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The Upper Basket; Adjusting The Height Of The Upper Basket; Use Of Detergent - Electrolux ESF4100 Instruction Book

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The upper basket

The upper basket is designed for plates (dessert plates,
saucers, dinner plates of up to 24 cm in diameter), salad
bowls, cups and glasses.
Arrange items on and
underneath the cup rack so
that water can reach all
Glasses with long stems can
be placed upside down in the
cup rack.
Light items (plastic bowls
etc.) must be loaded in the
upper basket and arranged
so they do not move.
Before closing the door, ensure that the spray arms can
rotate freely.

Adjusting the height of the upper basket

If washing very large plates you can load them in the lower
basket after moving the upper basket to the higher position.
With upper basket raised
With upper basket lowered
To move to the higher position proceed as
1. Move the front runner stops (A) of the upper basket
outwards and slide the basket out.
2. Refit the basket in the higher position and replace the stops
(A) in their original position.
After loading your machine always close the door, as an
open door can be a hazard.
Maximum height of the dishes in
upper basket
lower basket
20 cm
31 cm
24 cm
27 cm

Use of detergent

Only use detergents specifically designed for use in
Using no more then the correct amount of detergent
contributes to reducing pollution.
Fill with detergent
Prior to the start of a wash programme. The detergent is
released during the washing phase.
Please observe the manufacturer's dosing and storage
recommendations as stated on the detergent packaging.
1. Open the dispenser by pulling the catch (D).
The lid springs open.
2. Fill the detergent dispenser with detergent.
The marking indicates the dosing levels:
Min = approximately 15 g of detergent
Max = approximately 30 g of detergent
3. Close the lid and press until it locks in place.
For all programmes with prewash, an additional detergent
dose (5 g) must be placed over the lid of the dispenser.
This detergent will take effect during the prewash phase

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