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Electrolux EW 1170 C Instruction Book

Electrolux washing machines
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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EW 1170 C

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents For the User For the Installer Unpacking the machine Technical data -If the machine is damaged Installation 42-43 -When lifting the machine -Levelling the machine -Transit locking devices -Water intake -Identification of materials -Water discharge Safety information -Power supply Description of the appliance 33-34 -Machine front, Machine rear...
  • Page 3: Unpacking The Machine

    Unpacking the machine If the machine is damaged If the machine has been damaged during transportation, you should immediately notify the company responsible for delivering it. Check that the washing machine is undamaged. If you discover any damage, faults or that anything is missing, you should notify the seller immediately.
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    Safety information Before installing and first using the washing machine, Avoid washing clothes which are frayed or excess- read the instruction booklet carefully, including its hints ively worn. and warnings. Doing so will ensure that your machine Wash small items such as thin socks, garment ties/ will perform properly and to best advantage.
  • Page 5: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance Machine front Control panel Door latch Door All feet adjustable Machine rear Intake hose Electrical lead Discharge hose For transit locking devices - 33 -...
  • Page 6: Control Panel

    Description of the appliance Control panel Push-button switches Knob controls and detergent dispenser (ON/OFF) – After selecting the wash programme Temperature control – For setting temperatures and temperature, push this button in to start the between and 90°. Follow care label recom- machine.
  • Page 7: Using Your Appliance

    Using your appliance The very first time that the machine is used you should run a wash programme with no load in the drum, to clear any residues which may have been left by the manufacturing process. Pour approx. 100 ml of detergent straight into the drum and run programme G, 40°...
  • Page 8: Programme Chart

    Programme chart Cotton (dry load weight: 3.0 kg) Load Degree of Progr. Temp. Programme Progr. type soiling selection setting (C) content time (min.) 90° C programme with White Heavily pre-wash. n. 147 articles soiled 3 rinses and spin at 1100 rpm/min. 90°...
  • Page 9: Programme Chart

    Programme chart Synthetics and Delicate (dry load weight: 1.5 kg) Wool (dry load weight: 1.0 kg) Load Degree of Progr. Temp. Progr. Programme type soiling selection setting (C) time (min.) content 60° C programme Normally without pre-wash. n. 74 Synthetics soiled 3 rinses and spin at 600 rpm/min.
  • Page 10: Maintenance

    Maintenance The cabinet Clean the outside surfaces of the machine using a mild Do not use cleaning products which contain (non-abrasive) household cleaning product. Finish by re- alcohol (spirits), thinners and similar substances. moving remaining traces of the product with a damp cloth. The detergent dispenser In time, residues of detergent and fabric conditioner are likely to build up inside the detergent dispenser.
  • Page 11: General Washing Information

    General washing information Detergent and fabric conditioner Liquid detergent A suitable liquid detergent can be used instead of powder The type and the quantity of detergent you use both have detergent for programmes with low or medium wash tem- an impact on the results you achieve with your washing peratures.
  • Page 12: If The Machine Is Not Working

    If the machine is not working Symptom Check Have you pressed the ON/OFF button? The machine will not start. Is the electrical plug plugged in and switched on? Has the fuse blown? Is the door closed properly? Have you set the programme control knob properly? Is the machine's water tap turned on? Is the machine's water tap turned on? The machine is not filling with...
  • Page 13: Service

    Technical data Dimensions Height 67 cm Width 49,5 cm Depth 51,5 cm Weight (net) 54 kg Recommended Cotton 3,0 kg capacity Synthetics/Delicate 1,5 kg dry weight Wool 1,0 kg Water pressures Minimum 5 N/cm (0,5 kp/cm Maximum 100 N/cm (10 kp/cm Drum volume 27 litres Spin speed...
  • Page 14: Installation

    Installation Levelling the machine The machine must be installed on a sound and firm surface, and must not be touching walls or furniture. Adjust the feet to level the machine. Make sure the machine is standing on all four feet. After levelling the machine, secure the feet by tightening the ring nuts (Fig.
  • Page 15 (or RCD) must be used. If the washing machine is to have fixed wiring to the electrical supply, this work may only be carried out ON/OF ECO by a qualified electrician. Electrolux EV 100C - 43 -...