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Electrolux MCD2662 User Manual

Electrolux microwave oven
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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux MCD2662

  • Page 1 MCD2662 User manual Microwave Oven...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Thank you for choosing one of our high-quality products. To ensure optimal and regular performance of your appliance please read this instruction manual carefully. It will enable you to navigate all processes perfectly and most efficiently. To refer to this manual any time you need to, we recommend you to keep it in a safe place.
  • Page 3 Safety information • The built-in safety interlock switches prevent the microwave oven from operating when the door is open. • Do not tamper with them, or attempt to operate the oven with the door open as open door operation can result in exposure to microwave energy. •...
  • Page 4: Utensil Safety

    Safety information • Care should be taken not to obstruct any air vents located on the top, rear, side and bottom of the oven. WARNING! Do not use this oven for commercial purposes. This oven is made for domestic use only. Utensil safety Only use utensils that are suitable for use in a microwave oven.
  • Page 5: Oven Utensils And Accessories Guide

    Safety information WARNING! Some products such as whole eggs and sealed containers - for example, closed glass jars - may explode and should not be heated in this oven. Occasionally, poached eggs may explode during cooking. Always pierce the yolk, then cover and allow the standing time of one minute before removing cover.
  • Page 6: Before First Use

    Before first use • Be sure to use an oven glove when loading and unloading the oven. Containers get very hot in the oven, so be careful not to burn yourself. The turntable and metal rack also get very hot so be sure to use an oven glove when handling them. •...
  • Page 7: Adjusting The Time When The Clock Is Set Or Oven Is In 'Econ' Mode

    Before first use • You can rotate the TIMER/WEIGHT knob clockwise or anti-clockwise. • ENERGY SAVE mode cannot be set when the clock is set. Adjusting the time when the clock is set or oven is in ‘Econ’ mode Example: To set the clock to 12:45. 1.
  • Page 8: Product View

    Product description Product description Appliance 1. Grill heating element 2. Front trim 3. Oven lamp 4. Control panel 5. Door opening button 6. Waveguide cover 7. Oven cavity 8. Seal packing 9. Door seals and sealing surfaces...
  • Page 9: Accessories

    Product description Accessories Check to make sure the following accessories are provided: 1. Turntable 2. Turntable support 3. High rack 4. Low rack 5. 4 fixing screws (not shown) • Place the turntable support in the seal packing on the floor of the cavity. •...
  • Page 10: Control Panel

    Operation Control panel Digital display indicators Grill Microwave Dual Clock Cooking stages Plus/Minus Auto Defrost bread Auto Defrost Weight AUTO COOK indicators AUTO COOK button AUTO DEFROST button POWER LEVEL button GRILL button TIMER/WEIGHT KNOB START/+30 button STOP button 10. DOOR OPENING button Operation Microwave cooking Your oven can be programmed for up to 90 minutes.The input unit of cooking time varies...
  • Page 11: Manual Defrosting

    Operation Cooking time Increasing unit 0-5 minutes 10 seconds 5-10 minutes 30 seconds 10-30 minutes 1 minute 30-90 minutes 5 minutes Example: To heat soup for 2 minutes and 30 seconds on 630 W microwave power. 1. Press the power level button twice. 2.
  • Page 12: Kitchen Timer

    Operation Kitchen timer Example: To set the kitchen timer for 7 minutes. 1. Press the power level button 7 times. 2. Enter the time by rotating the TIMER/WEIGHT knob clockwise/anti-clockwise until 7:00 is displayed. 3. Press the START/+30 button. To pause the timer, press the STOP button. To resume the timer press START/+30, to exit press STOP again.
  • Page 13: Grill Only Cooking

    Operation Grill only cooking This mode can be used to Grill/Brown food. Example: To make toast for 4 minutes. 1. Press the grill button once. 2. Enter the time by rotating the TIMER/WEIGHT knob clockwise/anti-clockwise until 4:00 is displayed. 3. Press the START/+30 button. Dual grill cooking This mode uses a combination of Grill power and Microwave power (90 W to 630 W).
  • Page 14: Auto Cook

    Operation You can choose from 6 AUTO COOK and 2 AUTO DEFROST menus. Auto Cook Auto cook Symbol Quantity / Weight Beverage 1 - 6 Cups (1cup = 200ml) Boiled Potatoes / Jacket Potatoes 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g, 600g, 700g, 800g, 900g, 1000g Grilled Skewers / Kebabs 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g, 600g, 700g,...
  • Page 15: Helpful Hints And Tips

    Helpful hints and tips Helpful hints and tips Microwave hints • Always keep the oven clean - avoid spillovers and do not forget to clean under the glass tray and the inside of the door. • Preferably use round or oval casseroles with a lid when cooking in your microwave oven. •...
  • Page 16: Care And Cleaning

    Care and cleaning • Fruit Juice Citrus fruits will yield more juice if they are heated on high power for 15 seconds before squeezing. • Cooking Porridge Porridge is easily cooked in the serving dish with no sticky pan to wash. Follow food manufacturers' recommendations.
  • Page 17: Environment Concerns

    Environment concerns Make sure water does not enter the microwave ventilation holes. Regularly take out the turntable plate and the respective support and clean the cavity base, especially after any liquid spillage. Do not switch on the oven without the turntable and the respective support being in place. If the oven cavity is very dirty, put a glass of water on the turntable and switch on the microwave oven for 2 or 3 minutes at maximum power.
  • Page 18: Installation

    Installation Installation The microwave can be fitted in position A or Position B Position A Position Niche Size W D H (mm) 560x550x450 560x500x450 Conventi o nal oven Installing the appliance 1. Remove all packaging and check carefully for any signs of damage. 2.
  • Page 19: Connecting The Appliance To The Power Supply

    Installation Connecting the appliance to the power supply • The electrical outlet should be readily accessible so that the unit can be unplugged easily in an emergency. Or it should be possible to isolate the oven from the supply by incor- porating a switch in the fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules.
  • Page 20: Service Information

    proceed as follows: • Connect the green and yellow (earth) GREEN & YELLOW wire to the terminal in the plug which is 13 AMP FUSE marked with the letter ”E” or the earth symbol ( ) or coloured green and yel- low.
  • Page 24