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Attaching Your Can Opener; Using Your Can Opener - KitchenAid 5CO Manual To Expert Results

Designed exclusively for use with all kitchenaid household stand mixers
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Attaching Your Can Opener

To Attach:
Before attaching the Can Opener, turn off
and unplug the stand mixer.
1. Depending on which type of hub you
have, either flip-up the hinged cover
or loosen the attachment knob (A) by
turning it counterclockwise and remove
attachment hub cover.
2. Insert the attachment shaft housing (B)
into the attachment hub (C), making
certain that the power shaft fits into the
square hub socket. Rotate the attachment
back and forth if necessary. When the
attachment is in proper position, the pin
on the attachment housing will fit into
the notch on the hub rim.
3. Tighten attachment knob until
attachment is completely secured
to mixer.
To Use:
1. Lift the handle (A) and rotate it to the
right side.
2. Hold the can in a vertical position with
the lid edge underneath and in back of
the round knife and then rotate handle
to left.
3. Turn to Speed 2. The top of the can
will be cut and held from the contents
of the can by the magnet.
4. Turn Speed Control to "O" (OFF). Hold
can and rotate handle to the right side
to release the can.

Using Your Can Opener