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Haier HTAF15 User Manual

Haier color television user manual.
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   Summary of Contents for Haier HTAF15

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table Of Contents Table Of Contents Before Operation Warning and cautions...1 Installation...4 Antenna Connection The remote control...4 MENU functions Video set up...5 Audio set up...5 Timer set up...6 Function set up...6 Channel set up...7 Calendar ...8 V-CHIP set up...8 Others Troubleshooting guide Specifications ...12 Warning: To read the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to...

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    English English English IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all of the instructions before using this appliance. When using this appliance, always exercise basic safety precautions, including the following: 1) Save these instructions- The safety and operation instructions should be retained for future reference.

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    12)Lighting precaution - For added protection for this TV receiver during a lighting storm or when it is left unattended for long period of time, unplug it from the wall outlet and disconnect the antenna or cable system. This will prevent damage to the TV due to lighting and power line surges. 13)Object and liquid entry - Never push objects of any kind into this TV through openings as they May touch dangerous voltage point or short out parts that could result in a fire or electric shock.

  • Page 5: Installation

    English English Remote Control Functions MENU VOL- VOL+ -/-- RECALL TV/AV MUTE DISPLAY EXIT P.STD Front Earphone 2.A-IN: Audio Input V-IN: Video Input TV/AV TV/AV switching Menu: Access/Exit Main M (Menu) 6.VOL- ( ): Decrease sound 7. VOL+( ): Increase sound 8.

  • Page 6: Menu Functions

    Information to user:This television receiver is equipped with close caption decoder and parental blocking technology as required by the FCC. Menu Functions Video Set Up: Pressing MENU button once will bring the Video Set Up menu on the TV . The following is shown on your TV screen: Follow the procedure below to adjust the picture quality of your choice:...

  • Page 7: Timer Set Up

    English English Timer Set Up: By pressing MENU button ,and then pressing VOL(-/+) button it will bring you to Timer Set Up display. You will see the following menu on your TV screen: Follow the procedure below to select one of the above options: 1.Press the CH(+) and CH(-) button to go up and down the menu.

  • Page 8: Channel Set Up

    Language: Use VOL(+/-) to select the OSD in either English, French or Spanish. Background: Press the VOL (+/-) buttons to select between Background ON or Background OFF. When the Background ON function is chosen, a moving"NO SIGNAL" sign will be displayed if there is no input signal to the set. Black Stretch: Press VOL (+/-) buttons to turn the Black Stretch feature on or off.

  • Page 9: Calendar

    English English Skip :Press VOL(+) button or VOL(-) button to add or delete the channel from the stored memory. Current Ch. : Press VOL(+) button to go up and VOL (-) button to go down to set the channel position. The display will show the current playing channel. Fine: If the picture and/or sound are poor, try using the FINE TUNE feature.

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    To set the V-CHIP function: Select the TV Rating option. You will see the TV Rating menu on your TV screen: 1.Press CH(+/-) button to go up and down the menu. 2. Press VOL(+/-) button to go into TV Rating and Movie Rating menus. 3.Press MENU button to set the Parent lock ON and Parent lock OFF.

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    English English V-Chip Technology: The "V-Chip Technology" allow you to use U.S. And Canada Movies and TV PROGRAMS Guide ratings to block certain types of TV programs and movies. To understand clearly about TV programs rating codes, read the following list: U.S.

  • Page 12: Troubleshooting Guide

    English English...

  • Page 13: Specifications

    English English HTAF15 VHF: 2-13 2x2W ~110V-220V,50/60Hz 14.37 X14.77 X13.58 14.37 X14.77 X13.58 lbs. 27.6 Included Accessories UHF: 14-69 CATV: 1-125...

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    ...13 ...16 ...16 ...17 ...17 ...18 ...18 ..19 ...20 ...20 ...23 ... 24...

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    Volume auto...

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    2001 11 14 Solar...

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    MPAA Rating P G - 1 3 NC-17 U...

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    HTAF15 2x2W ~110V-220V,50/60Hz 14.37 X14.77 X13.58 14.37 X14.77 X13.58 lbs. 27.6...

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    MENU VOL- VOL+ -/-- RECALL TV/AV MUTE EXIT DISPLAY P.STD TV/AV MENU -/-- EXIT 10 11 13. S-VIDEO: S-Video 14.ANT. IN: 15.Y: Y 16.C 18.VIDEO: 19.AUDIO R: 20.AUDIO L: S-VIDEO VIDEO L-AUDIO-R Salida Salida ( R) Salida ( L)

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    Solar 2001 11 14...

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    MPAA Rating P G - 1 3 NC-17 U...

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    HTAF15 2x2W ~110V-220V,50/60Hz 14.37 X14.77 X13.58 14.37 X14.77 X13.58 lbs. 27.6...

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    HTAF15 ~110V-220V,50/60Hz 0090506217B...

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