Using The Freezer; To Start The Freezer And Set The Correct Temperature; Adjustning The Thermometer Display; Temperature Inside The Freezer - Electrolux EUC2200 Instruction Book

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Using the freezer

To start the freezer and set the
correct temperature
Switching on:
Switch on the freezer by pressing the power switch.
The alarm sounds if the temperature inside the
freezer reaches room temperature. Turn off the alarm
by pressing the switch-off button.
Setting the temperature
Press the buttons until the desired temperature blinks
on the temperature display. (The temperature can be
set between -15°C and -24°C.)
"+" increases the temperature.
"-" decreases the temperature.
Once set, the temperature display shows the current

temperature inside the freezer.

Allow the cabinet to run for a period of 24 hours
whenever the temperature setting is changed. This
will allow the temperature to stabilise inside the
It is not necessary to reset the temperature when the
cabinet is switched on after it has been out of use.
The thermostat recalls the previously set

Adjustning the thermometer display

On delivery, the cabinet's thermometer is set to show the average temperature during normal operation
conditions. If the cabinet is used during other operational conditions, for example, in warmer surroundings,
with a lot of food or if the cabinet is run entirely or partially without accessories the thermometer display can
be adjusted for these conditions.
When adjusting the thermometer display, the cabinet should be working and freezing should not be active.
Press the shut down button for the Setting the temperature "+" and the "-" button simultaneously and hold
them down for about 5 seconds. As confirmation, the sound will buzz with a short signal. The thermometer is
now set for display of warmer food products. To return to normal display, repeat the same process. As
confirmation, the buzzer will give off a loud signal.
Temperature inside the freezer
To ensure that foodstuff will keep for a long time, be
sure that the temperature inside the freezer is -18°C
or below. Please note, however, that the energy
consumption increases as the temperature decreases.
The built-in temperature display shows the warmest
temperature inside the freezer. If the temperature is
measured using a thermometer, put it between the
products since this will reflect the real temperature
in the frozen products. It is normal that the built-in
temperature display shows a temperature slightly
above that measured in other ways.

Switching off

Switch off the cabinet by pressing the power switch.
Keep the button pressed for approx. 1 second.
Power to the cabinet is completely
interrupted only when the power plug is
Electrolux 818 34 32-01/5


Table of Contents

Table of Contents