown. Insert the SIM card gently as shown with the gold contacts facing down and the bevelled corner of the card at the top left.

  • Page 9: Attaching The Battery

    Attaching the battery Position the battery onto the phone as shown Push down the opposite end of the battery onto the phone until the battery catch 'clicks' shut. Check that the battery is securely in place. ✱ If there is not enough charge in the battery to power the phone, follow the instructions for battery charging on page 10.

  • Page 10: Charging Battery

    Charging To extend the battery’s life, recharge it only when the Low Battery! warning is displayed and the 'low battery' tone is heard. Connect the AC Adapter to the phone as shown. Plug the AC Adapter into a wall socket. The battery will start to charge. The phone can be used while charging but it will increase the charging time.

  • Page 11: Changing Faceplate G310

    Do not dispose of old batteries together with household waste. Changing the faceplate - Model G310 only Before changing the faceplate always turn off the phone and disconnect from any charging device or car kit.

  • Page 12: Replacing The Faceplate

    Replacing the faceplate Locate the front faceplate hooks, into the hook slots at the top of the phone. Slide gently upwards. Press the faceplate down firmly, clipping it into position. Hooks Hook slots Clips ✱ Do not use unnecessary force when changing the faceplate. Avoid excessive bending. Do not leave in direct sunlight.

  • Page 13: Basic Phone Operations

    SMS and Lock softkey functions. This is the normal standby display: Model G310 Model G340 Press to go to your Phone Book (see page 33).

  • Page 14: Answering A Call

    Answering a call When there is an incoming call, the phone rings. The LED light on the top of the phone flashes green and a flashing icon appears. The backlight also lights up if the phone was set to do so or if in silent mode. To answer the call, Press ✱...

  • Page 15: Unanswered Call, Voice Mail And New Sms Message Indicators

    Unanswered call, voice mail and new SMS message indicators • If some received calls remain unanswered, displays. Press Read view numbers if available. Press to dial the number. Unanswered call numbers will be stored in the unanswered call log (see page 41 for details). •...

  • Page 16: Safety Information

    Safety information EXPOSURE TO RADIO FREQUENCY SIGNALS Your wireless handheld portable telephone is a low power radio transmitter and receiver. When it is ON, it receives and also sends out radio frequency (RF) signals. In August 1996, the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) adopted RF exposure guidelines with safety levels for hand-held wireless phones.

  • Page 17: Electronic Devices

    DRIVING Check the laws and regulations on the use of wireless telephones in the areas where you drive. Always obey them. Also, if using your phone while driving, please: • Give full attention to driving - driving safely is your first responsibility. •...

  • Page 18: Blasting Areas

    Vehicles RF signals may affect improperly installed or inadequately shielded electronic systems in motor vehicles. Check with the manufacturer or its representative regarding your vehicle. You should also consult the manufacturer of any equipment that has been added to your vehicle. Posted Facilities Turn your phone OFF in any facility where posted notices so require.

  • Page 19: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance This PCS telephone is the product of advanced engineering, design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care. The suggestions below will help you to enjoy this product for many years. • Do not expose the phone to any extreme environment where the temperature or humidity is high.

  • Page 20: Emergency Calls

    If Enter PIN appears, enter the PIN code and press OK If the wrong PIN code is entered three times in a row, SIM Blocked appears and the SIM card is disabled. Contact provider also appears. To unblock the SIM, you must enter the PUK (PIN Unblock Key) code, available only from your service provider.

  • Page 21: General Features

    General features Dialing stored numbers Any number stored in the SIM or the phone memory can be dialed in several ways..from the Phone Book Press to enter the Phone Book list. to scroll to the desired number. Press to dial the number. ✱...

  • Page 22: Silent Alert Mode

    Select Silent on Model G310. Select Vibrate or Vibrate then Ring on Model G340. is shown in Model G310 display when this feature is turned on. is shown in Model G340 display when this feature is turned on. To deactivate silent alert mode, Press Select Ring.

  • Page 23: Sending Dtmf Tones

    Sending DTMF tones DTMF tones are used to access answering machines, voice mail boxes and computerized home banking, etc. These tones are a method to communicate passwords and callback numbers. Manually To send individual DTMF tones directly from the keypad during conversation, Press the desired keys.

  • Page 24: Options While Talking

    Options while Talking Holding and retrieving a call To put a call on hold during conversation, Press To retrieve a call, Unhold Press To make a second call when one call is on hold, Enter a number in the display. Press to dial the number.

  • Page 25

    Action when receiving a second call When a second call comes in, you will hear a 'double beep'; and an animated phone icon and the phone number (if available) will display. Either press to answer the call and put the first call on hold or press Reject to send the incoming call to voice mail.

  • Page 26: Menu System

    Menu system Use the Express Key to access the easy to use menu system, where all of the phone’s features and function settings are stored. The menu is also used for features you have requested from your service provider. Your SIM card presents these features through the menu system.

  • Page 27

    Calls & Timers •Call log •Call timers •Call costs * •Line selection * Services * •Call forwarding * •Call waiting * •Sending my ID * •Receiving caller ID * •Network * •Call barring * •CUG * Broadcast * •On/Off * •Message types * •Alert * Settings...

  • Page 28: Entering Text

    Entering text To write SMS text messages, store names in memory, or use the scratchpad, you will enter and edit text in the display. In the upper right corner of the display, the icon indicates lower case alpha mode and the icon indicates upper case alpha mode is active.

  • Page 29: Entering Symbols

    Available characters, which depend on the language selected for the phone, are listed in the following chart. Character Lower case Upper case 1 . , - ' @ : ? a b c 2 A B C 2 d e f 3 D E F 3 g h i 4 G H I 4...

  • Page 30

    Text Input method ® ® Text Input feature is available only from selected service providers. There are two methods for entering text characters and numbers. In the conventional alpha method, you keep pressing each key until the desired letter appears. This can be cumbersome when entering a lot of text. For a ®...

  • Page 31: Key Action

    ® Text Input key actions Action Shift - upper/lower case Press and hold to type entire words in all upper case or all lower case. Press briefly to automatically capitalize the current letter. Clear character or backspace Clear Press and hold to clear entire entry Press and hold Enter numbers number keys...

  • Page 32: Network Services

    Network services The menu item Network Serv. may appear at the beginning of the menu if your network provider elects to offer certain value added services and contact phone numbers. These services and phone numbers will be stored in your SIM. Contact your network provider for details on these services. There are three possible ways in which a service provider may present these value added services and contact phone numbers: SIM application tool kit...

  • Page 33: Phone Book

    Viewing your voice mail center number To view your voice mail center number, . Select Voice Mail. Press Select Number. The phone number of your voice mail center appears. Press OK to return to the previous display or to return to the standby display.

  • Page 34: Free Space In The Phone Book

    There are three ways to store numbers into the Phone Book. • Directly from the standby display Enter the number. Press Store Select Phone names or SIM names Confirm the number by pressing OK Enter the name (if desired) and press OK .

  • Page 35: View, Dial Numbers

    Viewing and dialing numbers in the Phone Book Phone Book entries can be recalled into the display to be edited, deleted, copied, moved or dialed from either the phone or SIM. There are two ways to view and dial numbers stored in the Phone Book. •...

  • Page 36: Own Number Display

    Own number display You can view your own PCS number in the Phone Book. You can also view your Line 2 PCS number (Alternate Line Service), as well as data and fax numbers if you have a subscription for those services. All of these numbers are stored in the SIM by your service provider.

  • Page 37: Speed Dialing

    Speed dialing Phone Book numbers can be assigned to Keys 2 - 9 which when held down will dial those numbers. Key 1 is reserved exclusively for the voice mail center number. Numbers stored in the SIM and in the phone (except fixed dialing numbers) can be selected.

  • Page 38: Messages (sms)

    Messages (SMS) SMS message service enables you to send or receive short text messages of up to 160 characters to or from other PCS phones with the same capability. The messages are not sent directly to the other mobile phone but go via your service provider’s message center.

  • Page 39: Sending A New Sms Message

    Set up to send SMS messages You can write and send text messages to other similarly equipped PCS phones. First, check to see that the network’s SMS message center number is stored in the phone. Press . Select Messages. Select Settings. Select Message center.

  • Page 40: Messages In The Outbox

    Messages in the outbox The outbox contains unsent draft messages and stored sent messages, identified by their headers. These messages can be selected from the outbox menu and can be modified and resent as new SMS messages. To select an outbox message, .

  • Page 41: Calls & Timers

    Message templates If your SIM can store message templates, then Msg. templates will appear in the Messages - Settings menu. Each of these templates can be named for easy identification and can be selected and used whenever needed. To create a message template, .

  • Page 42: Call Timers

    To edit or delete Call log entries, . Select Calls & Timers. Press Select Call log. Select Last dial, Unanswered or Received. Select the desired entry. Press Options to go to the following menu: Item Action Store Store number in Phone Book Delete Delete the entry Delete all...

  • Page 43: Call Timer - Reset

    Balance information (subscription service only) This subscription service provided by some networks enables you to ask for your remaining airtime balance. This information is sent by the network. Contact your service provider for details. . Select Calls & Timers. Press Select Call timers.

  • Page 44: Call Costs

    Call costs - management (subscription service only) Some networks offer an Advice of Charge (AoC) subscription service to see the cost of the last call made, the accumulated total cost of all calls, and the remaining balance in units or currency of any 'cost limit' set. To display these costs in the currency of your choice, first select the currency and cost per unit.

  • Page 45: Alternate Line Service

    Show costs If offered by your service provider, you can view the cost of your last call, all calls, and your remaining credits. Press . Select Calls & Timers. Select Call costs. Select Show. to display the cost of the Last Call, All Calls and the Remaining credits.

  • Page 46: Services

    Services Call forwarding (network service) Call forwarding service forwards incoming calls, whether voice, fax or data, to another number. To set up call forwarding, . Select Services. Press Select Call forwarding for the following menu: Forward options Action Forwards all incoming voice calls All Voice calls unconditionally Forwards all voice calls only when the...

  • Page 47: Caller Line Identity

    To cancel or check the status of individual call forwards, . Select Services. Select Call forwarding. Press Select the desired forward option and press Select Cancel or Status. Requesting displays. The network will confirm your request. Press Back to return to the standby display. To cancel all (multiple) call forwards, .

  • Page 48: Network

    Standard network setting Finding out your current ID setting . Select Services. Press Select Sending my ID. Select Status. Requesting displays. The network will respond with your current setting. Press Back to return to the standby display. Hiding or showing your number .

  • Page 49

    To edit or change the order and name of the networks in the preferred networks list, . Select Services. Press Select Network. Select Preferred list. A Preferred list screen appears with several [...] signifying empty lines. The highlighted [...] will be filled with your choice. Press Options Select one of these options: Option...

  • Page 50

    Selecting automatic search (normal default setting) To perform an automatic search from the preferred list, . Select Services. Press Select Network. Select Search. Select Automatic. An automatic search is performed. Press Back to return to the standby display. Selecting manual search When you wish to select a specific network which has better coverage in your current location, choose manual network search.

  • Page 51

    Select the desired option. Press Select Select Activate. Enter the call barring password and press Select The network will respond with a confirm message. Press Back to return to the standby display. To remove or check the status of a call bar, Press .

  • Page 52: Broadcast - Cell Broadcast (cb) Messages

    Options Description CUG is off. No groups active. Calls can be No CUG made outside the group Limited calls to and from users outside the Partial CUG group and from users within the group Only able to make and receive calls from CUG Only users within the group to select an option.

  • Page 53

    Change or delete a message type Message types put into the ‘Selected types’ list can be changed or deleted. Press . Select Broadcast. Select Message types. Scroll to the message type you wish to change or delete. Press Options To change a message type, select Modify by list or Modify by code and continue with Step 4 in Enter a message type.

  • Page 54: Reading Broadcast Messages

    Reading broadcast messages Broadcast messages are shown in the standby display only. They are suppressed during conversation or menu operation. A message can be up to 93 characters in length and cover several pages. Pages will scroll automatically approximately every five seconds or press to scroll.

  • Page 55: Settings - Customizing Your Phone

    'Vibrate' or 'Vibrate then ring' options are chosen, all alert and alarm tones are replaced by the vibrating action. Shortcut to turn alert tones on or off, to display Ring or Silent (G310) or Ring, Vibrate, Press Vibrate & ring, or Vibrate then ring (G340).

  • Page 56: Volume Adjustments

    To turn alert tones on or off from the menu, . Select Settings. Press Select Tones. Select Alert tones. Select Ring or Silent (G310) or Ring, Vibrate, Vibrate & ring, or Vibrate then ring (G340). Press Back to return to the standby display. ✱...

  • Page 57

    Select Ring, Ramping, Keys, Conversation or Alarm tones (G340). The display will name the volume type to be adjusted. to adjust the setting. Press OK to confirm. Press Back to return to the standby display. ✱ For ring tone and key tone, the lowest setting is off. During a call, you can adjust the volume by using Ramping Ramping causes the incoming ring tone to gradually increase to maximum...

  • Page 58: Display Contrast

    Display contrast To modify the display contrast, . Select Settings. Press Select Display. Select Contrast. Adjust the contrast using . Press OK to confirm. Press Back to return to the standby display. Any key answer This feature enables any key (except and Silence ) to be pressed to answer an incoming call.

  • Page 59: Speed Dial

    Speed dial See Speed dialing on page 37 to set up Speed dialing. Auto answer When the phone is connected to a handsfree car kit or headset, the phone will automatically answer an incoming call after approximately 5 seconds without having to press any keys. .

  • Page 60: Phone Lock Code

    Phone lock code The phone lock code, supplied with the phone, prevents unauthorized access to the phone. The factory setting is 0000. We suggest that you reset this code and keep it in a safe place, separate from the phone. When Phone lock is turned on, the phone lock code must be entered each time the phone is turned on.

  • Page 61: Pin2 Code

    To enable or disable the PIN code lock, . Select Settings. Press Select Security. If already off, PIN enable will show. If already on, PIN disable and PIN change will show. Press Select and follow the display prompts. Press OK to confirm.

  • Page 62: Call Barring Password

    PUK2 code The PUK2 unblocks a PIN2 whose code has been entered incorrectly three times. This 8-digit code, supplied by your network provider, cannot be changed. When requested, enter the PUK2 code. Then you must enter a new PIN2 code. Follow the display prompts to reset the PIN2. ✱...

  • Page 63

    Time & Date setting - Model G340 only To set the current time, Press . Select Settings. Select Time & date. Select Set time. Enter the time using the number keys. Enter 0 (zero) first for single digit hours and minutes. In the standby display, the zero before the hour digit will not appear.

  • Page 64: Office Tools

    Default (factory) settings Use Default Settings to return the phone settings back to the factory settings. This has no effect on the Phone Book entries or phone lock code. Press . Select Settings. Select Default settings. Select Yes or No. Press Back to return to the standby display.

  • Page 65: Currency Converter

    Press Options for these options while in Read mode: Item Action Store * To save a number to the phonebook Edit Modifies an entry Delete Deletes an entry Delete all Deletes all entries Call * Calls the number displayed in the entry * These items appear only if the scratchpad entry is a telephone number.

  • Page 66: Alarm Clock G340

    Alarm clock - Model G340 only You can set a daily 'Power On' or a daily 'Reminder alarm.' - Please remember to turn off the alarm feature when Caution boarding an aircraft where cellular phone use is not permitted. You can also remove the battery after turning off the phone. See the Safety warnings on page 16.

  • Page 67

    Alarm clock notes • If the phone is turned off and is locked or the PIN lock is set, the alarm will turn on the phone. However, the phone remains blocked until you enter the phone lock code or PIN code. •...

  • Page 68: Appendix

    CIG-P7 cigarette lighter, other end into phone jack to use and charge phone in your car Miscellaneous Part numbers Faceplate Kit for Model G310 (available in a variety FPLATE-Pvaries of color combinations) Leather Case (for Model G310) G310CSE Leather Case (pouch type for Model G340)

  • Page 69: Glossary

    Glossary Term Description AC adapter Alternating Current adapter Active call The call currently in conversation Alternate Line (Line 2) Service Advice of Charge - subscription service Cell Broadcast Caller Line Identity - displays caller’s telephone number Conversation mode When the phone is making or receiving a call Closed User Group - requires network support DTMF Dual Tone Multifrequency Tones...

  • Page 70: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause and solution Phone will not turn on • Check that the battery is fully charged and correctly connected to the phone Charging LED not lit • Check wall outlet. Power may be out red and no flashing •...

  • Page 71: Error Messages

    Error messages Message Possible cause and solution Allowed credit • Outgoing call fails because the allowed credit limit is reached! already reached • The allowed credit limit is reached during an outgoing call (the call is then cancelled). Busy • Outgoing call fails because the destination number is being used Call failed •...

  • Page 72

    Failed • An SMS message cannot be sent Incorrect entry • Character string has a syntax error Invalid number • Call is rejected by the network because the network does not recognize the phone number • Phone number is too long to be stored in the selected location •...

  • Page 73

    SIM blocked. Contact • Wrong PUK has been entered 10 times. The SIM card provider has been permanently disabled and must be replaced by a new one. SIM fixed full • Corresponding memory is full SIM names full Phone names full SMS memory locations •...

  • Page 74: Index

    Index Call duration ....... 43 Call forwarding ....46 Accessories ......68 Call timer, reset ....43 Alarm clock ......66 Call timers ......42 Alert Call waiting ......24 CB message ....54 Caller line identity ....47 SMS message ....40 Calls &...

  • Page 75

    Lock, phone ......60 Lock, keypad ....... 55 Emergency calls ....20 Low battery warning ..... 9 End key ......2 - 6 Ending a call ....... 14 Entering text ....... 28 Error messages ....71 Making a call ....... 13 Express key ......

  • Page 76

    Phone lock ......60 Call forwarding ....46 Phone lock code ....60 CUG ....... 51 Phone Book ......33 Network ......48 Dialing numbers in ..35 Receiving caller ID ..47 Fixed Dialing Numbers ... 36 Sending my ID ....47 Free space ......

  • Page 77

    ® Text Input ....30 Text entry Alpha ......28 ® Text Input ....30 Time/Date setting ....63 Tones Alert tones ..... 56 DTMF ......23 Ramping ......57 Ring Tone ...... 56 Volume adjustment ..56 Troubleshooting ....70 Turning off phone ....

  • Page 78


  • Page 79: Warranty

    The Purchaser should contact that authorized service center to make arrangements for repair or replacement. To obtain warranty service in Canada, please contact Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada, Inc. (MESCA) at (905) 475-7728 or at the Canadian address above. Purchaser...

  • Page 80

    service, loss of anticipated benefits or profits, or damage to any other equipment resulting from the use or operation of the product, or arising from breach of express or implied warranties on this product. MWCI SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGE TO TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT, VEHICLES, AND/ OR PERSONAL PROPERTY CAUSED BY IMPROPER INSTALLATION.

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