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Miele KM 452 Installation Instructions Manual

Ceramic cooktop
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Installation instructions

Ceramic Cooktop

KM 452
To prevent accidents
and machine damage,
read these instructions
installation or use.
M.-Nr. 05 797 870



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  • Page 1: Installation Instructions

    Installation instructions Ceramic Cooktop KM 452 To prevent accidents and machine damage, read these instructions installation or use. M.-Nr. 05 797 870...
  • Page 3 KM 452........
  • Page 4 2 ” The minimum distances given in these Installation Instructions must be observed in order to ensure safe recommended operation. Failure to do so increases the risk of fire. To prevent damage, install cabinetry and the venting hood before install- ing the cooktop.
  • Page 5 Please contact the 2 ” 50mm nearest Miele Dealer or Technical Service Department with specific requirements. Because of the heat radiated downwards from this type of appliance we do not recommend installing it over a drawer.
  • Page 6 a Spring clips b There must be at least 3 " (81mm) of usable depth on the right side of the cut out. ^ Make the countertop cut-out following ^ Seal the cut surfaces with a suitable the dimensions given in the sealant to avoid swelling caused by illustration.
  • Page 7 ( 7 5 m 3 ” For granite countertops, the spring clips a must be placed in position and secured with strong, double-sided adhesive tape. ^ Fix the supplied spring clips a at the In addition coat the edges of the spring marked positions as shown above, clips with silicone sealant.
  • Page 8 ^ Feed the power cord down through the cut-out and connect the appliance to the power supply. ^ Position the cooktop on the spring The cooktop must not be perm- clips a. anently sealed into the countertop ^ Then with a hand on each side of the when installed.
  • Page 9 CAUTION: Before servicing, The cooktop is equipped with a flexible disconnect the power supply by power cord consisting of 3 wires ready either removing the fuse, shutting off for connection to a grounded power the power main or manually supply: "tripping"...
  • Page 12 Alteration rights reserved / xx02 M.-Nr. 05 797 870 / V01 This paper consists of cellulose which has been bleached without the use of chlorine.