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Govideo dvd recorder.
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  • Page 2

    Unpack Your DVD Recorder • R6530 DVD recorder (1) • Remote control (1) • 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries (2) • Audio/video cable (1) • RF (Antenna) cable (1) • User’s guide (1) • Quick reference guide (1) • Warranty registration card (1) •...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    • Making a Disc Compatible (DVD+RW only) ...27 Timer Recording ...28 4 - DVD Playback Basic Disc Playback ...31 • Additional DVD Playback Options...32 • About R6530 Disc Menus...32 • Disc Menu Navigation ...33 CD Playback...33 MP3 Playback ...34 Photo CD Playback ...35 Special Disc Features ...36...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Language Settings... 40 • On-Screen/Menu Language... 40 • Disc Menu Language... 40 • Audio Language/Format... 40 • Subtitle Language... 40 Tuner/Video Settings ... 41 • Antenna/Cable ... 41 • Channel Search... 41 • Add/Delete Channels... 41 • TV Aspect Ratio ... 41 •...

  • Page 5: Welcome, Features, Playable Discs, Recordable Discs, Region Code

    Chapter 1 :: Welcome Congratulations on your purchase of this R6530 DVD Recorder, an advanced DVD player and recorder in one. Features • DVD Recording - Easily make DVDs from any video source with One-Touch Recording • Simple Connections - Start recording your favorite VHS tapes or camcorder footage in less than 10 minutes •...

  • Page 6: Dvd Recording Faq

    :: DVD Recording FAQ Before you start using the R6530, please take a few moments to review these Frequently Asked Questions. They will help you become acquainted with the technology and the capabilities of the DVD Recorder: What can I record with my DVD recorder?

  • Page 7

    Title later using the Next and Prev buttons. How do I switch between playing and recording? The DVD Recorder has two basic modes: Disc mode and Live mode. To switch between these modes, press the Disc/Live button on the remote control. Use Disc mode to play or edit discs. Use Live mode to watch or record from TV or an external source (such as a VCR, camcorder, satellite receiver, etc.) connected to the...

  • Page 8: Player Overview, Front Panel Controls

    :: Player Overview Front Panel Controls 1 Power button Press to power on the DVD Recorder. • When the power is on, use the On/Standby button on the remote control to turn the unit on and off. • When the power is off, the unit is effectively disconnected from the wall outlet.

  • Page 9: Front Panel Display

    Front Panel Display 1 MP3 Indicator Lights when a CD-R or CD-RW with MP3 Tracks is loaded. 2 Repeat Status Indicator Lights when a disc is in Repeat or AB Repeat mode. 3 Channel Indicator Lights when a TV channel is selected. 4 Dolby Digital Indicator Lights when a DVD with a Dolby Digital soundtrack is loaded.

  • Page 10: Remote Control

    2 Prog. Scan Press to switch the video output between Progressive Scan and Interlace Scan. Only use when the DVD Recorder is connected to a Progressive Scan televi- sion with the Component Video Output. 3 Setup While a disc is in Stop mode, press to display the DVD Recorder Setup menu.

  • Page 11

    21 Edit While a DVD+R/RW disc is loaded, press to display special disc Editing menus; see page 25. 22 Skip Press to skip ahead 30 seconds during DVD+R/RW playback. This is useful for skipping commercials. 23 Disc/Live Press to switch between Disc mode (for playback of discs) and Live mode (for watching and recording TV or external sources).

  • Page 12: Rear Panel

    Rear Panel 1 Antenna In Connect to your antenna, cable TV, or cable box with a coaxial cable. 2 Out to TV Connect to the Antenna Input on older televisions with a coaxial cable. 3 Line In 2 (Composite Video/Stereo Audio Inputs) Connect to the audio/video outputs of an external source (such as a cable box or VCR) with RCA cables.

  • Page 13: Basic Connections

    Chapter 2 :: Basic Connections Connecting the R6530 is virtually the same as connecting a standard VCR. Follow these steps to connect the DVD Recorder to your TV and antenna/basic cable. For advanced connections, please refer to pages 15-20. 1 Connect Antenna/Cable Connect the RF cable from your antenna or basic cable TV jack to the ANTENNA IN jack on the back panel of the DVD Recorder.

  • Page 14: Initial Setup

    English (default), Spanish, or French. • Press Play /Enter to continue. 2 Set the DVD Recorder’s time and date. This is essential for accu- rate timer recording: • Use the buttons to select each item (hours, minutes, month, day, and year).

  • Page 15: Advanced Connections, S-video Connections

    Connect stereo audio cables from the AUDIO OUT jacks on the back panel of the DVD Recorder to the line in jacks on your television or stereo receiver, Connect the coaxial or optical digital audio output to your audio/video receiver; see...

  • Page 16: Component Video/progressive Scan Connections

    Connect a component video cable from the PROG. SCAN jacks on the back panel of the DVD Recorder to the component video inputs on your television. Be sure to cor- rectly match each of the cables (Y, Pr, Pb) to the corresponding jacks on the DVD Recorder and TV.

  • Page 17: Audio/video Receiver Connections

    1 Connect DVD Recorder to Digital Audio Receiver Connect a coaxial OR optical digital audio cable from the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jacks on the back panel of the DVD Recorder to the matching digital audio inputs on your audio/video receiver.

  • Page 18: Cable Box Connections

    Use for better sound and picture quality if your television has audio/video inputs. Connect the supplied audio/video cable from the AUDIO/VIDEO OUT jacks on the back panel of the DVD Recorder to the line in jacks on your televi- sion and/or stereo receiver.

  • Page 19: Alternative Cable Box Connections

    • Tune your television and cable box to channel 3. • To watch the cable box, turn off the DVD Recorder, set your TV to channel 2, 3 or 4 (whichever channel is used by your cable system), and change channels on the cable box.

  • Page 20: Other Audio/video Connections

    Follow these steps to connect an external audio/video source, such as a camcorder, satellite receiver, VCR, or video game, to your DVD Recorder. 1 Connect Source to DVD Recorder Connect your source to the line inputs on the front (Line 1) or rear (Line 2) of the DVD Recorder.

  • Page 21: Basic Recording, Recording A Tv Program

    • Turn on the DVD Recorder using the front panel Power button. If the unit is in Standby mode, press On/Standby on the remote control to power on the unit. The green Power indicator will glow on the front panel display.

  • Page 22

    • SLP - Select for Super Long Play mode (6 hrs. max per disc, comparable to stan- dard VHS quality). 8 Press Record to start recording. • REC appears on the screen and the R6530 will start recording a new Title onto your DVD+R/+RW. 9 Options during recording: •...

  • Page 23: Recording From An External Device

    Follow these steps to record from an external device, such as a VCR, camcorder, satellite receiver, etc. Before you begin: • Turn on the DVD Recorder, TV and audio system (if applicable). • Make sure your external device is powered on and connected to the front or rear line in jacks.

  • Page 24

    9 When recording is complete, press Stop . • WAIT appears on the screen for a few moments while the DVD Recorder stops recording and adds the new Title to the disc menu. • To play your new Title, press Disc/Live to switch to Disc mode and display the disc menu. Select the Title and press Play page 31 for details.

  • Page 25: Inserting A Chapter, Removing A Chapter, Hiding A Chapter

    Certain types of edits can only be done during DVD playback. These edits include Insert/Remove Chapter, Hide/Show Chapter and New Thumbnail. 1 Insert a DVD+R or DVD+RW disc into the DVD Recorder. 2 Press Disc/Live to switch to Disc mode.

  • Page 26: Showing A Chapter, Creating A New Thumbnail

    Showing a Chapter The Show Chapter feature allows you to restore hidden Chapters. In order to view hidden Chapters you must first select Play Full Title from the disc menu; see page 27. This will cause hidden Chapters to play and will mark them with the label HIDDEN on the on-screen display. •...

  • Page 27: Editing From The Disc Menu, Playing A Full Title, Finalizing A Disc (dvd+r Only)

    Certain types of edits can only be done from the DVD+R/+RW disc menu. These edits include Play Full Title, Finalize, Erase Title and Make Compatible: 1 Insert a DVD+R or DVD+RW disc into the DVD Recorder. 2 Press Disc/Live to switch to Disc mode.

  • Page 28: Timer Recording

    • Turn on the DVD Recorder using the front panel Power button. If the unit is in Standby mode, press On/Standby on the remote control to power on the unit. The green Power indicator will glow on the front panel display.

  • Page 29

    Set Date of Recording Set a one-time event: • Use the 0-9 buttons to set the month and press • Use the 0-9 buttons to set the day and press • Use the 0-9 buttons to set the year and press •...

  • Page 30

    • To delete an entry, press Clear. 10 Press On/Standby on the remote control to put the R6530 in Standby mode. 11 When the starting time for the recording is reached, the unit will automatically begin recording according to your settings.

  • Page 31: Basic Disc Playback

    “Disc Menu Navigation” on page 33. • If the disc is a DVD+R/+RW, the disc menu will appear; see “About R6530 Disc Menus” on page 32. • If the disc is scratched, dirty, or not encoded for Region 1, you will receive an error message and the disc will not play.

  • Page 32: Additional Dvd Playback Options, About R6530 Disc Menus

    For additional special playback features, please see page 33. About R6530 Disc Menus To view the disc menu for a DVD+R/+RW recorded on this DVD Recorder: 1 Insert a DVD+R/+RW disc. 2 The disc menu for the loaded DVD+R/+RW will appear automatically, with the earliest recorded show appearing at the top of the list.

  • Page 33: Disc Menu Navigation, Cd Playback

    Disc Menu Navigation Disc menus allow you to select Titles and Chapters for playback, change a disc’s default playback settings (such as Audio formats and Subtitle languages), and access any special features on the disc. Use the following buttons to navigate DVD disc menus: Disc Menu Press to display the disc menu for the currently loaded disc.

  • Page 34: Mp3 Playback

    • Use the buttons to select Tracks for your playlist, pressing Play • Use the / buttons to move the cursor to Play and press Play • To clear your playlist, stop playback and press Program again. • Use the / buttons to move the cursor to Clear All and press Play :: MP3 Playback To play MP3 files burned onto a CD-R or CD-RW disc: 1 Press Open/Close...

  • Page 35: Photo Cd Playback

    :: Photo CD Playback Photo CDs, including Kodak Picture CDs, contain JPEG images that you can view and manipu- late on your television screen. 1 Insert a Photo CD into the DVD disc tray. 2 A slideshow will begin automatically starting with the first image on the disc. 3 To browse images manually: •...

  • Page 36: Special Disc Features, Display/go To, Zoom, Title

    :: Special Disc Features Display/Go To 1 Press Display or Go To during playback to view and/or change the current disc status: • DVD - Shows the current Title number, Chapter number, elapsed time, and audio sta- tus. • CD - Shows the current Track number, elapsed time, Play mode (Normal or Random), and Repeat mode (Off, Track, or Disc).

  • Page 37: Subtitle, Audio, Angle

    Subtitle Many DVDs contain subtitles in multiple languages. To select among all available subtitle languages: 1 Press Subtitle during DVD playback, then press Play 2 Use the buttons to select among all available subtitle languages (or Off). 3 Press Play /Enter again.

  • Page 38: A-b Repeat, Repeat, Progressive Scan

    4 Press Repeat 1/ALL to exit. Progressive Scan If you connected the DVD Recorder to your TV via the Progressive/Component Video Output, you can use the Prog. Scan button on the remote control to switch to Progressive Scan for superior video quality.

  • Page 39: Setup Menu Overview, Setup Menu Categories, Setup Menu Navigation

    Chapter 5 :: Setup Menu Overview Setup Menu Categories The Setup Menu includes advanced options for your R6530 DVD Recorder. The factory default settings are appropriate for the majority of users. Setup Menu • For Language settings; see page 40.

  • Page 40: Language Settings, On-screen/menu Language, Disc Menu Language, Audio Language/format, Subtitle Language

    Language and press Play Language Setup Menus 3 Choose from the following: On-Screen/Menu Language Sets your preferred language for the DVD Recorder’s on-screen dis- plays and setup menus. • Use the buttons to select On-Screen and press Play •...

  • Page 41: Tuner/video Settings, Antenna/cable, Channel Search, Video Output

    Confirm (or Cancel) and press Play /Enter. • The DVD Recorder will search for all channels in your area and add them to your master channel list. Add/Delete Channels Allows you to add or delete channels from your master channel list: •...

  • Page 42: Output Format, Modulator Output, Clock/system Settings, Set Clock, Ratings

    /Enter to confirm your selection. Modulator Output Sets the Modulator Output channel to 3 or 4. This is the channel your TV uses to view the DVD Recorder when using the Antenna Out con- nection; see page 13. • Use the buttons to select Modulator Output and press Play /Enter.

  • Page 43: Password, Screen Saver, Angle Mark, Factory Reset, Disc Media Settings, Finalize Dvd+r, Erase Dvd+rw

    • Use the buttons to select Confirm or Cancel. If you select Confirm all custom settings will be lost and the DVD Recorder will restart in Initial Setup mode, see page 14. :: Disc Media Settings Use to finalize a DVD+R disc or erase a DVD+RW disc. Only avail- able when a DVD+R/+RW is loaded.

  • Page 44: Recording Settings, Recording Quality, Auto Chapter

    Select for Super Long Play mode (comparable to VHS quality). • Press Play /Enter to confirm your selection. Auto Chapter Enables Auto Chapter mode, where the DVD Recorder will automati- cally create new Chapters on your DVD+R/+RW every 5 minutes during recording. • Use the buttons to select Auto Chapter and press Play Enter.

  • Page 45: Customer Service Information, Troubleshooting

    Chapter 6 :: Customer Service Information The Troubleshooting section below will help you solve common issues with your DVD Recorder. If you don’t find the answers you need here, you can contact our Customer Service Department as follows: Phone (800) 736-7679 E-Mail customersupport@govideo.com...

  • Page 46

    No sound. • Securely connect all audio cables. • Repair or replace any damaged audio or speaker cables. • Make sure the volume is turned up using the Volume +/- button. • The player is in Pause, Slow Motion, or Forward/Reverse Scan. Press return to normal playback mode.

  • Page 47: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Video Component Video Out (1) (Progressive/Interlace Scan modes) Ω • Y: 1.0Vp-p 75 Ω • Pb: 0.7Vp-p 75 Ω • Pr: 0.7Vp-p 75 S-Video Out (1) (Separate Y and C signal output connec- tor) Ω • Y: 1.0Vp-p 75 , sync Ω...

  • Page 48: Warranty

    What is Covered and How Long This warranty covers internal operating parts and service/labor to repair or replace covered parts in this Go-Video product for 90 days parts and labor from the date of purchase, defined as follows: (1) Original Consumer Retail Purchase; (2) First Rental Purchase Agreement; or (3) First Lease Purchase Agreement (the Warranty Period).

  • Page 49: Safety, Important Safety Instructions

    :: Safety Important Safety Instructions 1 Read Instructions All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the product is operated. 2 Retain Instructions The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. 3 Heed Warnings All warnings on the product and in the operating instructions should be adhered to. 4 Follow Instructions All operating and use instructions should be followed.

  • Page 50

    This product may be equipped with a polarized alternating–current line plug (a plug having one blade wider than the other). This plug will fit into the power outlet only one way. This is a safety feature. If you are unable to insert the plug fully into the outlet, try reversing the plug. If the plug should still fail to fit, contact your electrician to replace your obsolete outlet.

  • Page 51: Safety/regulatory Information

    • If the product does not operate normally by following the operating instructions. Adjust only those controls that are covered by the oper- ating instructions as an improper adjustment of other controls may result in damage and will often require extensive work by a qualified technician to restore the product to its normal operation, •...

  • Page 52

    Para reducir el riesgo de descarga eléctrica, no remueva la cubierta o la parte posterior del DVD Recorder. Dentro del DVD Recorder no hay partes que requieren servicio. Diríjase solamente a personal calificado cuando requiera servicio.

  • Page 53: Notes About Discs, Recommended Media

    LPs. Recommended Media Although this DVD Recorder will work with virtually all brands of blank media (DVD+R/+RW), for best results and maximum compatibility, it is recommended that you use discs with the following brands: •...

  • Page 55: Index

    10, 33 0-9 Buttons 11, 38 1/ALL Button 11, 38 A-B Button AM/PM Indicator Angle 11, 37 Button Indicator Antenna In 14, 41 Antenna/Cable Setting Arrow Buttons Audio 10, 37 Button Format 8, 12 Input Language Output Audio/Video Receiver Connections Auto Channel Search 7, 44 Auto Chapter...

  • Page 56

    6, 21, 23 DVD+R 6, 21, 23 DVD+RW DVD-R DVD-RW Edit Button During DVD Playback From Disc Menu 22, 24 Erase DVD+RW Erase Title Factory Reset Features 6, 27, 43 Finalize DVD+R Front Panel Controls 8, 9 Front Panel Display Fullscreen Fwd Button 11, 36...

  • Page 57

    Time, Setting Timer Recording Timer Recording Indicator Title 11, 36 Title Button Troubleshooting Tuner/Video Settings TV Aspect Ratio Unpack, DVD Recorder Video Games 16, 41, 42, 43 Video Output 11, 32, 33, 34 Volume +/- Buttons W,X,Y,Z Warranty Weekday Indicator...

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